How a spider that looks like a Ritz cracker taught me the power of trust


lisa fabrega


It all started one morning, when I was walking past my two favorite palm trees, on my way to meditate in my garden.


There was a massive orange… thing… just hanging out there in between the palm tree trunks, in the middle of one of the biggest, most intricate spider webs I had ever seen.

I don’t have a spider phobia and I really avoid killing spiders — to me they are harbingers of good luck. But she was so big! I was nervous.

Was she poisonous? Dangerous?

I looked her up on the internet.

She is an orange orb weaver spider.
She isn’t harmful, don’t worry.
She is actually a delightful being, who, as Google said, keeps our garden free of mosquitoes and pests.

I’d never seen a spider like that before, even though I grew up in a country of Jurassic Park sized insects (Panama).

So I became really curious about her. Visiting her every morning on my way to the meditation couch.

Learning about her and watching her, she has taught me a lot.

Orb weavers weave a brand new web every single night.  

This is true. I read about it and didn’t quite believe it; so I’ve been checking.
Every morning I wake up to find a brand new, intricate web in my garden in between the two palm trees. Her creations are beautiful, well thought out works of art.

It reminds me that we can create our hearts desire every day if we so choose. We are the weavers of what we want.

Orb weavers also don’t hunt their prey, they wait for it to trap itself.  

Instead of expending energy running all around trying to capture her dinner, she goes off to the side of her newly-built, invisible web or somewhere else nearby to rest during the day. The beautiful web she builds does the work for her, catching her food. When the web has done its job, she eats her dinner.

This reminds me that we spend so much time hustling and chasing, when maybe what we need to do is sit back, trust, and allow.  

We can work and hustle to set up the systems needed to draw in what we desire. But at a certain point, we need to let go and trust that the foundations have been set, and now it’s time for magic and trust to do her thing.

Orb Weaver webs are adaptable and change every day.

Every morning when I check out her new web, I notice in awe how different each one is.
Sometimes she builds it higher based on whether it’s windy or not, to ensure the web is not going to get blown away.
At times she builds it in the sunniest spot, when it’s cold outside.

Each web slightly different to suit her needs.

How often do we stay rigid, thinking that something HAS to look and be a certain way to get what we want? What if we were like the Orb Weaver spider and flexed and adapted to allow for our desires to come true in a variety of ways and possibilities?

Nature is incredible and animals/insects/plants show up as totems all the time to teach us.
Are you paying attention and listening?

Thank you Orb Weaver; your body delightfully looks like a ritz cracker, you are a bright, sunny color and you remind me what it is to be a true Queen who lays her plans and trusts that all will come to her at the right time.


With fierce love,