If you haven’t yet watched the video called “cardboard scaffolding” you need to watch that first, because we’re going deeper into this topic in this conversation. You can find that here.

Now, if you’re reading this, you probably look good. I’m not referring to your physical looks, but how you look professionally on paper. I mean, you have the creds, right? You hired that bomb copywriter. Your graphics are on point. Or you’re well-respected and frequently promoted within your company.

But, you can be 100% honest with me… the truth is you ought to have stock in duct tape because that’s what’s secretly holding your life together. And, listen, it’s not for lack of trying. You wrote the handbook, you outlined the processes, you laid down the law with your nanny/housekeeper — and yet, somehow, your world keeps slipping off its axis.

These are all manifestations of structural capacity erosion. And, there are several ways you’re turning a blind eye to how that shows up…


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