Her wild journey of the soul [interview]


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Her wild journey of the soul [interview]

Her wild journey of the soul [interview]

Want to hear a super inspiring, wild and totally raw & honest story of what it REALLY looks like to be totally soul-driven in your business and life? You’ll want to hear Carolina’s story.
I interviewed her on video a few months ago and it was incredible.

Here are a few of the points we cover:

  • The personal breakdown & subsequent awakening that led her to connect with her soul and create her uber-successful business, Kreativ Insikt (one of the top coaching businesses in Sweden).
  • The big red flags that let Carolina know when she is out of alignment with her soul path.
  • How to feel the fear that comes up when following your soul & do it anyway.
  • The crazy story of the big event she had to cancel when she realized her soul didn’t feel aligned with it anymore and how it turned into one of her most popular teaching moments for her tribe.
  • How following her soul has helped her add 6,000 new people to her mailing list in a few months.
  • How to expand in your power and visibility without letting your ego sabotage it.
  • The “miracle” that came out of following her soul this year (don’t want to miss this twist!).

Ready to get inspired? Set aside 20 minutes and check the video out below. It will be time WELL spent.


What was your favorite part of Carolina’s interview? I’d love to know what resonated with you the most in the comments below.