how i escaped the wildfire

Screen Shot 2019-11-27 at 6.09.40 PM

On the left, me at the vet at 7:30 am & on the right, in a smoke mask sitting in my car doing phone calls. On Monday I had to rush one of my dogs to the vet at 7:30 am and pay an unexpected $300 bill because she had somehow scratched her cornea. My…

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you, yourself and you

A participant at my yearly Mary Magdalene retreat in France

A participant at my yearly Mary Magdalene retreat in France.   A few years ago, I got to be a witness to one of the worst program launches in history. My poor friend had poured months of work into this new program and opening day was here! But EVERYTHING went wrong. She had THREE THOUSAND…

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secret language

8 Nov

Me with my first crush… who ALSO didn’t like me back!   Back in my teens and early twenties I had a pattern of falling in infatuation with “unrequited love” kind of people. First, it was the guy who talked to me for hours and poured his heart out to me on the phone once…

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boundary trifecta


Photo of me with attendees at a speaking engagement.   I have an important question for you to ask yourself and journal on today. Ready for it? How often have you found yourself investing in other things that you think are more urgent or important right now than your boundaries?  Truly. Get really honest with…

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30 Oct

Teaching clients about capacity in a recent in-home retreat.   “I just spent two weeks in bed.” Her voice was trembling as she fought back tears.  My client had just led her first live event with eighty people attending, it had been her largest group to date. And now she couldn’t move. Worst of all,…

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boundary boomerang

28 Oct

Some clients at a fabulous cactus garden during a recent retreat I hosted.   Last year, I lost a friend to what I like to call a “boundary boomerang.” When I first met her, I noticed her boundaries first. She used to email me and message me on Facebook, but the one time I replied…

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Mary Reynolds

25 Oct

Mary Reynolds enjoying one of her landscape designs at the Chelsea Flower Show. Credit: Press Association Images.   Ever think watching a movie about a landscape designer would help you have a huge breakthrough around your boundaries?  Well, that movie exists and I’ve got to tell you about “Dare To Be Wild,” which I found…

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egg-freezing boundary pusher

22 Oct

Me and clients at a mastermind retreat in my home. Have I ever told you about the time a random friend of my mom’s took me aside at a holiday party and ended up becoming one of my craziest boundary stories?  Though I had no real relationship with her, she decided it was perfectly fine…

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the most revealing 22 minutes on video EVER

video thumbnail Oct 17

Scroll down to watch the video.   You’re going to want to read today’s email settled in your chair with a good cup of tea or coffee. It’s my most revealing 20 minutes on video ever. And I’m taking you deep into some of the drama that’s been going on behind the scenes as I’ve…

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the fabled “bargain-bin breakthrough”

8 Oct

I came across the most interesting post on my social media feed a few weeks ago. It was a long, vulnerable post where a woman confessed that she was finding it overwhelming to juggle her growing career, all the new clients coming in, hiring people to delegate things to and managing her home life on…

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