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Chasing lovers, numbers & bliss: why it never works


a lover
a client
a result
a number

…it never works.

Chasing pulls you out of the throne
where your soul sits.

It takes you outside of yourself
and away from the wisdom within.

Have you noticed that chasing
always involves a moving target
that can never be won?

Have you noticed how
it leaves you out of breath,
out of your body?

Chasing says:
I can’t trust that I am held.
I can’t trust that what is mine is mine
and already here.

Chasing makes you forget
that what you desire you inherently deserve.
because it is already done.

Your soul already holds the blueprint
for what you are here to create
and be in this world.

She wrote your desires into the stars,
long before you entered this body.
And if you were not meant for it,
it simply would never arise as a desire within you
in the first place.

Chasing makes you forget this:
what you desire is already yours,
your desire can be trusted.
And when it comes to desire
there is no question of “deserving”.

When you chase you are a ship
continuously launching into rough & exhausting waters,
pulling other ships one by one, back to shore,
instead of a lighthouse standing strong,
drawing those who seek the light.

Listen to me now.
In this moment, come back to yourself,
my love.

Call back your power and your soul.
Call it all back to its rightful house of light.

Put a hand on your heart,
feel the warmth of your own life force
filling your body.

Feel yourself coming back
to what you have always known.

You were meant for the throne.

What is yours will never need to be chased.

Because what is yours
has always pulled you towards it
on a golden thread.

All you have to do is sit back
and enjoy the wind in your hair,

sun on your face.

Let yourself be drawn.


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The bowl of ice cream in your bed. (How to make better, quicker decisions)

It was 7am and I was just waking up.

And that’s when I saw… it.

At first I thought I was still asleep. I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and looked again.

Oh my god. That IS what I think it is.

Right there next to me, in the bed, was a bowl of melted ice cream.

Mortifying, said the little voice in my head. That is just gross.

It was the end of 2014. I had just had, up until then, the best year my business had ever had.
All our programs were selling out and filling up fast. I had had to hire two new members for my team. I was getting requests for interviews left and right.

And the reality was… I was waking up with a bowl of melted ice cream in my bed.

Let me explain…

The day before I had spent all day in bed avoiding ALL of the decisions I had to make. I was into the fourth season of whatever show I was watching at the time and I was so tired and burned out from the year, that I had literally fallen asleep with a bowl of ice cream next to me in the bed.

Yeah, I did say it had been a hell of a good year.

But there was something happening that no one had told me happens when you get to this level of success doing the work you love: there are about 3 billion more decisions to now make.

And I didn’t know the answer to so many questions people were asking me. People on my team, people who wanted me for publicity opportunities, my business coach.

There were also problems arising that don’t usually arise in the first 2-3 years of your business or the first 100k. These were new, more complicated and more risky problems.

New level, new devil.

I just wanted to be an ostrich and bury my head in the sand.

Hence, the ice cream bowl incident.

So I hired and spent A LOT of money on best of the best experts and strategists to tell me what decisions I should make. And let’s just say that $70k in debt later, I realized, no one really knew the answers to the questions I was getting and no one really knew the “right” decisions for me.
The debt was the proof of it.

I realized, there was one person and one person only whom I could ask what decisions to make.


I’m supposed to know? How the heck would I know?
Who am I to know this?

But, you see, with nowhere to go and no other expert to hire after hitting rock bottom, I realized I had to start relying on an expert I had never thought to stop and ask.

My soul.

(Before you roll your eyes because you think you’re too busy to read this woo crap — stop. Trust me. I was just like you. And I know you need to read the rest of what I have to say. So stop what you’re doing and keep reading.)

When I actually stopped everything I was doing for just a few minutes, took a deep breath and asked my soul to tell me what to do, I heard a faint voice whisper inside of me:

Cut the fancy marketing team you hired.

Stop putting money into that program, it’s not worth it. I know you spent a lot of time and effort on it but you still need to shut it down.

Bring your 1:1 coaching and your mastermind back as an offering.

That person is not your friend. She only wants to speak with you when it’s convenient for her. Cut that out.

That funnel you spent $70,000 on didn’t work out for any reason other than: that is not your highest work and what you are here to do. There was nothing wrong with the strategy or the marketing copy, the color scheme of your website or the color lipstick you were wearing on the webinar. It simply wasn’t aligned. And this was your big lesson in your blind spot.

By the end of the week, my soul had told me exactly what to do in areas of my life and business that I had been agonizing over for almost an entire year (and wasted tens of thousands of dollars on by hiring experts, psychics, business strategists and more all in the hopes they would tell me what to do).

Sound familiar? Do you feel that way too?
If you’re here, I bet you do.

Here’s the thing. You started what you love not for the money or the fame, but because you loved it and you wanted to help people with it. And in the beginning, the decisions are pretty simple.

But the more success you build, the more money you make and the more people you impact, the edgier & scarier the decisions are. You have more to lose. There is a pressure.

And that is when decision fatigue sets in.

Suddenly you’re agonizing over every decision, it’s draining the crap out of you and you feel super confused about many important things in your life, career or business.

And by the way, I didn’t make up the term “decision fatigue.”
It’s a thing that happens to a lot of very spectacular, amazing and successful people.

Why should you care about decision fatigue?

I’m glad you asked and to put it bluntly, you should care a lot. Because it cost me 70k in debt and made me hit a revenue ceiling for 3 years straight. And not just me but tons of very successful women I’ve guided through this very same thing in the years since I turned that very bad year around.

Several years ago, a few different groups of scientists and psychologist conducted extensive research and experiments on decision-making. After giving people many small decisions to make, they gave them one very important decision to make.

You know what happened?

The people who had had to make a ton of decisions prior to the final big decision ended up making really bad decisions that reflected poor judgment and had long term negative effects.

Not only that, but in experiments that studied people buying cars, researchers found that people who had to make a ton of decisions about the interior, features and color of the car ended up paying about $1800 more than a person who had less decisions to make when purchasing a car.

In short: your decision fatigue is not only causing you to make misaligned decisions that could negatively affect the career or business you worked tirelessly for, but it will COST you more money in the end.

You’re also more likely to take bad advice from other people, because you’re so burned out and tired from making so many decisions in the first place…

Scientists actually found that the more decisions you have to make, the more energy you drain.

Decision fatigue drains your life force.

Could this be one of the hidden reasons why the level of your exhaustion grows as the career or business you love so much grow? Could this be why you feel confused about WHAT you need to do next to get where you want to go?

So how do you reduce your decision fatigue?

Simple. You start listening to the innate guidance of your soul.

Because in your soul is the blueprint for your divine purpose, your highest work. The entire path and step by step plan for your biggest vision.

It’s always been there, from the moment you were born.

And, as you saw in my story above. The minute you learn how to tap into your soul and not only listen to her but trust in what she says and DO it, your decisions and the time you use up to make those decisions gets cut by 90%.

The result?

More energy.
More creativity.
More joy.
More money.
More EVERYTHING that you love and that feels good.

This is why every bad ass woman that I have worked with has had such HUGE results.

So many of them had achieved big thing and had hired world-class business coaches, strategists, marketing experts and more… but they still could not break the burnout pattern and were hitting a ceiling with their revenue and their growth.


They spent a lot of time and money trying to answer that question. Until they came to me and we learned how to tap into the most powerful strategist and quick-good decision maker on the planet — their own soul.

Okay, I know it’s not so simple to connect to your soul and hear such clear direct guidance.

You’ve probably spent so many years pushing that voice in you aside while you hustled your way to glory, that you’re a little out of practice.

So start slow.

Give her time.

Every day, for five minutes, just put your hand on your heart, take a deep breath and ask your soul, what do you want me to know? And just listen until you hear her reply. It may take a day, a week or a month. But she will speak up eventually.

I’ve never seen a woman’s soul not speak up eventually. It’s inevitable. And you can either ask her to speak up now or you can keep doing what you’re doing and she will knock you flat on your ass so that you’re forced to listen to her.

Personally after my 70k-in-debt-because-of-non-soul-aligned-decisions year, I prefer option A.

And when she does, you’ll never have to agonize over or drain your life force with a decision ever again. You’ll always have access to the exact steps you need to take to get to your highest and biggest vision.

Do you want to go deeper and become a master at hearing the genius-level guidance of your own Soul? Want to end decision fatigue, burnout and break past the ceiling you can’t seem to break with what you’ve already achieved?

My 7 Soul Gates program is where driven, successful women just like you go to become master soul whisperers and it is currently open for enrollment.

Enrollment closes in just a few days, so head over there now and check it out. If your soul is a yes, join us for the most powerful 3 months of your life. Oh, I didn’t say that. That’s actually what most women who finish this program say about it.

You can check it out (and enroll if your soul is a yes) right here.


And don’t forget to tell me how this week’s blog post resonated with you in the comments below!

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Thresholds, supernovas & being powerful: why now is the time to go for it.

The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you,
don’t go back to sleep!
People are going back and forth
Across the threshold where two worlds touch,
The door is round and open
Don’t go back to sleep!

The deep bass of his thrumming voice is coming through the speakers as he reads a poem by Rumi, which I had long forgotten was one of my favorites.

We are at a threshold, he says, as he continues to give me the planetary prediction for the week.


Thresholds are difficult.
They are a tight squeeze.
A temporary pressure point of contraction.

Our ears have a sound threshold.
When we reach that sound-wave threshold, we experience discomfort in the ear canal.

Pain has a threshold.
We can withstand a certain amount of pain, physically, but when we reach the threshold of our pain, it becomes uncomfortable and difficult to bear.

Thresholds are uncomfortable.

We are at a threshold, I say to myself, over and over again.


The night before, I fell asleep at 9pm.
After 4 weeks in the intensive care unit of a hospital, visiting my grandfather every day.
Witnessing him at the threshold of his patience with an excruciating illness that took away his ability to move even his eyelids.

Holding space.

At the threshold of my own ability to hold that space, I had cried.
It was over something stupid. A tiny technical issue with a Facebook ad.
But I knew as the bold, round tears were falling down my face…
I wasn’t really crying about the Facebook ad.
I wasn’t really crying about the massive migraine throbbing in my ears.

I was at the threshold.


People are going back and forth
Across the threshold where two worlds touch

I repeat those words to myself, over and over again as my eyes close and I fall into a watery slumber.


I wake up the next morning, feeling as if I had stepped into a new world.
The heaviness I had been feeling lifted completely.

There is an electricity in the air.

The door is round and open, I hear him say in my head.

I have 4 calls with clients.
Call after call, I am left amazed.

As we deepen in our sessions and drop into their souls, they are channeling when they previously could not channel. They are writing full blown manifestos after being stuck in writer’s block for months. They are crying as they feel their hearts open wider than they ever knew was possible.

Every session ends early. Every. Single. One.
The downloads are coming so quick, we don’t need a full hour anymore.

Something is happening.

I remember, a long time ago, speaking with a gifted intuitive. I remember how she told me,
Everything is quickening. Our evolution is speeding up.

In the 1990s, astronomers studying exploding stars – supernovae – in galaxies far away discovered that the universe’s expansion was accelerating.


Envision who you want to be in five years, I say to the women in my mastermind.

Now that you’ve done that, tell me, why aren’t you being “her” right now?
Who do you need to be right now in order to be her–not in five years–but NOW? I ask.

I ask myself the same question.
I feel a strong current of power move through me and settle in my belly.


I remember.

I remember how I learned that it was not safe to be powerful around my mother.
She had to be the most powerful.
If I showed up fully in my power, I would take up too much space.
That might merit a good slap across the face or the whizzing of a belt through the air.

Power was dangerous.

I learned to be just powerful enough.
I learned to take up less space.

Deep down I knew that if I really unleashed the full power of who I am it would be a force.
It would be a supernova.

I was terrified about what that power could do.

Supernovas are nuclear-level explosions.
They destroy planets. Rip holes in the fabric of time.
Sometimes they even create black holes.

But they are also the birthplace of new stars.
They are the ultimate breeding ground for life.

You’re so afraid that in your full power you’ll become a
black hole. But even black holes generate light
as they rip what no longer serves apart.

It is even theorized that black holes are portals to new worlds.


A new alter ego is born in me.
Her name is DivaStar.
She loves fashion.
She dares to dress up like a supermodel, even though she is a size 14.

She says no, without explanation.
She sets her boundaries without the slightest twinge of fear.

She has a personal assistant. She has specially made meals delivered to her house.
She charges almost double what she charges right now.

I order the meals. Put an ad up for the assistant.
The prices go up on all of my programs that afternoon on my website.

I sit on an airplane that afternoon and the man next to me acts annoyed that I am taking up part of the armrest, which he seems to think is only his.

Normally, I shrink.
What if he thinks I’m the fat girl on the plane who takes up too much space?

DivaStar proudly sits in her seat feeling sexy as hell.
She sits on that damn plane like a star.
Her arm stays on that armrest the entire flight.

It is not a power struggle.

She takes up all her rightful space.


People are going back and forth
Across the threshold where two worlds touch,
The door is round and open.

We are at a threshold, my love.
A big one.

The truth is, there is something going on energetically.
A portal has opened.

The door is round and open.

This portal is the entrance to a new world.
A world where we own the power that we are.
A world where we make the decisions in our lives and our work like the woman we have always wanted to be in five years, NOW.

And, as I saw in my sessions with clients on the day this portal opened, there is great assistance right now from the unseen realms for those who dare to step over the threshold into the new world.

For those who dare to take up the space they are here to take up.
For those who dare to take hold of their dreams now.
Not in 5 years.

And we are on the threshold of that portal.

People are going back and forth
Across the threshold where two worlds touch

We have two options.

Step across the threshold where the two worlds touch, into the new world.
Or step back and go back to sleep.

There is no staying at the threshold.
Remember, thresholds are uncomfortable.
We can’t stay at a threshold.
It’s either forward or back.

I understand how scary it is. I am there. I am stepping across the threshold and watching my feet walk on grounds I have never seen before. I hear the little voice of my ego telling me it is afraid.

What if this all goes horribly wrong?


When we set our minds to expansion and set out to overcome the internal obstacles to our next level of greatness, there is always a period of discomfort.

Your ego wants to quit and go back to what used to feel “easy” to you and “lighter.”

Your ego, invested in comfort instead of growth, starts to convince you that the work you are doing is not for you anymore. It wants you to stop. You’re at your comfort threshold.

And then there are the fears.

What if I become too powerful? What if I become the black hole?

Black holes are not to be feared. They are the threshold to other worlds.

And like a supernova, all that expands must first contract. That contraction raises your threshold for discomfort. And suddenly you are greater than you ever were. You can hold space for more. You are stronger.

You are the woman you wanted to be in five years, now.

Those voices in your head that tell you to walk backwards at the threshold are a clever ruse from your ego. Because your ego doesn’t like expansion. It can only tolerate so much.

Your ego has a threshold, too.

What you need to be doing is looking within to face your resistance and your fear head on.

You won’t be ripped apart in the black hole of the discomfort you feel as you approach your previous threshold for expansion.

Instead, what you’ll find is that once you’ve promised your soul you will honor her by stepping into the new world she call you to, going back to sleep will not have the good taste in your mouth that your ego promised you.

Your sleep will not be restful anymore.

Easy, light, comfortable–that is sometimes a misguided siren song inviting you to unknowingly crash upon the sharp, dangerous rocks of your ego.

If you care about your great work in the world, I implore you to cover your ears and hold steadfast to what your soul originally asked you for.

Step across the threshold into your greatness, now.

The portal has opened. There is much unseen assistance for those who are willing to step across the threshold into the new world their soul is calling them to.

There has never been a better time to do this than now.

You must ask for what you really want,

Don’t go back to sleep!


Did you like this post? If so, I would love to hear from you in the comments below. I read every one of your comments and love hearing what you think.

With love,

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You were meant to be fire.

Prefer to read, instead of listen? Here you go…

This is your life. Choose Fire.

So, you signed up.

That means you get to
laugh until rivulets
run down your legs.
That means you get to
run towards certain death
with a wide open heart,

It means you get to lose yourself
in eyes and arms and
scent. It means you get to
hurt so deeply you cave in
upon yourself. It means
you get to turn to ash with rage.

It means you get to feel unworthy
unloved, unclaimed.
It means you get to pile on
the illusions of others
until you forget your name
and wander around rooms
alone, until you shed them suddenly
one afternoon while splashing
around in a smooth, cold brook.

It means you get to weep
in Hawaii as the sun rises
over a volcano as an elder
sings, the most beautiful thing
you have ever seen.

It means you get to long
so ardently you burn yourself
up into pure light.

It means you get to draw
and paint and splatter
your experience into tiny dots,
minuscule, deliberate brush
strokes or wide swaths of
bright, messy hope.

It means that you will forget
that you signed up
for this.

It means you get
to live. And it is your choice
how you will do that.

Choose fire.


Did you like this post? If so, I would love to hear from you in the comments below. I read every one of your comments and love hearing what you think.

With love,

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Burned out? “Resting” might be the culprit

Burned out? “Resting” might be the culprit

Lisa, I have it all. I know there are people who want what I have created and wish for it. And I feel like an a-hole because I’m so burned out and just want to quit it all. I am exhausted and I can’t continue on like this much longer.

My client, a successful woman who had created an amazing company who helped so many people, was telling me this on the phone. I could feel the strain in her voice as she tried not to break down crying as she admitted this “shame”.

She’d worked with another person before who told her to do more “self care” and to take full days off. Being the woman she is, she did this homework with her full commitment.

She spent a whole day watching her favorite TV show on Netflix instead of working. She added things, like massages and time outside, to her schedule. She started going to the beach by her house more often.

But after months of trying this, she felt no change at all.

What is wrong with me?, she mused out loud over the phone.

Of course, there was nothing wrong with her.
I had a hunch I knew exactly what was going on.

So I asked her, how does it feel when you take this time off for yourself?
Do you enjoy it? What feelings does it bring up for you?

She answered exactly as I suspected.

Honestly, I spend half the time feeling like a piece of you-know-what. I feel lazy just sitting there watching Netflix for 6 hours. When I’m at the beach I relax a little bit and then I feel restless after an hour or two because I’m worried about what might be falling through the cracks while I’m not on my computer.

Aha! I knew it.

So you’re not actually fully enjoying this time, I said to her.
Part of you is worried while you’re taking this time off, which doesn’t actually allow you to fully enjoy it. And if you don’t fully enjoy it, you’re not being nourished by it in a way that can help to end your burnout. Do you get it?, I asked.

Yes! That’s exactly it!
Holy sh&t! I never thought of it that way before!, she exclaimed.

Have you ever felt like the woman above?

You’ve done the self care, you’ve done the time off, the “relaxing”…
but it’s not really working.

It’s not working for two reasons:

First, if you feel guilty every time you do self care or take time to relax, you are actually not getting the full benefit of relaxing.

Instead you’re in this weird “in between” where you feel partially relaxed and partially stressed. You’re unable to fully let go and you miss out on the powerful nourishment that comes from fully relaxing.

It’s almost exactly like what happens when you eat while you’re stressed.

Your brain actually has a chemical that tells your body you are full, when your stomach reaches maximum satiation. But when we eat while stressed or distracted, your brain never actually releases that chemical that says I’m satisfied! We can stop eating now!. So we overeat and then feel not-so-good afterwards.

You think you’re relaxing, but you’re actually not.

Instead you’re doing the equivalent of eating while stressed — you’re relaxing while stressed — which is an oxymoron.

This means your body, mind and soul don’t feel fully “satisfied” in the relaxation department and that is why you don’t recover from your burnout.

If this tends to happen to you, I highly recommend working with a coach who can help you flip those beliefs that make you think you don’t deserve that time off or that make you worry. Maybe you need to hire people to support you that you trust to handle things while you’re off the grid every once in awhile.

Find the root of your worry and see what you can do to relieve some of the worry that prevents you from getting the full benefit of your time off.

Second, allow me to blow your mind a little bit: very often, when you think you need “relaxation”, what you actually need is more time to be creative.


It seems counterintuitive, like you’re just adding more work to your plate, but before you start yelling, Seriously Lisa, you want me to fill the only time I have off with MORE stuff to do????!!!, just know that’s not how creativity actually works.

Remember when you were a kid and had all the time in the world to do creative things that you loved to do? Remember how you could spend hours finger painting, playing soccer or writing a play? Remember how filled up, nourished, relaxed and happy you felt afterwards?

I used to spend hours creating elaborate “books” that I drew in, wrote elaborate, dramatic stories in and hand sewed the pages together. Or I wrote songs and played the piano. I always felt so relaxed and happy after I did that.

That’s because creativity uses a different part of your brain. This part of your brain, when stimulated by creative acts, actually releases feelings of relaxation and happiness in your body.

The best part is that these feelings of relaxation & happiness that come from being creative, then also create the state in your body that actually helps you become MORE creative.

Essentially, creativity not only cures burnout, it actually makes you more productive and even more creative. You get to relax AND increase the amazingness of the work you do in the world, all in one shot.

While I’m a huge fan of an all day binge-fest of Game of Thrones and I need daily walks in nature away from technology to stay sane, very often I feel MORE relaxed spending the “time off” that I have doing something creative like writing a song on the piano, learning crocheting or making someone a fabulous meal that I truly enjoy making.

As for my client, she tried this piece of homework I gave her.
Within a week she told me she felt more rested than she had in months.
So yeah, it works. I’ve assigned this homework to clients for 7 years and it always works.

Maybe what you need is not more “relaxation”.
Maybe what you need is to fill that “time off” with more creativity.

Not only will it relax you, it will open up your best ideas and make the time you do work more productive and enjoyable.

Did you like this post? If so, I would love to hear from you in the comments below. I read every one of your comments and love hearing what you think.

With love,


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