do the crazy thing


lisa fabrega



Last year I undertook a project that was CRAZY.  At least my mind told me so.  

But my soul knew it had to be done.

I moved to the jungles and mountains of Panama for a month to shoot a new video training series that was the culmination of 4 years of intense work with clients on helping them get soul aligned to get unstuck, make more money and more impact with their purpose (and their businesses).

The series and the program it led into had come to me in a dream–and when that happens I know I’m being called to create something that is needed.

I’ll never forget how HARD that was.  I had a vision that came to me in a dream that said that the videos HAD to be shot outside.  It was my soul talking to me.

But let me tell you…

if you have ever filmed anything outside in tropical heat with bugs flying around your face and ruining takes, cicadas singing at random intervals and ruining your audio, rain clouds coming in whenever they feel like it, ruining the lighting etc.. with your hair frizzing from the humidity, your makeup melting & you forgetting your lines here and there because you’re trying to focus while all of this is going on around you, you will know how hard it was!

I was also scared to death while I was making these videos because they would make me SO visible.  I was 45 pounds heavier than I am now, I was afraid of being judged for not looking “perfect” in the videos, for the videos to end up not being of the quality of some other videos I had seen and I was saying some stuff in the videos that a lot of people don’t talk about when it comes to being soul aligned, profitable and impactful when it comes to doing your great work in the world.

But I persevered.   Deep down I had this strong drive in my soul to create this for my community (you!), because I KNEW it was time for this message to get out there in a big way.  I wanted MORE people to have access to these tools that have utterly transformed so many of my clients’ lives for the better.  It was time for this not to be a best-kept secret anymore.  

So to make this idea happen in the way my soul was telling me, I had to borrow $10,000 dollars for FB ads and to pay for the launch, spent thousands getting the videos produced and getting the website designed etc…  I stretched my bank balance and my own mental financial limits to the max.

Every bit of this project was an edge-pusher for me, financially, emotionally, spiritually, physically…

But I went forward anyway.

Because my biggest passion is to help people get unstuck and do the work they were called here to do so they can impact the world positively with their purpose.

You see, when I was a little girl, my parents adopted two little boys from the ghetto of Panama.  I watched them receive every opportunity and help we could possibly give them at the time to succeed…and I watched them succumb to the gang mentality of their neighborhood–one of them died and the other is in jail for life.  This experience broke my heart and it shaped me profoundly.

I wanted to know WHY these brilliant boys had not been able to overcome their circumstances.  

WHY do people repress their deepest calling?  Why do people sabotage their dreams?  Why do some people succeed and overcome their obstacles while others fail?  

And this, of course, shaped the work I do with my clients–working on the foundation of what makes us self-sabotage, doubt and hold back what we were most called to do in this world.  

In the back of my mind, I always think that maybe, just maybe, if I can help you in that way, you will go out there and help too…and that together, through our combined impact, we can save more people like the two boys my family adopted from the ghetto.  

Help more people stop denying themselves the lives they really long to live.

Help more people gain the tools that will help them overcome their obstacles.

Obstacles like the fears, the limiting beliefs..the ways we don’t trust our vision.

How we shut up our soul’s voice and favor the opinions of others to dictate how we should look, express or “be”, give up our power to the outside opinions of others, tell ourselves we can’t have what we want, hold back our truth for fear of being judged, compare ourselves to others & use that to justify not starting our own projects, tell ourselves we can’t succeed, or can’t handle success or think we don’t have what it takes to succeed.

Or any of the other ways in which we sabotage our dreams & our purpose for being on this earth.  That beautiful work of art only YOU are meant to express in this lifetime.

When I went to acting school, one of my teachers told me every person has a “string” in their heart, that when it gets pulled it affects them deeply and it drives them in their lives.

My “string” gets activated when I see people have a dream, then squelch it and not do it.   Or second guess it and do something that pales in comparison to what they REALLY want to do.

And this squelching, second-guessing & fear affects us at every level.  

I have worked with extremely successful business owners who have built million dollar businesses that were making them miserable and suppressing who they truly were…as well as the new business owner who is afraid to step out of the box and just speak their truth in their business (which is the same as being aligned with your soul).

But there’s one thing I know for sure, after doing this for over 5 years and working with over 5,000 people just like you.

When we clear out the gunk, the limiting beliefs, the fears and the self-sabotage that lurks in our mindset without us even realizing it sometimes,  that is when soul-deep clarity comes.  And what I have seen my clients create from there has been mind-boggling, to say the least.  

I’ve seen them do things like go from 0 clients for 2 years, to 5 clients in a week.

Going from $2,000 a month in revenue to $50,000 a month.

Leaving an old, tired business to start a new one that was sold out with a waiting list on the first day it opened.

Feeling confused and stuck to growing a powerful team with a network marketing business that is now one of the fastest growing teams in her area.

What they all have in common is that they are now crystal clear & aligned with their soul’s purpose.

THIS is what creates the most successful businesses.  Because when you’re clear about what you’re here to do, the plan for “how” to do it naturally unfolds before your eyes with ease.  

Suddenly you know how to get those clients, you know how you need to market yourself, how to invite someone in to work with you in a way that feels good, what your tag line should be, what programs, products or services you want to offer & who you serve.

When you speak and share your message from a clear and aligned place, your energy is like a powerful force that magnetizes the right people to you.  Clients, opportunities, invitations that help you spread your message even further, that increase your prosperity.  And I don’t just mean money.  I mean a business that is filled with deep financial, emotional, spiritual, mental & physical abundance.

So…this is why I pushed through during the filming of my video series.  

Because I BURN with this desire for you to have this in your life & business too.

So, I had to do the very work I was teaching in that series on MYSELF to get through the filming of the video series.

I knew that even though I wanted to quit many times, even though I felt afraid, even though I was coming up against my OWN limiting beliefs (as we will at every level of our businesses and purpose) this was a message that had to get out there.  This work had to get out there to more people.  

And after two grueling weeks, we finished the video series.

It has ended up being one of the most rewarding projects I have done to date.  

It was also the most difficult, most scary and most testing.

And it was worth it.

It’s worth it to do the crazy thing your soul is asking you to do.

To this day it has been the biggest growth experience in my 5 years of business

and it has created a very powerful impact.  The video series has reached over 4,000 people to date and over 100 people have graduated from the accompanying program of the video series, Impact, with incredible results.  

They’ve gone from feeling stuck, confused and out of alignment, to confident, clear, prosperous and free while living the lives they always dreamed of.

You may have seen this last week, but if you haven’t yet, I wanted to let you know one last time that I’ve once again decided to release this video series after many requests to do so.  And it’s open NOW.    I’m going to keep bugging you about this because I know if you’re here, you’re meant to be there with us.  No more excuses, love.

You’re never too busy to listen to the voice of your soul.

Video 1 is already live and Video 2 comes out tomorrow.

And these videos are damn good. (check out one of the comments one of the participants left under the video a few days ago)


If you are ready to stop feeling stuck and you’re done feeling foggy on how to move forward and you’re truly ready to step into the prosperity and impact you were put here to make, I’m inviting you to join us by clicking here.

Because we can’t wait til we have it “all figured out” before we put our voice out there.  

We can’t wait til it’s all perfect before we share our calling with the world.  

The only time we have is NOW.

If you are someone who feels called to live your purpose and build a business that truly reflects your calling and you want to break through to clarity so that you can create a business that not only is profitable but makes a positive impact in the world…

then you’ll join us here.  

And I think that is pretty much everyone getting this email.

So there’s no reason why you shouldn’t join us (unless you don’t feel it’s important to be devoted to your dreams).

This is not for newbies only or seasoned business owners only…

this series is for everyone.  I’ve had people of all levels in business participate and have massive breakthroughs.

It’s totally complimentary, so you have nothing to lose, love.

Plus, I’m giving away one full ride scholarship to Impact (worth $597) to the person who shares & participates the most in the video series!

Do the crazy thing, love.

Join us.

I hope to see you there.

With devotion,


ps: there’s an opening sequence in the videos after you sign up that a colleague told me a few months ago, was “the most amazing opening sequence to any video training series she has ever seen and that no one has ever done anything like that”. There’s a whole cool story about how that came to be–but if you wanna see it–sign up.  😉

pps:  I will be doing live Periscope interviews with former Impact program participants in the next 2 weeks plus live q&a sessions that correspond with each video, so come follow me on Periscope @LisaFabrega to catch these inspiring stories! (Periscope is a new free live video app that is all the rage right now and every business owner should have it if they want to stay ahead of the curve!)

ppps: the above picture is of me on the first day of filming the series.  The power of that land behind me is why I filmed it outside–I wanted you to get the powerful transmission this land emanates while you’re watching the videos.  It’s why I do retreats here every year!