A little thank you gift just for you (a downloadable meditation!)


lisa fabrega



If you had any idea how much gratitude I feel for you…
how I get tears in my eyes when I breathe in the magnificence of you…
how I am whelmed with so much love and awe when I think that you are here
week after week, showing up for yourself, receiving my ramblings…
how honored I feel to support you, whether we’ve worked together yet or not.

You are here.
And that is huge.

It never slips my mind that I get to do what I love to do, because of you.
When things get rough, I think of your face and it keeps me going.

Whether you’ve been here from the beginning, watching this mission evolve
over almost 5 years of newsletters and offerings….
or you’re new to this community, entrusting me with your heart & your calling…

thank you.  Truly.

There are few words that can describe how grateful I am for you, how thrilled
I am to serve you.  How impacted I am by your devotion to your calling.

And since words fail me at times like these, all I can do is send you a
of what I’m feeling, from my heart to yours.

As a physical expression of my gratitude, I created a totally no-cost, no strings
 Gratitude Meditation, just for you.  

Gratitude has been my saving grace so many times, during times of great change, realignment and deep shifts.  Which is exactly the times we are going through right now.

Having a gratitude practice keeps us open to abundance, keeps our energy expansive to receive creativity, love & even money. 😉  And I want you to have all of those things and more.

Yet we live in a world where we’re constantly on to the next thing, pushing ourselves to the next goal, without taking a moment to stop, breathe and realize all that we have already, and how much we have achieved already–how amazing we are.

I created this meditation as a gift of pause, reflection and celebration for you.
You can listen to it every day if you choose. (In fact I highly recommend it to
attract abundance into your life!).

There are no opt-ins required to get it.  No strings attached.
It’s just a gift of pure love and gratitude from my heart to yours.

Thank you.
Thank you.
Thank you.

For being here, for being you, for being alive on this planet.

I am so grateful for you.

Click here to download your complimentary Gratitude Meditation.