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Are you ready to unlock your unique strategy for epic visibility – without the drain of burnout?



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Let’s be honest:

you have all the tools to be visible right now, but you’re still not getting the epic visibility opportunities you want.

Despite having all the right strategies, the marketing plan, the video courses, the social media schedule, the “mindset work” to feel comfortable being more visible … it’s not happening.


Let’s be real: there are a lot of people who are stuck teaching and using 2019 visibility strategies in 2023—in spite of the fact that the landscape of visibility and how we want to do visibility has profoundly shifted.

You don’t want visibility if it means:

  • constant hustle, 
  • having to be on a hamster wheel of content creation or,
  • hiding out because you feel so overwhelmed you don’t know what to post.

You don’t want the kind of visibility strategy that involves large, complicated, expensive launches that burn you or your team out.

You don’t want visibility that OWNS you.

You want epic visibility while ALSO having:

  • an amazing, rich, and spacious life.
  • six and multiple six-figure launches without having to face-plant afterward.

You want to get out of the cycle of constant launching and hustling to generate more revenue.

You want to stop being the sole generator of sales in your business and needing to do “all the marketing” things to keep up.

[visibility rewind]

When I saw our visibility landscape changing back in 2021, I decided to SHUT DOWN our most popular visibility offer ever—this very challenge. And I spent a year and a half going on a deep journey into the heart of visibility. I wanted to re-examine my relationship with visibility and see what’s actually working now by experimenting on myself. Then I used what I learned to help my clients get INCREDIBLE results.

I came back in April of this year to deliver my findings in the Epic Visibility Challenge and y’all were BLOWN away. Participants generated over $1 million in additional revenue combined just as a result of participating in the challenge.

Now we’re back six months later because this year has been hugely transformative and the landscape of visibility CONTINUES to evolve.

We’ve been experimenting and testing new visibility strategies behind the scenes this entire summer and have discovered some incredible NEW strategies that work NOW. We’ve updated the challenge and have poured all of our new discoveries and findings into it just so that you can finish out this year with a BANG!

After helping over 70,000 people to attract, receive, and experience their most epic visibility opportunities, I can say without equivocation: visibility does NOT have to be draining or overwhelming.

If you feel like you live to serve your business, something is deeply wrong.

In 2023, what’s working are deconstructed, ultra-efficient, and customized visibility strategies that leverage YOUR greatest strengths and unique talents so stepping into EPIC visibility is SUSTAINABLE and expansive.

Using the same, tired, 2019 visibility strategies is costing you opportunities to be more visible as the visionary of your brand. It’s costing you clients, more revenue and faster, aligned growth.

Most importantly? It costs the world because not enough people know who you are and how amazing your work is. You’re so busy and overwhelmed, you’re too tired to be as visible as you know you need to be.

Right now, you want visibility opportunities like this:

  • Have a $200,000 sales day without launching anything.
  • Signing a high-ticket client without having to schedule a single sales call.
  • Booking epic speaking opportunities while luxuriating on vacation.
  • Doubling your business revenue while taking an entire month off to be with your family.
  • Tripling your business revenue with a 70% profit margin with zero burnout and getting massages every week.

⬆️ All of these are actual results I’ve helped clients achieve.

BUT INSTEAD YOU (see how many of these you can “check off” in your mind)

  • Are resisting more visibility because you don’t want to experience the visibility meltdowns you’ve seen other people go through—publicly.
  • Think of all the visibility strategies you have tried that were full of complicated technology, overwhelming for your team, or just plain exhausting.
  • Actively seek strategies aligned with the life you want—but all you find are approaches that don’t feel good and aren’t a good fit for your brand.
  • Feel like there’s a “ceiling” on your visibility no matter how much marketing content you create.


That disconnect exists for a reason: you don’t know how to expand your visibility without sacrificing your life.

You CAN become the person who peacefully experiences the level of visibility you really want.


I spent all of 2022, on a deep, personal journey into the heart of visibility. I wanted to reexamine my relationship with visibility so I could understand how visibility has evolved in the last few years. I left no stone unturned and am now reporting back with my findings to let you know what’s working NOW.

Experiencing epic visibility is an intentional pursuit. While there are many things you can do, you really only have to do one thing. YOUR thing.

You need to understand … there are six epic visibility levers available to your business today. But, pulling all six is a rookie move—what you want to do is activate the ONE that’s unique and bespoke to you, that will unlock your epic visibility.

The idea here is: minimal effort for maximum returns.  

That’s exactly what we’re going to cover in the all-new, fully updated Epic Visibility Challenge…


Lisa is a powerhouse catalyst for change-makers and leaders. When you know deep inside that you’re meant for greatness, getting Lisa in your corner will be one of the most powerful choices you ever make.


Former CEO of TreeSisters and Eyes Wide Open Life


Working with Lisa has been more than I imagined it would be. Right from the start, I was able to use Lisa’s coaching to gain more confidence and see myself as a high-level CEO. Working with Lisa allowed me to address issues with my sense of self-worth and expand my capacity in those areas.

As a result, this led to my securing contracts that gained back my investment in less than 2 months, more than doubling my prices and getting clients to pay it and to successfully look at and start to address my issues around my self-worthiness. Lisa is a no-nonsense loving force who is gifted at getting to the soul’s work of leadership. I look forward to every call.


Conflict Resolution Strategist, Author, Speaker, Coach




What’s actually working now (so you can stop using tired, outdated visibility strategies that wear you out).


The six levers that unlock maximum visibility returns with minimal effort (so you can create the peaceful and sustainable growth you need).


Walk away with the one, unique-to-you, visibility lever you can activate within the next 30 days to upgrade your entire visibility paradigm (so you can feel confident THIS is the strategy that will actually work for you).

Want to have epic visibility
knocking on your door in 2023?

Then, the time is NOW.

During the #EpicVisibilityChallenge you’ll also learn:

  • The EXACT visibility capacity you need to successfully launch your high-ticket offer, hit record sales numbers, and scale to reach more people (because there’s a way to be perceived so sales happen with ease)
  • Why your visibility and marketing don’t have to own you in order for you to shatter sales records month-after-month
  • The visibility capacity you need to expand your brand and experience high-profile publicity (without inviting burnout, overwhelm or a constant hustle aka a visibility hangover)
  • How to invite “soft life” results without checking out completely (and inadvertently sabotaging business growth) OR sacrificing family time.

Do ALL the marketing tactics and strategies and end up frustrated, resentful, and burned out …

Feeling like you can’t take a day off without losing revenue and potential client interest …


Have a $200,000 sales day WITHOUT putting yourself and your team through yet “another complicated launch”?

Booking speaking engagements and new clients while luxuriating on vacation?

Do ALL the marketing tactics and strategies and end up frustrated, resentful, and burned out …

Feeling like you can’t take a day off without losing revenue and potential client interest …

OR circle

Have a $200,000 sales day WITHOUT putting yourself and your team through yet “another complicated launch”?

Booking speaking engagements and new clients while luxuriating on vacation?


Working with Lisa is a game-changer for your business and your life.

I’ve been working in the self-improvement/personal development world for some time, yet I’d begun to feel stalled out and stuck. Working with Lisa opened up areas of my business and personal thought processes that have allowed me to dramatically increase my earnings in a very short time as well as renew flagging self-confidence.

Lisa challenges you in a loving manner while exposing outworn and outdated modes of thinking that aren’t serving you anymore. This sounds simple and Lisa makes it easy to expand your capacity. That’s what makes the changes you’ll make not only possible but inevitable.


Therapist & Founder of The Guardian’s Gift


This has been the most powerful work I have ever invested in. There are so many specific teachings that have guided me to new insights both in my own life and ideas that I have already used with clients. It has helped me to be bolder, trust myself and move faster than before (and not only in my business). Lisa's support was spot on, there for both good counsel and accountability. Thank you!


Coach, Entrepreneur


Ready to start experiencing epic visibility opportunities
instead of just thinking and talking about them?

Then, grab your ticket to

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The visibility you want doesn’t have to cost you. You just think it does. It’s not some magical thing only “certain” people get to have. There’s no magic. You just have to learn which ONE unique-to-you visibility lever to activate. That’s it.

And, that’s precisely what I’m going to show you in the Epic Visibility Challenge.


Lisa will rock your world! Lisa makes taking your life and work to the next level pleasurable and authentic. She’ll lovingly push you out of your comfort zone and help you create a business you actually love.

I made more than 6 times my investment (yes you read that right—6 times) within a matter of weeks of joining the program, so the program paid for itself!


I was feeling stuck in my life and business and unsure what direction I wanted to go in. I had been health coaching in a successful business, but it no longer felt aligned. I felt stuck in every moment which took me away from being present with my husband and kids.

After working with Lisa I have stepped into my power with my own mother, communicating more effectively to my hubby, new levels of honesty with myself and my biz partner and have new levels of creativity as I stopped looking to others as the guides. I have now started a new business, which quickly climbed to multiple six figures.



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Before I started working with Lisa, I was full of great ideas but wasn’t getting anything done. The work with Lisa helped me move forward more quickly in a few weeks than the many months I had spent trying to do it on my own. I finally got clarity on my core purpose, my unique business offerings and how to brand myself authentically.

I now feel more empowered, capable and confident than ever before. The doubts that held me back from moving forward with my business for years were shattered. Regardless of where you are on your path working with Lisa is a crazy-awesome value and packed with content that will serve you forever. I can't recommend it enough.




Before I started working with Lisa, I was feeling my soul´s call to step out and follow my deep heart desires but at the same time I was stuck and very confused thinking that maybe I was making all of it up. I knew I needed to dedicate deeper studies to looking at anything within me that may have been blocking me on fully following my life´s purpose.

I have noticed many breakthroughs and significant changes within my life. I feel more empowered than ever right now. I began setting healthy boundaries, taking care of myself first, speaking my truth and prioritizing my needs. This has brought so many blessings in my personal life!

I´m so grateful that I made the decision to join the program, overcoming any fears before registering. Thank you so much!


Health & Wellness coach


What I love about working with Lisa is that she's 100% present.  I don't get that out of other programs or masterminds that I've been in. I love that.  I feel like I'm leaving with a solid action plan.  I have a lot of tools to take back home with me and I feel like that's really going to set me up with a solid foundation to build on.

I feel like the tools that I've learned here and that I'm taking back with me to implement will help me to walk my talk and take better care of myself.  That way, I have more to give to the people around me.


Website Designer, Entrepreneur


Before working with Lisa,  I spent my days avoiding making decisions in my business and putting things off. Now I have more clarity and structure. I've defined my priorities and envisioned the end goals. With a more agile and creative mindset, I can figure out how to get things done. Bad days still happen, but now I bounce back quickly and keep things flowing.