how I made $60,000 in 30 minutes


lisa fabrega


A few months ago, I was sitting in front of a room of women, teaching.
All eyes were on me.

I took a deep breath, opened my mouth to share what
was in my heart and mind…

and within 30 minutes I had made $60,000.00 

The first thing someone asks me when I tell them this,
is “whoa! what the hell kind of sales pitch did you do?
What sales method did you use?!”.

The truth is, I didn’t really do a “sales pitch”.
And I didn’t use any of the traditional methods out there.
In fact what I did, didn’t feel like selling at all.

I did all the things you’re NOT supposed to do during
a “sales pitch”.  I didn’t have forms to pass out so I could
push people into signing up right away.  I didn’t have a white
board and a laser pointer to make myself look more official.

In fact, I was super vulnerable in front of the women and I
even cried a little bit.

Most “sales experts” would say that was the
biggest mistake ever.

But clearly, what I did worked (and has worked consistently).

And I didn’t feel terrified, weird, creepy, smarmy, sales-y or
snake-oil-salesman-y in the process.

What it felt like was opening up my heart and delivering an
absolutely delicious invitation
to join me on a journey that
I am so deeply grateful to be on and share with others.

How’s that for a sales pitch?

Would you like to know how to make 60K
without ever feeling smarmy or sales-y again?

Would you like to learn specifically how to deliver delicious invitations
to people to work with you vs. “closing a sale”.

Read on…

Now I know that lots of people will tell you the same thing I just
told you: “Just share from the heart”.

That’s true, but that’s incredibly vague and to be honest,
I used to get kind of frustrated when people would say that 
to me because, honestly, what does “sharing from the heart”
mean?  That means different things to different people and 
the practical business side of me would kind of roll my eyes
at that idea and think “yeah right”.

And I’ve seen people “share from the heart” totally disastrously
and then wonder why no one signed up for what they offered.

There’s a specific way to do it that makes your “sharing from
the heart” effective.   Most people who will tell you to just “share
from the heart” will not teach you the exact steps and method
of sharing from the heart that will help you successfully invite
people into working with you.

Now, I can’t go into that entire process here today, because
it’s an entire module  that I teach in my latest program IMPACT,
and we don’t
 have that kind of time here today.  
(otherwise you’ll be reading a 20 page newsletter)

But I will give you the most important tip you need to know,
that helped me go from totally terrified of inviting people to work
with me… to sitting in front of a room of women feeling happy, calm
and excited to share my invitation into a five figure program,
successfully I might add.  Because all except one signed up.

So here’s my secret,
and it’s totally counter-intuitive…

You have to start looking at your money story.

We all have a set of beliefs and stories around money.
And very often that’s what I find is the biggest thing that blocks
people from charging what they are worth, asking for money for their
services and inviting people into their offerings.

It’s what makes us terrified of even asking people for money for our
services in the first place.   It’s what makes us feel like asking for money
for aiding in people’s transformations is somehow smarmy and gross.

But as you know–you can’t build a business or create the life that you want
if you’re afraid of charging for your services.

The biggest beliefs I find after having worked with over 3,000 women
(tell me if you relate to any of these…) are:

1. I’m unworthy

I used to have a client who would purposely not respond to people who
were dying to work with her, because she was so scared of being “judged”
for charging money for her services.  She didn’t understand her own worth
and didn’t fully get the power of her work with women.

So she was terrified to get to the end of the sales conversation with a potential
client because it meant she’d have to have the money conversation with them.

Her “solution” was to avoid setting up consults with potential clients/customers,
but as you know, that’s no way to build a business.

One of the biggest blockages people I work with have is that they are afraid
of charging the prices
 they know deep down they should be charging because
they’re afraid they might not be “good enough” at
 what they do.

What if someone pays you all that money and you can’t deliver?
What if they discover that you “secretly suck”? 

(This is also known as the “I’m a fraud” complex.  I’ve totally had that one in the past).

Until you start owning your worth, you will always undercharge.

And as a result, because you don’t own your worth or your value, your clients
or customers will not value you
.  You will attract difficult customers that try
to haggle with you over every dime, customers that will always want discounts,
customers that won’t show up, will be late all the time, will complain no matter
how much of your time and heart you give them…

Because they don’t value you or your work.
(Because you don’t value it or think you’re worth it)

Do you see how important it is to eliminate this belief now?

2.  The more money I make, the harder I have to work

I also used to suffer from this one. 

The way I’ve seen this belief pop up is when a woman I’m working with
tells me “but how can I charge money for something that is so fun and
so easy for me to do?  It feels like I’m getting away with murder”

Many of us have heard people in our lives say to us “you have to work
hard for your money”.
 Heck, I just heard my own mother say that
to me a few weeks ago–“money doesn’t grow on trees, you have to
work hard for it”.

Now I’m not saying you sit back and eat grapes while gorgeous men
fan you
and the money just comes rolling in.  (though that would be
nice wouldn’t it?)

And I’m not saying that you should charge high prices for crappy work.
(that would be totally out of integrity and if there’s one thing I know about
you is that integrity is something you value highly, that’s just what peeps
in my community are like, which I love.)

But think about it–if you believe that money requires hard work, then it
follows that you also believe that the more money you want to make
the harder you will have to work.

So why would you ever be motivated to expand your business, get your
services out there and share your purpose with the world
while living
abundantly, if it just means you’ll have to work insanely hard the more
you charge for your life-changing services/offerings?

Time to get rid of this belief, darling.

If you are doing the right things, then actually, the higher up you climb
on your ladder to success, the more you should be able to cut your work hours
in half, delegate things to people and enjoy your life while making more
and more money every day.

ps: these “right things” you need to do to cut your work hours in half while still
making money and helping more people, I teach in my program IMPACT.

3.  It’s wrong to charge money for helping people 

This is one that is HUGE.  In fact, it probably should be #1 on this list.

When we are involved in helping heal the world, we can have a little
bit of a “holier than thou” attitude about money.

I’ve totally felt myself go there at times too.  I’ll admit it.

We think it’s “not spiritual” to talk about money and making more of it.

We have these ideas that the more spiritual you are, the more you should
be like an ascetic monk on the top of a hill.

That shunning money is somehow “more evolved”.

We have a part of us that turns it’s nose up at people who talk about how to
make more money while we secretly inside are dying of jealousy and envy
and wishing that we could have the life that they are leading because they DO
make money.

You know how you know you have this belief deeply ingrained?
If you see me or someone else talking about making more money and you
bristle a little bit, think I’ve “sold out” by talking about this stuff or feel like it’s
“creepy” to even talk about this stuff.

That, my friend, is money shame at it’s finest.

So if you’re like me and spirituality and authenticity are a huge part of your
life or happen to be a core value, do you think that you’re going to be
able to make a living doing what you love with this belief that it’s not “spiritual”
or “evolved” to want to make more money, lingering around?


As long as you think that talking about money or wanting more money is
“not enlightened” then you will self-sabotage every step of the way when
you are building your business or passion project.

Because why would you ever want to make money if it means you somehow
suddenly become less authentic and less evolved as a person?

It’s time to release the shame around making money.

Making more money means you have what you need to help MORE people.
Think of the incredible things you could do with more money.

  • Pay off your parent’s mortgage that they’ve been struggling to pay for years.
  • Donate a large amount of money to a charity you’ve always wanted to help.
  • Build a school for underprivileged kids.
  • Finally have the time to write that book that will change the world.

Stressing out about money takes up A LOT of energy and mental space.

How creative do you think you will be if you’re stressing about money?
How “of service” can you be to the world anyway if you’re worrying about how to pay
the next bill from one month to the next?

The answer is, not very.

The biggest thing that contributed to the expansion of my business,
that contributed to me being able to make more money than I ever dreamed of,
own my worth, charge the prices I knew I was worthy of and live my purpose
was getting rid of these negative, limiting beliefs that made up my money story.

One of the most important things that helped me sit in that room
with those women, share from my heart and sell them a five figure program
confidently, authentically and joyfully, was the re-patterning of my limiting
beliefs around money.

The second was developing the one-of-a-kind authentic, heart-centered
sales technique
that I use now to invite people into working with me
(and that I teach my clients, who also go on to have great success with it).

In order to make more money living your purpose, you have to take a
two-pronged approach:

  • limiting beliefs detox around your money story
  • specific heart-centered tools and techniques that get people to happily say yes

When you have this combination, you can sell your services in a way
that feels authentic and in alignment with your truth.

Wouldn’t it be great if a “sales conversation” felt more like a fun chat?

Wouldn’t it be amazing if potential clients left a consult with you feeling like you
were a powerful coach who had just helped them have a huge shift?

Wouldn’t it be incredible to have NO ONE balk at your prices and gladly pay
whatever you charge for your services
because of how much they value you
and how excited they are to work with you?

It’s all possible.
I’ve done it.
My clients have done it.

All you have to do is start with YOU and the things holding you back from doing that.

I’m teaching all of that and even more in my latest program IMPACT.

From now until Sunday at 6pm EST, you can take $100 off the program.

Come on over, sign up now and heal your money story.
And then get ready to make more money and impact than ever before.
Get ready to build the life you’ve always wanted.

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With love and devotion,
Lisa Fabrega
Where women become powerful leaders