a day I will never forget for the rest of my life


lisa fabrega


I just got back from a trip to San Francisco where I spent a
weekend in an intensive writing retreat with brilliant women
and creating new programs for you for 2013.

What was born out of that weekend, I cannot wait to share with you
in January!  it’s going to be beautiful!  I can hardly contain myself!

On Monday, after the weekend retreat was over, I realized I
was only staying 45 minutes from the Napa Valley, so I decided
to make a day trip out of it, go check out some beautiful scenery
and maybe indulge in some delicious wine.
(Wine is a wonderful part of the pleasurable detox lifestyle).

I ended up having one of the best days of my life.

No exaggeration.

As I made my way down the Silverado trail, where most of the
wineries in Napa are located, I was overcome with the breathtaking
beauty all around me.  I stopped at a few wineries just to get out
and walk on the grounds and feel the crisp clean air around me.

At Blackbird Winery, I watched a massive cloud of black birds
move almost as if by magic, all simultaneously turning at the same
time.  Picture thousands of blackbirds literally turning all at once.
It almost looked like a CGI effect in a movie.
Truly magical.

I finally ended up at the Coppola Estate, better known as Inglenook.
I was nervous when I first walked up to the beautiful winery.
I had booked a tour at the winery and was going on it all by myself.
I was really hoping it wouldn’t be awkward with it just being me
and a bunch of honeymooning couples making their way through
the Napa wineries.  To be honest, I almost didn’t even book the tour
because of that tiny fear.  But my desire really wanted to go on the
tour, and if there’s anything you’ve learned here, it’s that you must
always follow what your desire tells you, right?
So I knew that I needed to do what my desire was asking of me.

The tour was beautiful–I learned all about the rich history behind
the wines that are produced there and my tour group ended up
being a fun mix of couples and non-couples.  
I walked around on lush grounds full of olive trees, rows and rows
of beautiful grapevines, rolling hills in the background…  

I drank wine that had been made in the very building I was drinking
it in, on the very land I had just walked.  The flavors of this wine
lusciously unraveled themselves in my mouth.

I savored olive oil that had been made from olive trees I had just
walked by on the tour, with the most beautiful floral tones.
I had wonderful conversations about with my tour-mates and our guide
about the dramatic history behind the estate that had produced
the very wines we were now breaking bread over.

Everything I ingested was deeply interconnected.
To know the stories behind each wine I was drinking, to have felt the 
very soil underneath my feet from which those grapes had grown,
made the experience so luscious and satisfying.

When the tour was over, everyone left and I was the only one
left on the beautiful grounds of the property.

That’s when I had my moment.

I sat down by myself with a glass of Rubicon (red wine),
overlooking the rows and rows of grape vines, watching the sun set over the mountains.

And I realized–this is my life.
I thought back to just a few years ago, where I was a burnt out, overwhelmed,
overworked woman who was always sick and who knew that there had to
be something more out there for her.
Who knew that she didn’t want the 9-5 that was sucking her soul slowly,
who wanted more from her relationships, who wanted to get unstuck and
live a life of purpose and make an impact on the planet.

I felt the old me, so confused, so overcome by negative thinking, 
so anxious and afraid to move forward, always tight with her finances
and I sent her so much love.

Back then, I never even dreamed that sitting on a Monday in a vineyard
watching the sunset with a glass of red wine would be my life.
And yet, here it was.

Rented my own car for 5 days.
Paid for my own flights.
Toured wine country and drank in all the lushness around me.
Went on a wine tour alone. (I felt like such a badass).

A coaching practice I love.  Clients I jump out of bed to work with.
Supportive friends and relationships.
Freedom to travel wherever I desire.

I am truly and deeply fed.
And somehow, against all the obstacles that were put in front of me,
against all the self-sabotage and fear when I first started this journey
to get unstuck and move forward with my dreams,
detox helped me create this life for myself.

Pleasure, which I struggled to put into my life for so long, has become
my lifestyle, honoring my desire–my moral code.

I felt so grateful, that to be honest, I didn’t even know what to do with myself.

The gratitude was so great my body almost couldn’t contain it.
So I let the gratitude wash over me as the sky turned pink, said a prayer
of appreciation and asked the Universe to show me new ways in which I
can continue to serve other women by helping them detox everything
that no longer serves them.

I’m not telling you this story to show off.
I’n telling you this story because I felt you while I watched
that sunset over the vineyards.

If I can create this life for myself with the help of the Universe
by detoxing the things that were strangling my power,
then I know with every bone in my body that you can too.

And my deepest purpose is to help you create the life you crave & desire
by helping you release the things that are holding you back, for good.
I know how you feel.
I remember looking at women who seemed to have it all and thinking
“there’s no way I can get there, there’s too much riding against me,
there are too many obstacles” and immediately shutting down from the overwhelm.

But it doesn’t have to be that way.
If I can do it–so can you.  And I want to show you how.

So I’m inviting you one last time to my free teleclass
tonight, at 8pm EST.

If you’ve been craving your own version of a luscious, pleasurable life
where you are free from the things that hold you back and are making
a massive impact on the planet with your unique gifts, you’ll want to be
on this call.

It’s my last free class of the year.

And If you’re reading this right now–listen up:

You are beautiful, sexy, gorgeous, brilliant, talented & magnificent.
Please don’t hide your lusciousness from the world.
If you’re in my community, I know you were born to make an impact
and to effect change on this earth.  The world needs you and
all of the beauty that you hold inside of you.

It’s time to release all that no longer serves you, Sister
and rise like the Phoenix from the ashes.

My hand is extended to you, ready to go on this beautiful adventure with you.

Click here to join the class tonight.
I can’t wait to see you there.

With profound devotion to your truth,
Lisa Fabrega
Life Detox for women on the edge of liberation