I totally blew this


lisa fabrega



I’ll never forget how badly I blew my first sales conversation.

I had just been laid off from my job, had opened up my own business and
desperately needed the money to pay my rent.

I had FINALLY gotten someone to agree to sit down and talk with me about
my offerings. I prepared for hours, going over all the questions I had been
taught I “should” ask. Questions that would “close the sale”.

But when the potential client sat across from me, enthusiastic to talk with me,
I totally froze.

Ugh. I felt so WEIRD doing this. I wanted to hide.

First, it felt like I was in some sort of beggar position having to ask for money.

Second, I felt paranoid that she was going to think I was like one of those sleazy
salesmen that lure you into a conversation just to take your money.

And lastly, I was terrified of how she would react at the end of the conversation
when I told her how much the investment in my services was.

But even though I could automatically feel myself shrinking under the weight of
these paranoid thoughts, even though I felt suddenly like I was a burden and
taking this person’s precious time, I pushed ahead like I had been taught to do
and used all the “tactics” that I had been taught by all the books and programs
I had bought to teach me about sales.

To my horror, I watched as the potential client in front of me grew more and more

I watched her shrink under the weight of the manipulative questions full of fear
tactics that I had been taught to use to “close the sale”, and by the end of the
conversation, I was so embarrassed to ask for money, that I “blanked’ and
forgot to give her the prices to work with me.

But it didn’t matter, because it was so clear by the end of the conversation
that not only was she a “no” but also that she wanted to get as far away from
me as possible.

I remember I watched her walk out of the coffee shop where we met, I walked
into the bathroom, shut the door and cried my eyes out.

That had just felt AWFUL.

I had gotten into this business to truly serve people and all the things I had
been taught about how to “close the sale” felt totally out of alignment with
how I believed in behaving in the world.

The questions I was asking didn’t feel like me at all.
And I wondered “is this really what you have to do to make money?”

Well I refused to believe that.

Because in my heart I felt that serving people and having integrity always
won out in the end over money-chasing and pushy sales tactics.
I believed in people over profit–and that that equation actually would earn you
MORE money in the long run.

There HAD to be a way to turn the sales conversation into a powerful
transformational tool, that not only shows how amazing you are at what
you do, but that leaves the potential client feeling INSPIRED into a
whole-hearted YES, because they feel so deeply served by that sales session.

So I set out on a quest to find that “way” of doing a sales conversation.
I studied all of the best methods out there and began to add in my own methods
that were more heart-centered and in alignment with truly helping people.

And soon enough, I began closing over 75% of my sales conversations.
I was attracting AMAZING clients into my business that I LOVED.
My business revenue TRIPLED in a matter of just a few months and in the
next year and half, my business hit six figures, and then it hit multiple six figures.

Business owners from all around the world began to come to me to learn WHAT
it was that I was doing and I began to teach them my new sales method, and
then THEY started seeing INCREDIBLE results in their revenue.

In fact, using my modern, soul-centered sales method, my clients pulled
in a combined total of over $3 million dollars in revenue last year in soul-aligned
businesses without having to use any sleazy, out of integrity sales tactics.

It used to be that just a few years ago you could use these tactics on people
and they worked. But the world is different now–people don’t want to be put into
a fearful place, they don’t want to make decisions out of scarcity and manipulation.
They want to be inspired and they want TRUTH.

And there is a way to have an effortless, authentic sales conversation that
inspires the easy, whole-hearted yes in your potential client.

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