hi :-) I made you something :-D


lisa fabrega

You know how sometimes your Soul just tells you
to do something and your mind is like “??!!!???”.

Yeah, that’s what happened to me last month when
I heard my Soul say–”spend the month of August living
in the middle of nowhere, immersed in nature.”

Well, I’m now in my third week of this experiment,
and even though I have had freezing cold showers,
power outages that require me to sleep in the pitch black,
no working washer and dryer, a couple of screaming fits
over a huge-ass beetle flying into my hair and
no grocery store within miles…

I have to say it’s been absolutely amazing and it has
inspired me to create so much content for you.

I’m practically busting at the seams with good stuff for you.
And I’m so excited to deliver it to you that I have to practically
force myself to not just give it all to you right now!

But finally I can tell you about ONE thing 🙂

While I was here, the sights were so beautiful,
I got the inspiration to do a whole bunch of videos…

and I wanted to show you the first one!

And I have a very special invitation for you that I lay out
in the video (and you won’t believe what’s behind me
in the video, holy mama–just click on through to see!)

Eeeee!! I’m so excited for you to see it 🙂

Go ahead and click here to see something jaw dropping.