Getting Over The Fear Of Speaking Your Truth


lisa fabrega

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I’ve got a yummy gift for you in today’s post 🙂

I’ve been listening to the Unmistakable Creative Podcast
since last year and have heard Srinivas Rao (the creator)
interview some of today’s greatest thought leaders of our

I always dreamed I’d be on the show…

I knew deep down that we’d have a great interview and that
what we created together would deeply serve his audience
and you all too.

On Monday, it happened.

Srini emailed me to tell me that the show has been getting
a massive response and created many fans of the content…

and I’ve been getting emails from listeners telling me what
a transformation this interview caused for them in relation to
stepping more powerfully into their leadership & moving forward
with their business.

I’ve been dying to share it with you as I think you are going
to get so much value out of it.

Here’s some of what we covered in the interview:

  • What happens when we ignore our creativity
  • The problem with doing work that doesn’t align with your values
  • Dealing with and overcoming the fear of speaking your truth
  • How to remove the imprint of your past to mold a strong future
  • Finding hope through creativity when life is challenging
  • The importance of trust & devotion in your business
  • Why massive growth experiences are rarely blissful
  • The role that self-care plays in your ability to heal the world
  • Learning to separate rejection from your identity as a creator

I also covered the #1 quality that I think we need to learn to embody
if we are going to be powerful leaders that change the world.

Click on the image below to listen to and download the podcast.

And I’d absolutely LOVE it if you let us know how
it resonated with you in the comments below!

ps: make sure you subscribe to the Unmistakable Creative
podcast. It’s seriously one of the only podcasts I listen to.