I never thought I’d bring this back, but then this happened…


lisa fabrega



First, I want to say I am so, so humbled and in awe of the incredible response we had to last week’s newsletter, 9 Lessons From A Year Of Epic Failure.

Y’all shared the blog post more than 1100 times on Facebook alone and countless times through forwarding the email and through other mediums.  Our site actually crashed for an entire day on Thanksgiving day due to the massive amount of people that were visiting the site to read that post (and we had just upgraded to a higher traffic plan with our web host so imagine how many people that had to be!!).

I’ve been deeply touched by the comments and emails we’ve received, brought to tears over the sharing of your incredible journeys in 2015.  I am so truly grateful to have you as part of this soul tribe and to know you felt such resonance around the raw truths I shared.

We’ve also been getting a lot of very excited emails from you about something else 🙂

Because at the end of that post, I mentioned that I had come to a big realization about some of my offerings and that I had a BIG announcement to make in the next newsletter…which is this one.

You see, I’m bringing back something that I haven’t offered for two years.
It’s something I cut out of my business 2 years ago and thought I would never bring back.

Two years ago I got to the end of one of the most successful years of my business and realized I was totally burned out.  I examined some of my offerings and decided that I needed to cut out 1:1 coaching because I thought it no longer felt in alignment for me.

In the past two years I have privately coached a small handful of ambitious, soul centered women who wanted to do the internal, soul work you need to do if you want to make a big impact and hold space for a lot of people in your work.  

I truthfully only had around 3, 1:1 clients max at a time. I never advertised it anywhere and the way these very few coaching relationships even came to be was that the women I worked with reached out because they either had a strong feeling they needed to work with me or they had dreams/visions about it.  And crazily enough, very often I had had a dream/vision about them too.  I knew it was our souls guiding us to co-create together, so I never questioned it.

After the very trying and soul-opening journey I had this year, when it finally began to calm down in its intensity in September, I began to think about what truly felt aligned for me to offer next year.  As I do with my private clients in their sessions with me, I got very still and I asked my soul what She felt called to offer and make herself of service to.

I was really surprised by the answer.
But it was very clear.

I want to open up to 1:1 work again”, she said to me.  

As usual, my ego went “huh??!! I thought we weren’t doing that anymore?”.
But my soul opened up like a flower when I envisioned it.

You see, the very small handful of 1:1 clients I had been privately working with had gone through incredible transformation.  They were stepping into soul aligned leadership in their lives and businesses in ways they never had before.  They were seeing huge returns in their businesses after doing the soul alignment work, happier in their lives and finally able to hold a larger space for the impact they felt called to make in the world without feeling drained anymore.

I could see the powerful impact this work we were doing was having and now my soul was feeling called to open it up to a few more women who were aligned with that kind of work.

I could see so clearly how it would be offered, who the women I was offering it to would be.
I saw all of us sitting together in a circle, creating powerful, positive magic in the world.

And this was very different than other 1:1 work I had offered before.

It would be a journey deep into the soul, into the divine spark of who you are called to be.
An emergence into the powerful essence you’re here to radiate and make impact with in the world.

It would be a powerful, co-creative experience with deep levels of support (and a weekend retreat included!)… and because of the depth and powerful beauty of the work…
there would only be 10 spots available.

I say often, that when you’re aligned with your soul, clarity effortlessly flows to you and suddenly you know what your offerings should be, what your purpose is, what your message is and more.

My clients have often experienced this in VIP days with me or other 1:1 work.
And now it had happened to me, once again.

It feels really, really good.  Deeply aligned.  

And I have one more mind-blowing thing to tell you…

As soon as I got clear on it and privately messaged my team to start building the page for it…
two women reached out to me to tell me they didn’t know why but they just had a feeling they needed to reach out to me to work with me 1:1 next year…and did I still do that?

I wrote them back immediately (hello, signs of soul alignment anyone!!??) and after we spoke on the phone, they immediately signed up when I told them about this beautiful soul journey.

So actually, even though there are only 10 spots, 2 of them are already taken.
There are only 8 spots left now.

I’m so, so excited and proud to announce that after 2 years of being unavailable, long term 1:1 coaching with me is back! But in a whole new way.


0291 WWM banners

The image above says it all.

This is a powerful journey with in-depth 1:1 coaching, access to my private phone number so we can text like Soul Sisters in between our sessions, a weekend retreat included as a bonus and an all access pass to all of my digital programs.

You can click here (or the image above) to check it out.

But here’s one thing I know for sure: you will feel called to this experience.

So right now, I want you to close your eyes and…
beyond the butterflies
beyond the nerves of your ego
beyond the self-doubt and the fears that say “can I really step into the greatness I know I was here to embody and into the epic life & impact I was here to make?”

What does your soul say?
She (or he!) knows.  

And if you’re ready to be deeply connected to your soul, unleash your unique creativity, radiate your unique soul gifts in the world, live the epic, beautiful life you dream of and make a lasting impact in the world through powerful, soul aligned leadership…

I want to invite you to check out the page and apply.

This is a powerful journey and I want to make sure we are a good fit for each other before we enter this sacred container.  So, once you apply, we’ll get in touch with you and set up a short, no-pressure call between you and me to chat about your goals for 2016 and decide if it’s a fit.  

If you have already built something successful in the world, if you know that it’s time to take things to the next level…yes, THAT level that you dream of and fear all at once.  That level you are CALLED to.  Then I invite you to check it all out here.

The application deadline is December 16th.

Soul Alchemy™ starts in January and I want to make sure to honor my soul and take the last two weeks of December off after a hectic year, so I can only do phone calls about this until 12/20.  So we’ll need you to get your application before then, by the 12/16 deadline.

If you get anything from this today, let it be this:

Our alignment changes with the passing years and as we evolve.  Sometimes something that felt in alignment falls out of alignment and sometimes things that felt out of alignment come back into alignment with just a few tweaks to the vision.

That’s exactly what I’ve been doing with women I privately coached for the past 2 years and sometimes just a few tweaks (as we could do in Soul Alchemy) make a HUGE difference.  But sometimes we can’t see it and we feel stuck, even if we’ve built amazing things and achieved so much already, so we need to hire a guide with sharp vision and unconditional love who can help us see it.

That’s what Soul Alchemy™ is about (and more).  

I’m so looking forward to receiving your application, [First Name].

And I’m so excited to see the magic we’ll create together in 2016.
What an honor and a privilege it is to do this work with you.  

With love & devotion to your alignment,



ps:  Soul Alchemy™ is a 10 month 1:1 coaching experience, with a bonus retreat included.  If a 10 month coaching program isn’t for you right now, but you’d like to work with me 1:1 or in a retreat next year, check out other options to work with me in 2016 by clicking here.  I have limited spots for all of these options and they are all by application only.  So please do apply by December 16 for those as well, as they tend to sell out by January every year and I don’t want you to be disappointed if you wait and then can’t get a spot.   Plus I think you’ll just love how we’ve rebranded our offerings and how beautiful everything looks!  So check it out here.