Thanks for your interest in featuring me in your online event!

I’m honored that you thought of me, that you enjoy my work and want to feature it to your audience.

Due to my schedule being extremely tight serving clients and speaking at paid events, we tend to be very selective about what opportunities I can say yes to.

Please take a moment to review our company values, guidelines and parameters that are in place, in order to see if we’d be a good fit for each other.

I LOVE SAYING YES TO (if my schedule permits):

1. Interviews and podcasts (audio/video/written) – LOVE chatting with people about all things!

2. Select telesummits

3. Q & A’s for your group online

4. Paid, in-person speaking engagements for your mastermind or group

5. Promoting your event I am speaking at via one post on Facebook if our schedule permits

5. Providing a free gift of your choosing as a giveaway


1. Send out a solo email to my list about the interview/event. We only do this with a few select partners per year and those are usually booked a year in advance.

2. Accept any invites that ask us for list size. Asking us for list size will make us an automatic no to your request (because that’s like asking to see my underwear. And we don’t do “transactional only” business relationships.).

3. Participate in any online and in person events that do not display diversity (gender, race, body, age and more) in the speaker line up. It’s the 21st century — there is no excuse for a lack of diversity in your line-up anymore.

4. Create special content for free interviews. Please come up with the questions you want to ask me on your own.

5. Create any other freebies than the ones we already offer for your audience

6. Become an affiliate of any program that I have not personally vetted myself (but we are happy to check it out and see if it’s a fit).

7. Hop on a call with you to discuss the requirements of your telesummit or event — you can speak to my team at about the details of your event.

8. Pay to be a part of your event (unless you’re Oprah).

9. Participate in telesummits or online events that appropriate traditions or cultures without giving credit to the original creators of these traditions and rituals.

10. Participate in events that lack heart and show little care for the people that are being exposed to the content, or that promise outlandish, get-rich-quick advice just to close sales. I prefer events with soul that actually serve transformation in people.

If these policies line up with the spirit and heart of your event, we look forward to hearing from you.

With love,

Lisa Fabrega