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CAPACITY KICKSTART™ VIDEO WORKSHOP: 18 concise, potent videos to help you pinpoint your Capacity Deficits™ and visualize what your life looks in Capacity Equilibrium™.

CHAPTER 1: Identifying Your Capacity Deficits (they’re never what you think)
The 6 ways I see successful people like you hitting capacity plateaus (and not even realizing it). In this series of 6 videos, you will learn about the common capacity plateaus I help my clients solve and how to identify which one you might have. You’ll be surprised by what you discover.


The money conversation you're avoiding (6:00)
This is definitely not the same money conversation that every other “money guru” is talking about. In this video I talk about the simple money capacity shifts that took one of my clients from being stuck at the same revenue level in her business for two years… to closing in on $2 million year. She had ALL the strategies, had been in the elite business masterminds and hired the expert strategists… but it was working on her capacity that made the difference. Learn how when you watch this video.

Divorcing a “dream” business (6:37)
Sometimes we may already have visibility or recognition for our work… but we’re still holding back parts of ourselves for fear that they won’t be “liked” or “popular”. Ironically, it’s these parts we hide that are often the keys to creating the next big break for our income and visibility.

In this video, I share (with permission!)the story of a client who had been hiding a HUGE part of herself for years in fear that she would offend people in her community and tank her revenues. But when we worked on her visibility capacity and she “came out”, the OPPOSITE happened: she ended up doubling enrollment in almost all of her programs! Find out in the video above how expanding her visibility capacity, NOT her strategy, made this happen.

Crisis of purpose (4:15)
Ever felt like you found your purpose, only to question it over and over again? Been through endless business model rewrites with experts? Keep changing jobs searching for your purpose? Wonder if what you do matters, even if you’ve already built success doing it? You might be having a capacity of purpose crisis. This type of crisis is a silent and insidious sabotager for many brilliant womxn I work with and they don’t even know it! Find out if you’re unconsciously doing this when you watch this video.

Power-hungry jerk? (4:15)
Do you ever worry about stepping into your full power because you’re afraid you might get “too big for your britches” or become a “power hungry jerk?” Or do you feel like you’ve got a million “paper cuts” slowly bleeding you to death, from people who get triggered by your success and your light? In this powerful video, we explore how what happens INSIDE you MATTERS, because inside always manifests on the outside. This is one of the most important capacities to expand, and it’s the one that’s most ignored. Find out if you’re ignoring it in this video.

Cardboard scaffolding (5:42)
I share with you the story of my friend whose business took off exponentially, but because she didn’t have structural capacity, she spun out of control. She went through several teams in one year because she’d lash out and project her anxiety on them. On the outside it looked like she had it all… but on the inside it was a sh&tshow. If you’ve ever felt like this, you’ll want to watch to ensure you’re not unconsciously building everything on a foundation of flimsy cardboard. Find out if your foundation is solid in this video.

Your hidden guardians (7:44)
In this video we talk about boundaries. Our most popular topic and the one capacity area every single successful person I know struggles with. Boundaries are not just about saying no. In this video I show you how and why boundaries are the encoded keys to you reaching your next levels of impact and potential. Boundaries are the hidden guardians of your creativity, your financial abundance, your emotional well being… EVERYTHING. Even if you think you’re already a badass at boundaries… you’ll be surprised by how much you’re missing when you watch this video.

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CHAPTER 2: The Sneaky Ways Capacity Can Escape You
The 6 ways I see ambitious womxn hiding out from their true capacity. In these videos, get ready to see all the tricky little ways you don’t tap into your true level capacity with these invisible self-sabotaging behaviors (that you don’t even see as “self-sabotage”).


Dark corners (6:52)
No matter how successful you are, or how much money you’ve made -- you won’t want to miss this conversation. In this video, I shine a light on the dark corners where you avoid doing the work on your money capacity. I tell the story of a client who, even though she was making over 7 figures a year, was still undercharging, overworking, and then spiritually bypassing by saying this was “spiritually superior” behavior. This held back her impact and enjoyment of life in a big way. Now this scenario may not be you exactly, but watch anyway, because we are exploring ALL the sneaky ways I see womxn limit their earning power. Find out if that’s you, in this video.

Visibly invisible (6:40)
The reality is, you’re probably hiding some critical aspects of yourself that would push against the status quo, like my client who hid her intuitive side from the world. In this video, I’m telling you her story: how she built a large empire while hiding her most potent gift. When we expanded her visibility capacity and she allowed herself to be FULLY seen, her program enrollment numbers DOUBLED and her yearly event had to upgrade to a larger venue! Find out how visibility capacity expansion can do this for you when you watch the video above.

Purpose vs. work (6:07)
In this video I cover all the ways you deflect when your way of being in the world doesn’t align with your purpose. Your purpose isn’t just what you do - it’s your WHY. If you’ve ever felt like you don’t know “who you are anymore” or question if you should throw away what you’ve built and start over again, this video is for you. Before you throw it all away, watch this video.

No more crystals (6:15)
Listen to the story of my highly successful friend who kept buying thousands of dollars in crystals, in hopes that it would somehow save her dwindling health and relationship. (Hint: it didn’t, but capacity work did). Stop allowing yourself to be manipulated and sucked into these energy draining circles of people, “experts” and “strategists”. Stop farming out your power to crystals, tarot readings, or gurus, hoping they’ll do the trick. There’s a time and a place for all of those tools, but if they turn into a crutch you know you’re limiting your capacity. Are you? Reclaim your power and confidence.

This was our most watched and commented on video. There’s a reason for that. Find out why when you watch it yourself.

Annoying housekeeper (5:01)
Do you sometimes wonder if you should have stock in duct tape because that’s what’s secretly holding your life together? And it's not for lack of trying, but somehow no matter what systems you implement, no matter how many Marie Kondo “Tidying Up” episodes you watch, or how many people you hire to support you… your world keeps getting tilted on its axis. If you’ve ever heard yourself say “I WANT to focus on ME, but I just don’t see how I can when I have so many things to deal with at the moment” - then you have structural capacity erosion. Check out the video above to learn what to do about it.

In trouble with the teacher (6:35)
Unclear boundaries are just as bad as having no boundaries. If you’ve got murky boundaries (like the person I hired where I constantly felt like I was “in trouble”. I tell you that story in this video), then this video is for you. Find out how you might be inviting boundary pushers without even realizing it, in this video.

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CHAPTER 3: Visualize Your Unique Capacity Equilibrium™
Get ready to see a crystal clear picture of what life and career/business can look like when your capacity is expanded and ON POINT. Having a clear vision of where you actually want to go with your capacity is a key ingredient to your success. This set of videos will help you get that crystal clarity.


The pillars (6:45)
In this video I walk you through the four foundational pillars of capacity expansion. These are the pillars I teach my clients and they’re like sturdy trees you can always lean on, no matter how high you rise or what challenges you face as you step up to your next level. We examine how to expand your money capacity, when we look through the lens of the 4 pillars. It’s time to finally give yourself permission to ABANDON the strategy-seeking framework that is no longer working or supporting you and step into TRUE WEALTH.

Actualized visibility (9:34)
In this final look at your visibility capacity, I share what it can look like when you apply the 4 pillars to your visibility capacity and truly step into the work where you feel seen both professionally and personally, and are no longer hiding the unique and powerful person that you are. Find out how to achieve visibility in the right way for YOU at the video link above.

Start over (9:13)
When you apply the 4 pillars to your purpose capacity it’s like shining a light straight into your soul and opening more possibilities than you ever imagined. You stop feeling confused and foggy, doubting whether you’re doing the right thing… and instead of changing messages, careers, or business models every couple of years, you finally dig into the fullest and most fulfilling expression of your work. Check out this video to learn how to realize this level of transformation.

Inside out (7:58)
Have you ever felt like little dramas or obstacles in your life are always throwing you off your momentum? Do you wonder how successful womxn go through divorces, handle kids and full time careers, deal with “haters” or team issues… and still continue to expand their impact in the world with such seeming ease? If so, then definitely watch this video that applies the 4 pillars to your embodiment capacity and how it will allow you to navigate new challenges with ease and become that woman, too.

Goodbye cardboard (6:44)
Your STRUCTURAL capacity is your ability to have structures and systems that actually support you to be at your best in every area of your life. How would it feel to simply know that even when things go wrong or life gets difficult, you are able to pivot and shift smoothly, and without drama? That is what your structural capacity can look like under the 4 pillars. Check out the video to learn more.

Guardians not walls (6:27)
Your boundary capacity is your ability to not only guard your time and energy, but to make specific, clear, and easily granted requests from the Universe. What does life look like when your boundaries are perfectly aligned for you, and you aren’t afraid to state those boundaries for fear of negative consequences? Find out how at the video above.

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These videos are short, sweet and packed full of eye-opening, life-changing information - you won’t want to miss a beat! And since I know you’re a busy woman, I’m putting them all in one place so you can CapacityFlix “binge” them while you’re in your car, out for a nature walk or on the treadmill.


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