Chasing lovers, numbers & bliss: why it never works


lisa fabrega

Chasing lovers


a lover
a client
a result
a number

…it never works.

Chasing pulls you out of the throne
where your soul sits.

It takes you outside of yourself
and away from the wisdom within.

Have you noticed that chasing
always involves a moving target
that can never be won?

Have you noticed how
it leaves you out of breath,
out of your body?

Chasing says:
I can’t trust that I am held.
I can’t trust that what is mine is mine
and already here.

Chasing makes you forget
that what you desire you inherently deserve.
because it is already done.

Your soul already holds the blueprint
for what you are here to create
and be in this world.

She wrote your desires into the stars,
long before you entered this body.
And if you were not meant for it,
it simply would never arise as a desire within you
in the first place.

Chasing makes you forget this:
what you desire is already yours,
your desire can be trusted.
And when it comes to desire
there is no question of “deserving”.

When you chase you are a ship
continuously launching into rough & exhausting waters,
pulling other ships one by one, back to shore,
instead of a lighthouse standing strong,
drawing those who seek the light.

Listen to me now.
In this moment, come back to yourself,
my love.

Call back your power and your soul.
Call it all back to its rightful house of light.

Put a hand on your heart,
feel the warmth of your own life force
filling your body.

Feel yourself coming back
to what you have always known.

You were meant for the throne.

What is yours will never need to be chased.

Because what is yours
has always pulled you towards it
on a golden thread.

All you have to do is sit back
and enjoy the wind in your hair,

sun on your face.

Let yourself be drawn.