From $10k to $50k, from confused to soul-aligned (Geralyn’s story)


lisa fabrega

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“Something isn’t right, Lisa,” she said to me over the phone.

This was one of the first things that Geralyn said to me when we hopped on the phone to talk about booking a VIP day. She had been working HARD in her new essential oils business in MLM. And she felt like her results should have been way bigger given how burned out she was starting to feel from all that work.

As a badass and natural born leader, she’d managed to make income from her business of course, but the way she was doing it was not sustainable. She was on the brink of giving up, questioning her decision to do this in the first place.  

Four months after our VIP day she:

  • Hit gold level in her MLM business (this takes people a year to do and she did it in only 4 months).
  • Hit Diamond level less than a year later ($50k per month earnings and up).
  • Had a 300 person team working under her to spread the mission of joy & positivity.
  • Offered her signature coaching program that we created in her VIP day together and surpassed her sign up goal EVERY SINGLE MONTH.
  • Was effortlessly energetically attracting clients and opportunities that were motivated ambitious people she wanted to be around all the time.
  • Had become a powerful leader to her team and was inspiring them into leadership, too.

Watch Geralyn’s powerful, 1:30 minute video below!

Today, I am opening up 2 NEW spots for VIP Days with me.

I haven’t been able to “officially” offer these for a year due to serving our already packed roster of clients.  So, I’m excited to finally be able to offer two new spots for summer/fall of 2018.

What the VIP day includes:

  • Four hours of 1:1 coaching.
  • Two, 30 minute follow up calls of added support for 60 days after your VIP day.
  • A profound shift facilitated by a high performance coach (me) who has worked with industry leaders for the last 8 years and knows how to hold space for successful, powerful badasses.

What we can work on in your VIP Day (these include things I’ve worked on with other leaders like you):

  • Clarity on your next level, messaging and what feels aligned for your next level of legacy.
  • Releasing fears about stepping into the next level of your leadership.
  • Energetic shifts needed for you to show up more potently as a leader.
  • Simplifying your program offerings, yet making them more potent and streamlined so you can make more money and free up half the time in your calendar.
  • Better boundary setting with clients, team and loved ones.
  • Creating your own new unique program or mastermind, including helping you write the copy for your sales page and emails and strategies I know work to fill them.
  • Helping you name your own new brand (or shifted brand).
  • Shifting from a successful business into a new one successfully or shifting your brand into something that feels more aligned (without freaking out about it).
  • Your own speech for World Domination summit (we can explore what story best reflects your own unique essence as a leader and do internal energetic work so you show up energetically POTENT for your keynote).
  • Energetic and strategic shifts to charge high ticket prices ($25k and up).
  • Clearing fears, diving deep internally, healing blind spots after a big public snafu (or before you commit one), so that you can show up as an aware and awake leader that impacts the world around you positively.

As you can see, this is high end, 1:1 coaching, so you can customize your day to work through whatever you want. You’re a leader — so you know already what you want to discuss or have some idea about it. (If you feel soul-called and want me to help you get some clarity on what is the THING you need help with, you can apply below and we can chat about that on our discovery call).

I have a unique way of working with high performers — this is nothing like anything you’ve done before. We do internal work and energetic work, the work is intuitive and no VIP day is like any other (and I’m also practical and we weave in some strategy as well).

Successful leaders need support, too. They need someone who can hold the space for them (in ways most cannot) and to challenge them to step confidently into their next level.  

And as a busy leader, I know you also sometimes only have time for one powerful day and get to implementing all you learned, instead of doing a 10 month long program.

That’s why I’ve created space in my calendar for ONLY TWO VIP days this summer/fall.

Want to chat more to see if it’s a good fit? You can apply right here.  

Once I receive your application, we’ll reach out to set up a quick, no-pressure chat to get clear on how I can support you. I’ll ask you some great questions that will bring you a ton of clarity and then we can discuss what it would look like to work together in YOUR customized VIP day.

P.S: please note that these VIP days are not for people who are completely new to online business. You need to go learn the basics first and get clients. This is for leaders who already have businesses and want to invest in the kind of results you get with a high performance coach <3

P.P.S: If you’re busy and can’t fill out an app right in this moment, but want to make sure you inquire before these sell out, just email and say “I want to talk about this VIP day” and we’ll take it from there.  

With love,