How Magic Got Me a Volcano


lisa fabrega

magic 3

magic 3

Last year I had one of the most magical, craziest things happen to me.

I ended up being the owner of a piece of land with–get this–3 waterfalls,
a canyon and a volcano right in front of it.  (!!! right?)

This was something I NEVER thought of myself as being–a landowner?
“No way”, I would have said.  “Maybe someday, but not right now”.

I’m telling you this because what I learned from this experience was THE secret
to manifesting anything you desire in your life.  And it’s something I teach
to my clients all the time.  Once they “get” it, their life and their business results
begin to soar.

What I love most about it is how simple it is, too.

So, while I was in Panama for a family wedding this weekend I drove out to that
very magical land that I now am the proud owner of and I made you a video to
teach you my secret sauce ingredient…AND in the video I share with you a
sneak peek of my property so you can see it for yourself!

In this video I teach you the secret to manifesting what you desire AND I share
the crazy story of how I came to be “Lisa-the-volcano-land-owner” in an unexpected,
magical way.

(On a side note…can you believe that on the wedding weekend, my uncles
drank ALL the champagne in the entire town and then paid the hotel staff to go
to surrounding towns and buy more and finished ALL the champagne in the
surrounding towns too?  That’s what you get with a crazy, fun, latin american
family wedding in Panama!  It was a blast!)

Watch the video and then let me know what you think in the comments below
–I’m dying to hear what you think of my magical discovery to help you manifest
what you want!

With devotion to your mission,

Lisa Fabrega


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