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You’ve seen this before: The guy leaning on the sports car, in front of a mansion, telling you he discovered the “secret 10 step system” that made him a millionaire and that you can too! Or the womxn standing on a beach, with a margarita in one hand and the big floppy hat. Saying the same words every single person says in these ads: “if you had told me I’d be living this life today, making all of this money I would have laughed!”

Then there’s the dude billed as a “marketing innovator” at the event I attended last year, who showed the audience his ad that made him “$700,000 in two weeks”. It wasn’t “innovative”. It was the same exact, tired ad I described above. When the video ended, he gave us all a link to use his “exact script” and just “plug in our own words”.

I fully expected to see a ton of people raising their eyebrows at this. Instead, so many people hailed it as “genius”. Then they spent the afternoon rehearsing their “scripts” outside in the lobby of the hotel conference room. And every single person sounded exactly the same. There was nothing showcasing who they really were, instead it was just a sea of robots saying the same words, with a few things changed here and there. I cringed as I imagined the sea of unoriginal, copy-cat ads people were about to get hit with in the next week after the event.

Doesn’t it feel sometimes like everyone with a message is starting to sound the same?  

And do you feel sick to your stomach thinking that the only way to get yourself to the next level of visibility and impact is to have to do that same, eyebrow-raising, eye-roll-inducing kind of marketing? They seem to be doing well, right? So maybe that’s what I have to do? So then, you either hold back your visibility because you don’t want to do that weird, inauthentic stuff. Or you do what the “gurus” tell you to do, and it doesn’t work in the way they promised.

Listen, most of those guys rented that mansion and car for the day and in reality are living in their mothers’ basements. The womxn selling you her perfect, instagram-curated, passive-income-lifestyle doesn’t know who she really is anymore, wants to quit her business because she’s hiding so many aspects of herself it makes her miserable, and she can’t pay her staff that month. This old way of getting more visibility is built upon posturing, illusions, and lack of authenticity and originality. I can guarantee you those businesses and messages won’t be around for long.

Truth is that we have a serious visibility capacity crisis on our hands.

That’s the only reason we fall for these “gurus” telling us “how to be visible” using their same, tired template.

Now, you’ve heard me talk about visibility capacity before. It’s the ability to let yourself be FULLY SEEN in all that you do. And that means ALL OF YOU. Because in actuality, when you hide integral parts of you that make you unique and you act like everyone else, you’re thwarting the very things that have the potential to catapult you to the next level of impact and wealth.

When you don’t have visibility capacity, you end up buying the guru templates and strategies to increase your visibility. You may get a ton of media and attention. But that doesn’t mean that you can handle it. Doesn’t mean that it’s the RIGHT kind of attention. And it doesn’t mean that you aren’t twisting yourself like a pretzel to be what you think others want you to be, instead of just being yourself. (Cue the girl with the perfect Instagram feed & millionaire system, shutting her account down and doing that proverbial “confession time” post about her “fake lifestyle” that she couldn’t “hide behind anymore”). You might also get a deluge of the WRONG clients, that are drama queens, difficult, don’t value investing in your services and just want free stuff, and who are not actually aligned with you at all.  

OR, you simply curtail your visibility. Because you refuse to do that sh$t. You simply will not prey upon other people’s insecurities to get your message out there, or promise 10 step systems when you know it takes way more than a 10 step system to create the transformation you help facilitate in others. And you physically can’t say those same tired words the gurus keep telling you will make you millions without throwing up a little bit in your mouth.

If you find yourself resonating with anything I just said, you have a visibility capacity issue. Truth is, letting yourself be fully seen, down to your root — the true, authentic you IS the best way to market yourself. It IS the path to impacting millions with your life-changing work.

You can get lots of attention for your work, become really visible, and get publicity opportunities that help you expand your reach even MORE WITHOUT doing things that make you not sleep well at night.   

The key is that you need BOTH to expand your visibility capacity AND to learn authentic, non-slimy strategies to increase your visibility so that you can impact and make millions.

So here’s the deal, this month, we’re diving deep into YOUR visibility capacity. AND along with all of the visibility capacity expansion you’ll be exploring with me, I’m also bringing in my dear friend, Selena Soo, to be our guest mentor. Selena has been a sought-after publicist and coach for years who has worked with some of the biggest influencers and impactors in the world. Her clients regularly get featured in Forbes, Huffington Post, on TV, and in huge online publications. Just a few months ago, she was connecting me to someone over in Oprah’s camp.

Throughout the entire month, Selena and I will walk you through how to expand your visibility and IMPACT MILLIONS (not hundreds) with your message, I’ll work on the capacity piece, and she’ll talk with you about the strategy piece.  

There’s literally no other place where you get both the inner and outer work of increasing your visibility so you can stop being the best kept secret and start generating the abundance and impact that you were put here to make.

Tomorrow, Selena and I are doing a Facebook live, right here, where we will kick off visibility month.

I’m going to interview her and we’ll answer all your questions about how to get more publicity and visibility for your work, in a feel-good way. No, you don’t need to rent a mansion and a sports car.

Head over to my Facebook page over here tomorrow at 5pm Pacific, 8pm Eastern.

And get ready to dive deep into increasing your visibility. Because if you’re here, I know there is no one that deserves to have that kind of visibility than you. And I want you to “win” in a sea of cookie cutter same sounding robots. Because there is no one like you, there never will be, and you actually care. You were put here to impact millions.

See you there!

In love & capacity,








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