Are You Hiding? What the High Priestess Taught Me (New Video!)


lisa fabrega

Lisa Pic1

Lisa Pic1

A few days ago I was looking at my tarot deck and meditating on the
High Priestess card, as part of an assignment for an amazing class I am
taking by the brilliant Marybeth Bonfiglio.  I ended up staring into that card
for 2 hours, meditating on it and downloading information into my Seer eye.

In the middle of doing that, I had a huge realization about one of the biggest
problems visionary entrepreneurs come to me for.  The Fear of Visibility.
And whether you’re a man or a woman, I realized, the High Priestess can teach
us A LOT about ourselves and our fear of being seen.

In fact, she holds the key to us either succeeding or failing in getting our
Great Work out there.  Want to know what the heck I realized that was so
mind-blowing and earth-shattering?

Well, my inner Seer was really talking, so once again, I turned on the camera
and free-flowed as my Seer spoke to me.  PLUS I show you an amazing
meditation in the video, to help you end your fear of being visible once and for all

Check the video out below:

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So, what I want to know is–how did this video land with you?
Did it help?  I’d love to know!

Post your realizations in the comments below.