Read for a BIG surprise (omg)


lisa fabrega

Okay, love.

Here’s the deal.

I’ve never done this before.
And I wasn’t planning on doing this at all.

But after getting so many emails about it,
I’ve decided it and I’m super excited to share with you
that I’ve extended the application deadline for the
Rise Mastermind until Friday, August 8 at midnight EST.


Well after Monday’s deadline for application, we got
a ton of emails from people who still wanted the opportunity
to sign up.  They’ve been hearing “around town” about the
amazing women in the mastermind and about how powerful
the Rise Mastermind has been for past participants who
are getting results like making 5 figures in the first 4 months
of their new business idea or getting products they created
picked up for national attention & distribution etc…

And it’s clear you are one motivated, committed bunch of badasses.

So I want to reward those of you who are really serious about
making your dreams, your purpose and your impact happen.

One of the things that I’ve noticed in working with over
4,000 entrepreneurs in the past several years is that the ones
that end up having amazing results, like my mastermind client,
Amy, who through the work she did in the mastermind, transitioned
out of her day job to a private practice that made $100,000
in her first year of business, is that they all have one thing in
common—wanna hear it?

They’re afraid, but they do it anyway.

So right now, you might have been on the fence about applying.

And your brain starts to come up with all sorts of questions like:

“Yeah, but how much does this cost?”

“I’m moving soon, and I have the money to invest for a massive return
on value in my life and business, but shouldn’t I be careful with my money
because of the move?”

“I’m too overwhelmed with the programs I’ve already bought, let me
finish those first and then I’ll do this next year”.

“I’ve been burned before by other coaches and programs, how do I
know that this isn’t history repeating itself?”

“Can I trust myself to do the work?”

“Who are the people in this mastermind?  Will they truly benefit me?”

Before you know it your Soul which is a YES YES YES to signing up,
has been totally shushed and pushed down and your brain has taken over.

And your brain, unfortunately is also filled with limiting beliefs, fears and
excuses for why you shouldn’t move powerfully ahead in your business.

So who are you going to listen to you?

Your limiting beliefs, fears and excuses?

Or your Soul, which is the GPS to the life and business you were meant
to embody and lead with on this planet?

Thought leaders and change-makers take risks.
They are afraid, they have doubts, but they listen to their Souls and LEAP.

If you want to make impact with your work and become one of the most
sought-after thought leaders in your industry, you have to act like one.

People who flounder for years and never get anywhere always have
tons of reasons, excuses and “logical” explanations for why they should
just keep doing what they are doing and not invest in their businesses.

If you’ve been doing this–there’s no shame in this.
I used to do the same.

But my question for you is, are you really going to stand by again
in the sidelines, for another day, another month, another YEAR while
you stay stuck, frustrated, struggling and in fogginess about the very
thing you were put on this planet to do?

The very thing you are alive for?

We’re more than halfway through the year now.
By December you could have a thriving business that is aligned
deeply with your soul and your great work in the world.

You could be enjoying seeing your impact reach far and wide
and really start to see the difference your work is making in the world.

Or you could be exactly where you are right now and keep on doing
the same thing.  And then January will come around and everything will
be the same.  When you could have been out of this frustrating, fearful
place months ago had you joined the mastermind and gotten deep support
from your fellow Sisters and me, a master coach with laser-focused insight.

It’s time to wake up my love.
Step out of that slumber.

The world cannot afford to have you sleeping.
Life is short and every day is precious.

Do you really want to be just comfortable?

Or do you want to be alive, changing the world and helping others
with your great work, feeling deeply fulfilled and connected?

And I don’t know of a safer, more loving container of amazing women
to take your business and life to the next level in, than that of the
Rise Mastermind.  This year’s women are BAD-ASS and are already
supporting each other in the forum, networking and making connections.

So listen–I’ve told my team member Michelle to stand by for the next
3 days to be there to answer all of your fears, doubts and questions
about the Rise Mastermind.

Use us!

We want to help you.

And if there is something Michelle can’t answer I will personally
respond to you myself.

Because I can’t stand to watch you put yourself aside for one more
day.  It’s time to Rise, my love.

Quit the BS excuses and come take my hand.

I’m waiting for you on the other side of this threshold, with a warm hug,
a group of smiling supportive women and one of the most powerful
containers for stepping into your power as the thought leader you
were mean to be, that exists.

Apply now.