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Feast or Famine: How Your Fears Around Thought Leadership Are Blocking Your Abundance (and What to Do About It)

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Dearest Sister,

If youíre reading this, I know that youíve probably always felt a profound inner calling.

In fact, let's be totally honest:
Youíve always known in your bones youíre destined to create a meaningful impact
on your world, using your unique gifts.

You can probably feel that you are standing at the edge of something big
and youíre excited to jump off the ledge into the next level of your thought leadership
and you are ready for high-level support as you leap more deeply into your lifeís mission.

But you might be feeling discouraged, frustrated even.

Because youíre not yet living this life youíve envisioned for so long.

Or, maybe you have already built something solid, have clarity on your mission
and have reached a level of success where you know youíre ready to leap into something huge - and you know you need support to get there.

Either way, you know you are meant to be an influential thought leader
and youíre ready to step into it -- now.

You want to see your full creative self expressed in your business.
And you want your message to land, and stick, so you can both inspire and stand out.

You can feel that this next level of your leadership means coming out in a bigger way.
It means being more visible and speaking your truth more courageously.

And in moments when you can feel the incredible scope of your lifeís mission,
it can feel so large that you doubt if itís possible to live up to your desires.

And so, you see yourself:

  • sabotaging your best efforts almost daily
  • burdened by beliefs that keep you playing small
  • feeling fearful of stepping into the next level of your leadership
  • feeling alone in your mission, wishing there were people who understood you

All this prevents you from earning the kind of money you always dreamed of making
and robs you of the power to create the exact business and life you want.

Letís face it, even though you might deeply crave your next level of success, it might secretly feel scary to you at the same time.

And so, when you think about finally being all of you in your business,
youíre exhilarated for a brief moment, but come crashing down because
you just donít see HOW youíll ever get there.

And you wonder if people will ever want to pay you for what you are truly longing
to offer the world. (Have you ever said to yourself, ďWho will ever want to pay me to do THAT?Ē)

If this sounds like you, I want to let you know that I have been
exactly where you are right now...

When I first started my business, I nearly burned out three times
and almost shut down my business for good.

Nobody was showing me that there was a better way to live in my purpose while making the money and impact that I had always wanted to make since I was a little girl.

There were tons of business courses and programs teaching me how to build a business, but no one was showing me how to overcome all of the self-limiting beliefs, fears and negative thoughts that kept me from IMPLEMENTING that advice or taking action.

Luckily, at my rock bottom, I found my solution.

And in 6 months I went from stuck, broke & overworked to a confident, influential leader with a multi-six figure business.

Since then I have worked with over 3,000 women and helped them do the same.

And frankly, I am tired of seeing amazing, brilliant women just like you, undercutting their power and self-sabotaging their lifeís mission due to fear, anxiety and limiting beliefs.

So Iíve decided to host a FREE teleseminar on Saturday, January 18th at 12pm EST.

This teleseminar will be a revolutionary event, there is no one out there today speaking about leadership and success in this way, in fact I will be teaching you the very things I wish I knew when I first stared out in my purpose-driven business.

The most crucial things you need to know to step into your purpose as the powerful thought leader you were meant to be.

In this one-night-only free teleseminar, you will learn:

  • how I went from struggling entrepreneur to traveling all over the world with a multi-six figure biz
  • the three most important things you need to know if youíre going to make it as an entrepreneur
  • how to push past fear and limiting beliefs that keep you playing small
  • the #1 thing that most entrepreneurs are missing that is sabotaging their success

Iím teaching this class for one night only.

And to reward you for being truly committed to showing up for yourself and the planet with your unique gifts, I am giving away my Fearless Feminine Leadershipô Tool Kit (worth $97.00) for FREE, but only to those who will be on the call LIVE.

So join me on Saturday, January 18th at 12pm EST
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