50 Shades of…Awkward?


lisa fabrega

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 3.06.09 PM

Screen Shot 2015-03-18 at 3.06.09 PM


Imagine this: you’re sitting in the gorgeous, Christian-Grey-like office of a potential
client you’d really like to work with, while his assistant’s lizard-like eyes, size you and
your outfit up & down.

You clear your throat a little as your potential client enters the room and sits across
from you with his commanding presence. Your heart flutters in anticipation.
You’ve been waiting for this meeting for a long time, because if this meeting turns
into a client, you can finance your dream, a dream that will impact the lives of many
people in a positive way.

But something is suddenly wrong.

You entered the room feeling confident, but now you’re feeling self-conscious over
how his assistant is sizing you up. Your shoulders begin to shrink as this totally
embarrassing thought enters your mind:

“Omg–this client is so busy and here I am, taking up his time in the middle of the
day to sell him something. I’m taking up his time to ask for money. Just like one
of those sleazy salesmen. Ugh.”

As this thought floods your mind, you start to feel like a burden.
And when you look into the expectant eyes of your potential client, you suddenly
feel embarrassed and clam up. What was once enthusiasm and excitement over
sharing what you do and how you can support him, has turned into shame and
wanting to hide.

Fifteen minutes later, you leave his office, red-faced and angry with yourself.
You blew the meeting because you were feeling so self-conscious.
And worst of all, you didn’t “close the sale” and now have to go do this all over
again with someone else until you can get the investments you need to get your
great work out there in the world.

Has this ever happened to you?

It probably has (it happens to all of us!).
Especially if you’re a soul-centered entrepreneur who doesn’t like the feeling of
“chasing money” and dislikes “sales conversations”… yet you DO want profit and
to serve & reach more people with your work.

I hear this story from my clients all the time.

But there’s a re-frame that I give to them, when they come up against this
obstacle, that changes everything for them.

Most of my clients (and you, in this community) are authentic people, with
high integrity, who want to truly help others with their work. They come to me
hating the sales conversation because they have this idea that it’s sleazy or
weird… after I give them this re-frame, they do things like:

make $9,000 in one month, grow their business revenue by six times in 8
months and bring in a combined $3 million dollars in revenue last year alone.
All while in businesses that truly serve people and make an impact.

Want to know what this re-frame is?

Well I’m revealing it all in my new webinar:

“3 Steps To Tripling Your Sales in 30 Days (Without Selling Your Soul)”.

There IS a way to have an authentic, warm conversation with a potential
client and INSPIRE an immediate, whole-hearted “yes” from your
potential client, even if you dread the sales conversation.

I’m going to teach it to you for free on my new webinar, where you’ll learn:

  • How the current paradigm of “selling” and growing your business is dying, and why now is the perfect time to adjust your approach so that your business and you don’t get left behind.
  • A step-by-step question formula I personally use to close my clients 75% or more each time.
  • How I bust through my own resistance and turn my conversations into cash, all by being ME and serving THEM.

And so much more…

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