I’m hosting a free, live Seer call next week!


lisa fabrega

A few months ago, I “came out” with the fact that I am a Seer.

It got a HUGE response and to this date, that blog post and the
few Seer Transmission videos I did on the blog, remain some of the
most popular blog posts of all time!

For those of you who missed that blog post and are wondering
“what the heck is that?”, let me explain…

My entire life I have been blessed with the ability to “see”.

I remember being a kid and observing adults talking to each other
and seeing that there was so much more happening behind their
words that they themselves were not even aware of.

I remember getting random images in my brain or deep hunches
about people.

When I was in high school, my girl friends would bring me pictures of
the guys they were interested in and with one look I would tell them all
about that guy and whether or not they were a good match for them.

I don’t call what I do “psychic”, it’s so much more than that.

Being a Seer is not about being psychic, it’s not about being right or
wrong or proving your abilities.

What being a Seer is all about is SEEING.

It’s where you get to be fully SEEN.

It’s what my clients have come to me for, for years.

“Lisa, you just have this laser vision that cuts through all the BS
that is clouding my mind and you immediately find the source of
the issue. In 5 minutes, you’ve solved a problem or given me an
insight that took me months to figure out on my own”

That’s a common thing I hear from my clients.

My clients in the Rise Mastermind got my full on Seer in the program
last year, during our group calls and on the private forum.

As a result, many of them had huge breakthroughs in their businesses,
things like:

  • Finally getting clarity on WHAT her business was about
  • Getting the perfectly guided marketing copy for her website
  • Being invited into incredibly exclusive, high level work with big clients
  • Going from $5,000 a month in revenue to $11,000 a month
  • Doing a complete re-brand and launching in the six figures in the first month
  • going from 500,000 to 1 million dollars in revenue in one year
  • Going from 3 clients to 22 in 3 months

When you work with me, not only do you get my years of experience of
running a successful, multi-six figure business…

You also get my powerful seeing abilities to make sure you don’t make the wrong
decisions in your business, and that you make the soul-aligned decisions that will
bring you the most income, ease and impact.

And I do it quickly, so that it’s easy for you to just get on with your great work and
not be toiling away for months and months, still stuck.

In the Rise Mastermind you get my expert seeing for 6 whole months.

And now I want to offer you a “taste” of what it feels like to be coached by
a master coach and Seer as you step into your next level of your business.

So I’ve decided to, for the first time EVER, host a live, Seer call!

I’ll start out the call with a Seer Transmission for the entire group, to talk
about what’s going on for the collective right now in our businesses and
what we most need to focus on right now…

and then I will pick a few people on the call live, to get on-the-spot 5 minute
Seer sessions, where I will incorporate my intuition, my Seeing and my laser
coaching abilities to help you bust through whatever is keeping you from your
desired income and impact.

But you have to come to the call LIVE to get the chance to get your
question answered live in a mini-seer session.

I’ll also answer any questions about the Rise Mastermind during the call as well!

I am so excited for this! This is the first time I have ever done this and the first
time I offered Seer insights on Facebook, the post went viral and we had more
than 245 comments and tons of beautiful messages saying what a big breakthrough
the insights I provided for each person provided.

Now I’m looking forward to doing that with you LIVE on this brand new event!

Sign up here for the Free Live Seer Call with me.

I’m keeping spots for this one limited, because I get a bit tired if I do too
many people at once. 🙂

Can’t wait to see you there!