Feeling Stuck? Here’s The Simple Solution.


lisa fabrega

The other day I was talking to one of my Mastermind clients
and the conversation went a little like this:


Me: “Tell me what’s going on, love. Why are you stuck?”

Client: “I know what I’m supposed to be doing, I have the plan,
we worked on it and it’s all laid out, I know what I need
to do to get it into place and get this thing out there,
but I’m NOT DOING IT!!!
What is wrong with me??!! I feel so STUCK! Grrr!!!”

I smiled with deep compassion (because I have SO been there),
took a deep breath and launched into coaching her.

Within two weeks of our 40 minute call she had:

  • Put up all the new offerings we created on her webpage
  • Consistently released one blog post a week to her tribe
  • Created a whole new bangin’ optin and webpage

She did all of this after spending 3 years being unclear and
waffling back and forth, feeling stuck, unclear and in resistance.

Pretty badass huh?

Most everyone I work with, including some pretty influential
people, has struggled with the same thing as they are
stepping into their leadership and building their businesses.

And with this one simple little tool I teach them that takes
2 seconds to implement, they turn years of procrastination,
stalling, stuck-ness and fear into powerful, impactful action.

Want to know that simple little tool that creates powerful
results in my clients’ businesses (and lives)?

I made you a free audio where I teach you this simple tool.


And when you’re done….

I’d love to hear from you in the comments on the blog
how do you deal with stuck-ness?