How to get help from your spirit guides (in three steps).


lisa fabrega



Imagine having access to a sacred council of guides, angels and ancestors every time you sit down to create something: a vision, a new program for your business, a new life plan, an important email to someone. Imagine what it would be like if, instead of having to rack your brain figuring out the “right move” you could just tap into your soul, hear divine guidance and know what to do next. Wouldn’t that be amazing?

As a lifetime avid reader, I always used to read about my favorite artists & creators receiving “divine inspiration”. I felt a longing for that. I wanted more of that in my business and in my life. So, many years ago, I began to practice more seriously what I had been naturally doing since I was a child — connecting with my spiritual helpers.

One of the highlights of that experience was in 2016, when I heard my soul tell me to go off most technology for 2 weeks, because it was time for me to create a new offering. I was hesitant to do it, but I listened. And what transpired in those 2 weeks was one of the most mind-blowing experiences of my life.

I had been working with Archangel Michael as one of my guides for a while by that point and he showed up during those 2 weeks I took off very strongly. In fact, I had to put a notebook and pen in bed with me because the downloads were so plentiful and so frequent, I was waking up in the middle of the night writing furiously into my notebook, with ideas he and a few other archangels were sending my way. I was receiving information from my soul and from the archangels & guides I like to work with.

The whole experience was so easeful, so enjoyable and so fun. It wasn’t anything like other times I’d tried to come up with a plan or create something and racked my brain trying to figure out the “best thing” that would resonate with the people in my tribe.

And then, when the program launched, we had double the expected enrollment numbers.

Once the program itself began, I was floored. I could see the evidence of divine guidance in the creation of this program everywhere. For example, on weeks where a participant wouldn’t even do the homework, she would still have a massive breakthrough related directly to the module we were working on at that time. People who had already done spiritual work and personal development for years were having massive breakthroughs in this program.

I felt like I had to work 30 times less hard because not only was I leading this program, but it felt very much like there was a sacred council leading the program too, doing invisible soul work on the participants beyond what I did, supporting me in making sure the participants had the outcomes they needed.

This program, as you may already know, is our 7 Soul Gates program. And in this program we talk a lot about what it looks like to become soul-driven vs. ego-driven. Part of being soul-driven is understanding that we have an entire invisible world ready to help and support us in living our calling and making the impact we want to make in the world.

A soul-driven leader learns to lean upon these helpers and work with them vs. working alone.
It makes everything so much easier.

Wouldn’t that be nice?

Yes, except we carry a lot of shame around getting help in the first place, from anyone.
And we carry even more shame by just plainly saying that we do things like ask our spiritual guides for help. We use language like oh that’s so “woo” because we’re trying not to get dismissed as “crazy” for believing in divine inspiration in the first place. .

I’ll never forget how, once, when I was interviewed by an entrepreneur for his business podcast, and the conversation turned spiritual, he actually ended the interview by apologizing to his listeners that the conversation turned spiritual when talking about business. It was such a sign to me of that internalized shame for daring to be a spiritual being in a world that is all ego.

In the 7 Soul Gates program, we spend a lot of time in the first week of the program de-programming all of those beliefs that shame us for having a direct connection to the divine.

Because the truth is that we are actually MEANT to connect to the divine realms for inspiration and direction on living out our soul’s calling on this planet. We have a gate at the top of our head, also known as the 7th chakra, which connects us to the spiritual realm. We all have it.

While I don’t have time to get into how to fully detox and open up this gate (that’s reserved for the program), I wanted to write a little bit today about how you can start to connect with your own angels and guides a little more.

Because it’s not supposed to be so hard, love. You have angels, guides and ancestors on standby waiting to help you out. And your soul is waiting to show you the blueprint and plan for living your calling.

So here are three simple suggestions for how you can begin to connect with your spirit guides, starting today.

1) Examine what you learned about your natural intuitive gifts as a child

In the 7 Soul Gates program we do some incredible exercises to help you find the core beliefs you formed around your natural ability to connect to divine inspiration. Often when we feel like we “aren’t intuitive” or “can’t hear our guides” it’s because we have old beliefs from society, our culture or even the religion we grew up in that shames our ability to connect to divine wisdom and receive that kind of inspiration.

In order to even begin to connect with your guides, you’ve got to clear out what subconscious beliefs and fears are blocking you from doing so in the first place. So start by asking yourself, “what am I afraid will happen if I actually let myself get divine inspiration and guidance?”

2) Understand that you can’t force your soul or your guides to work on your timeline/in your language

I see people make this mistake all the time. They have a very specific way they expect to receive answers from their guides, or they set up experiments to make their soul and their guides “prove” to them that they are legit. Except, have you ever noticed what happens if you sit a child down and tell them to paint in a way that proves their worthiness and legit-ness to you? That child will shut down. Too much pressure & judgment. And that is the way of the ego, which needs tangible proof in order to even believe in something.

The soul and the spiritual realm speak a totally different language than the ego, so you cannot expect it to respond always in your ego-based language and perspective. The ego is all about intellect. The soul and our guides are about intelligence. They are two very different things. You can’t force your guides to speak to you when you summon them. It’s not about power dynamics or expecting things to arrive in your way.

It’s about dancing with your soul and your guides and asking them to reveal answers to you in whatever ways they desire to. It’s then YOUR job to notice the synchronicities that begin to pop up. Because they are communicating, but we usually are the ones who don’t see what they are trying to tell us or just block it.

On the day I moved from Florida to Santa Barbara, I was feeling terrified of this big leap. I asked my guides to show me a sign that it would be okay. An hour later, while I was waiting for my flight to board at the airport lounge, a guide dog came and sat right by my feet. I could have dismissed this or not even noticed it. But I have now trained myself to notice the little synchronicities that pop up. When I glanced at his name tag, the dog’s name was “Angel”. Yup, got my sign!

Let go, stop trying to force it or control your guides. Be open to receive guidance in unexpected ways. Look for synchronicities. Ask for answers in your dreams or in words from a random stranger. Or in a song the next time you turn on a radio. Or in the animals that show up on your hike as totems. Then pay attention.

3) Give yourself lots of space 

In combination with what I wrote above, if you don’t actually make time and space to hear your soul and your guides speaking to you, how do you expect to even hear them?

As I mentioned before, your soul and your guides do not speak to you in the language and the pace of your ego. They don’t speak when you’re busy, running around or just bombarding your brain with more information. They require lots of space so that you can empty out your brain, quiet it and hear what is beyond the noise of your mind chatter.

In the 7 Soul Gates program we have a specific exercise I have the participants try called Sitting Practice.

Start by taking 10 minutes every day to just SIT. Put your hand on your
heart and your belly (or womb or yoni, whatever works for you) and just breathe. Sit. Don’t meditate. Just be aware of your mind chatter. Exhale the mind chatter out with every breath. Empty out. And then just sit with the emptiness. That’s it.

You’d be amazed what my clients report coming up in this space of emptiness. Entire solutions for year long problems have popped up, entire programs, life plans and more.

Give yourself space. The soul and your spirit guides speak clearest and loudest when we give them a space to feel safe to speak.

Practice these 3 things this week and you’ll notice you feel something in you opening up. Synchronicities will become more obvious. Ideas will rush in.

Above all, remember, you’re not supposed to do this alone. A soul-driven life & work is about understanding we’re here to enjoy our lives, not to work for hours alone with no support. Let your unseen helpers lighten some of your burden and inspire you. We create our best work when we are supported, nourished and in pleasure.


Did you try this? How did it go? Would you like to see more articles like this? I’d love to know in the comments below. Your comments are always appreciated and let us know we’re on the right track and providing you with the content you love and need.