how to know the difference between real pain and discomfort

One of the most vital distinctions we can learn to make to expand our emotional and physical capacity is this: learning how to tell the difference between pain and discomfort.

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is manifesting total BS?

woman in lavender fields

A few days ago, my colleague Chris Winfield posted “Do you believe in the Law of Attraction?” on his Facebook page. The conversation that ensued in the comments was great and some awesome points made both for and against.   However, I noticed there was a point of view missing from the comments. One that explains…

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this email disturbed me

Clients at one of my Capacity Retreats in Santa Barbara   I got an email a few days ago that really floored me. A womxn who has been wanting to work with me for a LONG WHILE wrote in saying this: “I’ve been wanting to work with you for a long time, your message really…

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why ‘making a plan’ doesn’t work

(Me and clients on a mastermind retreat in France)   Every day I hear dream-killing phrases like this: “My dream is to own a retreat home in Greece.” “I want to get to $2.7 million in revenue next year.” “My goal is to get that huge promotion and a 2x pay raise.”  And then inevitably…

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the money question you’re not asking yourself

Money Capacity is the one thing I talk about with all of my clients, whether they’re six-figure earners, or eight. Whether they’re rising stars or already established. I don’t care how far along you get in your career or business, you’re ALWAYS going to be expanding your money capacity. Always. I’m almost a decade into…

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