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It's Not Your Strategy,
It's Your Capacity

A Guided Journaling Experience


It's Not Your Strategy, It's Your Capacity

A Guided Journaling Experience

Have you pivoted, leveraged all the strategies and executed on all the tactics... yet you're not seeing the results you thought you would?

Your strategy isn't the issue.

It's your capacity.

Capacity is your ability to hold, handle, and receive your next level.

You can have the best strategy in the world, but one of the following is probably true.


  • struggling with the same income plateau?
  • having the same problematic client type show up in your inbox?
  • finding it difficult to consistently show up and speak up -- even and especially when things are going well?
  • having the same circular conversations with your spouse/partner?

Because this isn't about your life or work strategies,
it's about your capacity.


Strategy Only


Strategy + Capacity
= Results

What would your world look like if:

  • You knew you could stomach the scrutiny that comes with being more visible in your industry?
  • Money and sales conversations didn't trigger you to act out or feel like you have to "prove" yourself?
  • Grace and ease, not freak-outs, were your default responses to challenging situations?

When all the strategies aren't working, here's the only thing that will:

addressing and upleveling your capacity.


Working with Lisa has been more than I imagined it would be. Right from the start, I was able to use Lisa’s coaching to gain more confidence and see myself as a high-level CEO. Working with Lisa allowed me to address issues with my sense of self-worth and expand my capacity in those areas.

As a result, this led to my securing contracts that gained back my investment in less than 2 months, more than doubling my prices and getting clients to pay it and to successfully look at and start to address my issues around my self-worthiness. Lisa is a no-nonsense loving force who is gifted at getting to the soul’s work of leadership. I look forward to every call.


Conflict Resolution Strategist, Author, Speaker, Coach

Lynne Hurdle

Your world can look exactly like this.

And, in 45 minutes or less, I'm going to show you how.


It's Not Your Strategy,
It's Your Capacity

A Guided Journaling Experience


Choose one of two dates to attend:

Tuesday, November 17th

4pm - 5pm PT (7pm ET - 8pm ET)

Wednesday, November 18th

10am - 11am PT (1pm ET - 2pm ET)

This experience will be held virtually via Zoom.

You'll leave this experience:

  • Having done a thorough self-assessment of your unique Capacity Code™, to identify
    what's really stopping you from seeing results.
  • With clear, feasible steps to begin upleveling your capacity within 24 hours.
  • Equipped with a deeper understanding of one of the most prominent paradigm shifts on
    the horizon.
  • Better able to meet the needs of a world climate rife with social change and upheaval.


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Working with Lisa is a game-changer for your business and your life. I've been working in the self-improvement/personal development world for some time, yet I'd begun to feel stalled out and stuck. Working with Lisa opened up areas of my business and personal thought processes that have allowed me to dramatically increase my earnings in a very short time as well as renew flagging self-confidence. Lisa challenges you in a loving manner while exposing outworn and outdated modes of thinking that aren't serving you anymore. This sounds simple and Lisa makes it easy to expand your capacity. That's what makes the changes you'll make not only possible but inevitable.


Therapist & Founder of The Guardian's Gift