5 times people told me I shouldn’t do something (and why they were wrong)


lisa fabrega





14 years ago I got up at 6am to make the 2 hour drive from South Bend, Indiana (where I was attending college) to the big city of Chicago to audition for something called the URTAS–a once a year event that all hopeful actors attended to get an audition for (and hopefully then get into) the Master of Fine Arts programs at the top acting schools in the country.

I had no formal acting training.  I did not come from a college that was known for fine arts, but rather, football.  I went because I had a hunch.

When I told that to a woman waiting for her audition in the lobby, she laughed at me and said “well, good luck with that.  Maybe next year you’ll do better.”

The next day I got a call back for interviews by 3 of the most coveted schools at that event.  And I ended up getting heavily pursued by the best one on the list and got in.



When I graduated from that MFA program as an actor, I went to LA.  As I was checking in to the hotel the concierge helping me asked what I was there for.  When I told her I was there to audition for agents and casting directors in LA, she scoffed at me and said “yeah, you and everyone else in this town.  There are a million of you where you came from.  Take my advice, just quit and get another job.”

A week later I had a meeting with the head of talent development at Sony Pictures, who had loved my audition so much that she gave me her personal phone number & email and asked me to please keep in touch with her.

And a month later, after being told I would not get any jobs after I graduated, I had booked an acting gig for a Pulitzer Prize winning play, paying me top tier money, acting alongside some pretty hefty actors who you’ve seen on TV and in movies many times.



Here I am in a play with Pedro Pascal who later became Oberyn in Game of Thrones.  Pretty fun huh?



6 years ago, when I felt the calling to start my own business a “concerned uncle” who I hardly ever spoke with called me up.   He had some “advice” for me.  It was odd because I didn’t have the kind of relationship with him where he gave me advice.

Listen, he said authoritatively, trying to discourage me over the crackling phone line, you need to know, you’re not going to make any money for at least 2 years.  So you should think long and hard.  Just giving you the facts.

A year later I had made $80,000.
In the second year, I had made over $150,000.



3 years ago, I came up with a lifestyle program.  It was called The Full Life Detox.
Someone told me, when I mentioned it to them, that they didn’t think it was a good idea to do that program because people only want to buy business building programs right now.

When enrollment opened we doubled our expected enrollment numbers.
News of the life changing impact of the program spread and the second time we opened up the program, we doubled those expected enrollment numbers too.



2 years ago I hired my friend Wendy K Yalom for a photo project.   I had a vision in my head of the kind of pictures I wanted for my website and they were quite different than what “most” entrepreneurs or online business owners were doing at the time.  And I was not a skinny girl entrepreneur either, like we were mostly only seeing in pics at the time..  It was “taboo” at that time for such a curvaceous women to stand for health and happiness, in a world that equates skinny with health.  

But Wendy and I traveled around Panama making art in the jungle and on the beach.

Seems a little too “woo” for a business owner, Lisa.  Why don’t you go the traditional route, someone said to me a few weeks after seeing the pictures.

And yet another said, maybe you should lose a few more pounds and do another shoot.

I put the pictures up anyway.

To this day we still get messages from women who tell me those pictures gave them the courage to “come out” in their businesses as their priestess selves AND we get emails from women who tell me seeing a curvaceous woman proudly display her pictures on her website gave them the courage to do the same.

Wendy has even told me that several clients have stated that our photo shoot together was partly an inspiration for their very own photo shoots.

this picture just a few years ago was considered “too woo” by many experts who told me not to use it in my branding.


I’ve rebranded my business a total of 4 times in the last 6 years.  Not because I was flaky, but because, hey, I evolved.  You evolve.  We all evolve.

Many experts told me to stick with what I was doing.  I could lose everything.  My whole tribe would stop following me if I changed or grew.

If they unsubscribe, then they weren’t meant to be part of my tribe anyway, the ONLY way to be happy is to do what your soul calls you to do and the right tribe for you will grow with you as your soul’s desires evolve, I told them, secretly wondering if I was crazy for thinking this way.

I did it anyway, even while I was shaking in my boots.  I rode that wave on full trust.
They shook their heads and clicked their tongues.

We were okay, every time.
Actually, better than okay.

I’m not telling you these stories to brag.
Or show you how courageous I am.

Every single time I was scared to death.
Half of me thought “what if they’re right and I crash and burn?
what if I lose all I built?  what if people start sending me hate mail?
what if I can’t handle it and I fail in front of everyone?”

Those thoughts come up every time.

But the truth is, the cost of NOT listening to my soul and following what it was telling me to do was much higher than the cost of making a mistake and falling on my @ss.

I knew that the alternative to NOT following my soul was suppressing my own well being, delaying my joy and watering down my passion all in the name of playing it safe.

And no one who ever did anything great that made a lasting impact on others played it safe.
Like, ever.

Watch any Steve Jobs movie and watch how he had to fight people within his own company every step of the way to implement the things that made Apple a drool-worthy brand.
Read Richard Branson’s biography.
Or Mother Theresa’s journals.
Find the meme where Elon Musk says “My proceeds from the PayPal acquisition were $180 million. I put $100 million in SpaceX, $70m in Tesla, and $10m in Solar City. I had to borrow money for rent.”   Now he’s worth 13 billion dollars.

I’m saying all of this because there’s a chance that you’re reading this right now and that you’ve built a lot of success already in your life.  And yet, you’re feeling called to step even more powerfully into your authentic self next year. You’re feeling pulled to finally let the full essence of who you are called to be show up fully in an aligned way in your business & life.

You’re ready to be the soul aligned leader you were born to be.

And you might be a little afraid. You might not know HOW you will do that.
You wish you had a guide, experienced in these things, to help you shift gears and show up more powerfully in your leadership, so that you can make the impact you were truly called here to make.

That’s why I created my new 1:1 experience, Soul Alchemy™.
Because it’s the work I’ve been doing with women leaders for the past 6 years.

It’s coaching and mentorship for the high achieving, soul centered, world changer like you…

Who is ready to step into her Unique Soul Gifts and embody them in her work like never before.  Who is ready to do the spiritual and internal work necessary to hold a larger space for others in the world with her impact.
Who is ready to journey deep into her soul and emerge as the high impact priestess she was born to be.

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Following what your soul is calling you to do, it can feel a little scary.
Having that nagging little feeling in your heart that is asking you to step into the true essence of who you were called to be and to radiate THAT into the world…

it means something.

We can often think we will fail.  We will lose it all.  That it won’t work out.
Especially when we’re doing things many around us have never done.
When we know we’re here to lead in our own uniquely expressed way.

But I promise you, it has turned out well every time. No matter what.
For me…and for some of the world’s top impacters and paradigm shifters.

So you decide, love.
Will you allow fear to win this year and keep on going like you have?

Or will 2016 be the year you step into the FULLY soul-aligned leader you have been all along?

If 2016 is your year, read more about Soul Alchemy, the program for high impact, soul aligned leaders by clicking here and apply now.

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With profound devotion,



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pps:  I would LOVE to hear your own stories about times people told you not to do things, you did it anyway and it turned out great for you.  Pop them into the comments below…because who doesn’t love a good “I told ya so” story? 😉