How to be more powerful

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If I were to ask you what power is, what would you say? I asked this at one of my retreats recently and it was fascinating to see how negatively and fearfully we view power. Yet at the same time how much we want it.

But what if I were to tell you that what you’ve been taught power is, is actually not what power is at all. And what if I were to tell you that you don’t actually have to “step into power”?

If you’ve ever felt like you wish you had more power to change the world, create what you desire, be the person you want to be and more… then you’ll want to listen to today’s audio.

It’s a 6 minute snippet from a private coaching retreat I led for some 1:1 clients and you can listen in below.

After you listen today, I’d love to hear from you below — what is ONE thing you’re going to do to go within today, so that you can step more into your own power?

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