I can finally tell you!

A few months ago my dear friend, Selena Soo, asked me to do something special. I’ve been dying to tell you about it, but had to wait until it was announced first! Today is the day I get to tell you all about it! 

If you’ve been in my community for at least a year, you might remember Selena is one of the mentors I bring in for our yearly “Visibility Month”. (And if you’re new here, welcome!) She’s an expert at showing you how to get more publicity for what you do, in an aligned way. 

There are few people I trust enough to bring to you as a mentor for a full month every year, but Selena is someone I always bring! I’ve been referring clients to her for years and they’re always thrilled with the results they get when their visibility increases. 

(She was also the person who helped me score an article on Forbes.com this year which has amassed over 33,000 views so far and brought a lot of new people into my sphere. That’s just what happens when you’re in Selena’s sphere.)

Selena and I have chatted a lot over the years about the ways our work complements each other. Selena teaches the strategy of getting more publicity and visibility. And I teach you to have the CAPACITY to handle all that visibility, so you can make the positive impact in the world you want to. Our virtual Visibility Capacity retreats always sell out, because without capacity for visibility your strategies just won’t work as well as they could.

So, when she asked me a few months ago to be a speaker at her NEW LIVE virtual event, Impacting Millions Live, I was immediately a full-hearted YES!

I’m so excited to be speaking at this event. There are hundreds of people attending. I’ve been privy to the behind the scenes of this event. It’s going to be PHENOMENAL. 

Selena always PACKS her events with so much value. And there are some other industry leaders speaking at this event alongside me. Laura Belgray, John Lee Dumas and Ramit Sethi are just a few of them.

If you’ve been wanting:

  • MORE people to know about what you do, and you’re tired of being the best kept secret
  • to learn the strategy of publicity, promotions and partnerships (what Selena calls the 3 P’s for creating more visibility and impact)
  • to learn how to have the CAPACITY for that visibility.

Learn more about Impacting Millions Live here and come see me speak! 

I’ve crafted a POWERFUL talk about how to build the capacity to better promote, partner and get more publicity for your work, so you can impact millions. (Also, tickets to this event are affordable, AND you can attend from home, so there’s another two reasons why I’d love to see you there.)

Learn more and enroll right here.

Ps: I’m not an affiliate for this nor am I getting any sort of commission. I simply love to tell you about things I know will help you move the needle. With Selena’s strategy plus my capacity work, you are FULLY supported at this event and I couldn’t be more excited about it!

Pps: if you want to read the article featuring me on Forbes (it’s all about increasing your Visibility Capacity), head over here to read it.

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