How soul-alignment led to $5 million in revenue


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No, my subject line for today’s email is not meant to be a gimmicky marketing title or “hook” to get you to open.  It’s just the simple truth that I am so passionate about making sure you understand.  I’ll tell you why in just a few seconds if you keep reading below…

You know, there’s an old paradigm that says that people who want to serve & help others with their business and make that kind of an impact with their work, “shouldn’t” also be prosperous and make good money.  That it’s “out of alignment” to do that.

And there’s also this belief that people who have service-oriented hearts in their business, actually can’t make that much money and never will do as well as those who don’t inject soul into their business.

In fact the other day, I was on Facebook and caught a discussion on a well known entrepreneur’s wall, where a few people were making fun of “spiritual, soul-centered or heart-centered entrepreneurs”, saying that they never make any money or that calling yourself that is code for “broke and trying to make myself feel better”.

Well, I call BS on all of the above.

In fact, what I have been teaching my clients for the past 5 years is that being in alignment with your purpose is actually what will make your business not only MORE prosperous, but will ensure that your business is sustainable for the long term–meaning it will outlast all those other non-soul centered businesses.  

Because anything that is not aligned with your soul eventually becomes too painful to keep up and falls apart.  

And the other day, I was taking a look at my clients’ combined earnings and I found actual “proof” that both beliefs I mentioned above are total bs.

What was revealed as I looked at their results literally had tears of joy streaming down my face as I realized that last year, they made a combined $5 million in earnings in totally soul-aligned businesses.

To think of my clients earning great income while making a big difference in the world with their incredible work, brought me to happy tears.  Because I remember the times when they were about to give up, before they came to work with me.  And I remember the times I felt that way too.

One of the biggest ways I see us soul centered business owners sabotage our results is by believing in the two beliefs I mentioned above.
And there are a million other money, marketing & selling beliefs in there that hold us back from making the money and the positive impact we want to make.

I’m sharing this with you because Video 2 of the f.ree Impact Video Training series I created for you is up now, and it’s one that I know you need – because it’s something that I needed so badly.  It’s what all of my current clients continue to need.

(It’s also the most popular lesson in my 8-week Impact™ Program, which this video training series leads into, so I decided I just needed to just give you some of the juiciest stuff from that week’s training in the no-cost video training series).

So, here it is.

What are some of the words that come up when you think about SELLING your products and services?

I’ve heard these:

“Not me”

For a lot of us, “selling” or inviting people into work with us, for a fee, brings up fear and emotions that feel like the biggest risk we can take in our business.

We almost get frozen around it and then don’t “sell” our products or services at alI, or we do but it feels so awkward that we come across that way or we avoid it like the plague.  I understand, because I used to hate selling too.

Because the truth is, if you want to make an impact in the world and serve more people with your unique gifts, selling your products and services is a requirement. 

You will need money to invest in things in your business that allow you to help more people and If you don’t have clients or customers, you’re just dabbling in a hobby. 

Furthermore, how are you supposed to create the life you dream of, without making any money at all?

See, what I know is, you’re not doing this for a hobby, it’s just the limiting money beliefs and the fear of “selling” that’s keeping you from offering your great work & improving your financial results in your business.

But what if I taught you a way to not have to sell anymore?  Instead, what if what you got to do was INSPIRE your clients into a whole-hearted YES to you, your products and/or your services?

Notice I said the word INSPIRE (instead of “sell”).  

What if inviting someone to work with you no longer felt scary or like you want to run away from it, or like you might come across as sleazy, pushy or inauthentic?

What if sales conversations with clients felt like easy, effortless, fun chats with friends?

This right here, is the essence of what I call Fearless Selling™.  Which, by the way, is what  Video 2 of the free Impact Video Training Series is all about.

In that video I teach you the same techniques that my clients learn and start to see selling as the highest level of service you can possibly give to the people waiting for you (your paying clients)…

Don’t miss out – because this is our second to last video in the series, and we want you to get access to all of it.  Video 2 may make all the difference in your business results, but if you’re not taking advantage of this no-cost training, I can’t help you help yourself!

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I’m ready to inspire my potential clients into a yes, Lisa!

With profound devotion,
Lisa Fabrega

P.S.  I have a client that used to actually lose her voice right when she would have to sell her products…and using the very same techniques I teach you in Video 2, she got past her “fear laryngitis”.  This is worth the entire time you’ve already invested in the training so far.  Join us now and comment & share on social media (don’t forget to tage me @LisaFabrega and hashtag #impactprogram and #lisafabrega so we can keep track of your shares!) to qualify for the one full ride scholarship I’m awarding to the “top sharer & participant” in my upcoming Impact Program.