The Capacity Quiz


The 6 main areas where I see ambitious & successful womxn like you hitting capacity plateaus are Money, Visibility, Purpose, Embodiment, Structural & Boundaries.

Select each statement that resonates with you.

At the end you'll see your results displayed. This will indicate the areas of Capacity you need to work on first and foremost/areas you need to strengthen.

By no means does this mean you don't need to work on the other areas. Capacities often are connected to each other. You might find as you dive deep into one capacity, another one that you were previously strong in might need more work than you thought.

It's all normal and part of the process. The results here give you a good picture of where to start and what capacities to tackle and strengthen first.

After you receive your results, I highly recommend you take the time to journal on how your results made you feel. Were there any surprises? What struck you the most about your results? This information will help the work land more deeply within you and give you many 'aha’s'.