A surprise bonus “Seer Transmission” video just for you (plus a BIG gift!)


lisa fabrega



So last week I posted on Facebook that I would use my “seer eye”
on anyone who requested me to “see them” within the next few hours…

Two hours later the post had gone viral and we had 200 people commenting.
I spent the next 3 hours responding to each person and sharing with them
what I “saw” about them and my intuitive hits about where their blockages were…

and it was amazing!

One woman, after getting my 2 sentence “seer transmission” on the Facebook
post, told me she had a fire lit under her (My Seer told her it was “time to go bigger”).
She went to her husband and they both revived and reinvested time and energy
into their blog and are super happy.

Many other people felt activated and had big breakthroughs from that post.

I’ve been really wanting to find a way to bring that to all of you…
And lately I have been getting SO many downloads about some BIG changes
I am feeling energetically in our environment and in the collective…
things that are affecting our business and are causing us to have to rethink
how we approach business in a new way.

One that doesn’t mean we have to burn out or sell out, but instead
build what we want to make impact with, in a soul-aligned, more fun way.

So I turned on my camera and just free-flowed as my Seer spoke to me
and I recorded a 27 minute Seer Transmission Video just for you with ALL
of my downloads about these big shifts that are happening.

Click on the video below to get the 411 and to hear what my inner Seer told me.


In addition to this video I’ve decided to offer a complimentary webinar,
next Wednesday, Oct 29 at 8pm eastern, 5pm pacific.

It’s called “How To Build A Successful Soul-Aligned Business Without
Selling Out or Burning Out”
And in that webinar I will go even deeper with these transmissions and
downloads I have been getting into my seer eye, so that I can help you
move through even more of the things that are blocking you from
making the income and impact you want.

Click here to sign up for this totally complimentary webinar training.

I actually do have to limit the attendees for this one because I do get tired from “seeing” a lot of people so have to keep this one a bit smaller.
So make sure you sign up now for your chance for me to See you
and to get in on this amazing content.