How to become your future self, now

Last week we talked about how we are going through a collective “death” energy right now. If you’ve felt stuck, unable to make important decisions for your next year, or plain indecisive, this is why.  

In last week’s audio blog I gave you tools for how to overcome, and explained why it is so crucial to overcome, the tricky ways our ego is trying to keep us from “dying” so we can be reborn into greater leadership and impact.

This week I want to gift you one of my favorite meditations that I recorded a few years ago.  

It’s important, if we want to become our future self, to behave like the future self, now. 

(Because technically, your future self is already in you, and she is simply the fully unleashed you.)

This is the quickest way to manifest what you want, and create the impact and next level you feel called to.

But sometimes, we can feel lost as to who that future self even is.  

Enter the Future Self Meditation.

My gift to you this week.

Just click below to download it and listen.  

Get Your Free Future Self Meditation Here

Then make sure to let me know in the comments how it went!  

Even if you’ve done it before, do it again, because you’ll be surprised over how much has changed since you did it!



With love,







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