Could this common spiritual teaching be harming your legacy?

Does feeling rage make you “broken”?
Do so-called “negative” emotions mean something is wrong with you?

Recently, I sought guidance and comfort during a stressful time, and I found myself on Instagram looking for wisdom from a spiritual teacher who many leaders trust and follow.

Instead, I found a post that disappointed me. It talked about strong emotions in such a damaging way, teaching us to feel shame for them. It’s a common refrain among spiritual guides that if you experience “negative” emotions, that you are somehow broken.

I believe that’s just flat wrong. But it’s such a prevalent societal belief that we all subconsciously believe we’re broken in some way. I know because I uncover this in my high-performer clients all the time. Carrying this belief is a hidden saboteur of your big goals as a leader.    

I felt called to make you a short video debunking this harmful spiritual teaching, and instead, show you a way to embrace who you are when these strong emotions come up.

It not only will benefit you emotionally, but it will also make sure your mission, your business, or your career, continue to grow and succeed sustainably and self-sabotage-free, for years to come. Because you’ve got big, expansive work to do in this world, and we don’t need anything subconscious slowing you down!

Watch the video below and let me know what you got out of it!


Did this resonate? If so, I want to know HOW in the comments below!

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