How living her purpose took her from $0 to a five-figure month


lisa fabrega

Genavieve Shingle

The other day I was sitting on my balcony, having a hot chocolate
and feeling so damn grateful.


Well because that day I had gotten updates from all of my clients
and they were all doing absolutely unbelievable things.
I was blown away.

In one day I heard:

  • One client was published in the New York Times, had
    a five-figure month and is being interviewed all over the place!
  • Another client got a huge contract with a spa owned by one of
    the biggest celebrities in the world, for her spa consulting
    services that we had been diligently working towards for a year.
    She told me she went into the meeting feeling fully confident
    and ready to ask for top dollar because of the support she had
    received from the women in her Mastermind program with me.
  • Another had made $100,000 in her first year of business after we
    worked on helping her transition out of her job into her dream biz
    aligned with her soul.  She’s now becoming a quickly sought-after
    parenting expert in her industry.
  • Another client was published in Huffington Post and had just overcome
    major money fears to raise her prices for the first time in a while, and
    got several new clients at her new rate.  All because we released old
    money fears and got her aligned with her money stories.

I find these stories so inspiring.
They show ME what is possible and keep me going too.

So I wanted to share with you a little inspiration today with a client spotlight!

Read below to see how Gena went from$0 in a brand new biz to
several 5 figure months through our work together in my
RISE Virtual Mastermind program.

She is quickly rising in her industry as THE lawyer for entrepreneurs
thanks to the work we did.

Genavieve Shingle

Client Spotlight:  Genavieve Shingle, The Lawyer For Entrepreneurs
Program attended:  RISE Virtual Mastermind

On the crazy, fateful way she was led to this work…

“I came to Lisa because she came off as not only a  spiritual goddess
but also a total badass in business.  I wanted to learn from someone
that was not only connected to her feminine in her business but that also
knew how to get things done and get results (connected to her masculine too).

I wanted to learn to listen to my body and soul and give her what she
needed as I was growing my business.  I had never worked on this before
and I knew I would need a lot of support along the way as my business
began to expand.

I had been following Lisa for a few months and adored her posts.
I had already hired a business coach so I wasn’t in the market for another
coach.  But one day, Lisa posted about a Virtual Mastermind for women
and I was intrigued.

I felt this total calling.

And again, as someone who was just starting her spiritual/business
journey, I thought, “wow I should probably listen”.

So I posted something on Facebook that said something like:
“I feel this total calling to work with someone but I’m not necessarily
needing a coach, what should I do?”

Lisa commented – the first time she ever commented on my wall –

I was in.
It was like we were on the same wave length.”

On what was most helpful for her as she stepped into her power
in her biz and claimed her thought leader role…

“The laser coaching from Lisa was super impactful.  She is brilliant!
She walked me through step-by-step things that I should do with my
launch and I was super successful – she was such an amazing supporter
and cheerleader the whole time.

Lisa just has thing incredible presence about her that can be felt
even over the phone — that is a true gift.

There aren’t many scenarios in life and in business that Lisa hasn’t
been through; therefore, you don’t feel as though she can’t understand.
She truly does.
She feels what you feel as you are going through it.

She creates this unbelievably safe, beautiful and sacred space for you.
I have not encountered many people in my life who are as completely
present as she is when you need her.

It also surprised me how I felt really supported by and helpful to the
other women in the program with me.

I was never one who was a fan of group settings but I knew that I had
to let that go.

I met so many amazing people that I never would have been connected
to otherwise and again, it really created a loving and beautiful supportive

Where Gena is now in comparison to before she started
doing this work…

Since doing the work of aligning my business with my soul with Lisa,
I have had several 5 figure months.

I launched my first ever program and enrolled nearly 40 people!

I feel so much more empowered with my own talents and gifts.

Through the powerful work with Lisa it has been ingrained in me
that I am here to be a leader and to serve.

I’m finally able to build success upon this principle to step into
the woman I am meant to be for this world.”


Since Gena did the work of aligning her business with her soul
and learning how to become the most sought-after thought leader
in her industry, she’s built a personal brand with her business that
is 100% her.

And THAT is one of the things that makes a successful thought leader
with a loyal following of raving fans, tons of clients and that makes
a powerful, positive impact in the world.

She no longer has fears or limiting beliefs holding her back from
stepping into her power and greatness as a leader who is serving
the world.

Since I interviewed her, she ‘s received several invitations for
speaking engagements and even more press!

This is what happens when you learn how to align yourSELF
with your business and are able to remove the things that are
holding you back from stepping up into your next level of income
and impact.

This is how we step up and change the world.

If you’re ready to step up into your next level of impact with your
business and get aligned with what you were called here to do…

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