I’m Going to Be Blunt…


lisa fabrega

Lisa mar

I’m going to be blunt, [First Name],

Most masterminds are not worth your time or your money. 

But Visibility Vortex™ isn’t your typical $20,000 mastermind. In fact, it’s less than half the cost. On purpose. Because in every single way, I wanted this mastermind experience to be different. 

To offer you something NEW.

Our industries are shifting. You are shifting. The ways you want to scale visibility and profitability have changed. You want the big profits AND the ease. You want to do it your way. 

The aligned clients.

The spaciousness in your calendar.

The big, beautiful revenue just flowing in.

Easefully covering business expenses while having plenty left over to invest in other things that excite you (like buying a vacation home or taking a month off without any impact on your revenue.)

You’ve looked for solutions to make visibility that feels like this happen. But you haven’t resonated with most of what’s out there. The good news is…

That’s what I’ve been helping clients do very successfully for 14 years. And I’m finally pulling back the curtain and sharing the secret strategies and systems I’ve previously only shared with private clients who are at this critical threshold of growth, profit, and impact you find yourself in.

I’ve helped so many CEOs who were done equating a certain level of visibility with burnout and overwhelm. I’ve seen them do amazing things with my help, like…

… going from $200,000 in revenue to → $720,000 with over $500,000 in profit to boot. 

…from $90,000 with no time to spend with their families to →  $200,000 with sold out group programs and being able to take a full month of vacation off.

…charging $3000 per client to → charging $350,000 for ONE client and being able to take the rest of their year off to focus on healing grief without money worries.

But let’s be clear, it’s not JUST about the revenue numbers. It’s about what these changes have done to the quality of their lives. It’s also about how they got there. They didn’t have to do a bunch of launches they didn’t like, they didn’t have to take on less than ideal clients to generate the right revenue, and they didn’t have to be “on” 24/7 on social media and become a content machine.

It’s 2023, and I think I can safely speak for all of us here by saying…you’re so over that way of being. You started your business originally to make an impact, express your gifts and creativity, and create the lifestyle you wanted. You didn’t start your business to become its trapped employee that can never get away. 

So when I talk to you about the results my clients have gotten utilizing the Visibility Vortex framework, it’s not just about all the money they made. That’s great…but I care HOW you made that money, too. Because that’s the mark of true success.

It’s about getting the epic visibility you want AND never sacrificing your well-being as a CEO.

It’s about seeing yourself become the most powerful, grounded, and impactful leader possible.

It’s about having all the beautiful revenue you want, being a badass AND having a life.

I spent the last year working diligently with my team to put that tried-and-tested, advanced-level system for CEOs into Visibility Vortex™, our NEW intimate, high-level mentoring program. There are literally 14 years of research, tested methods, and data compilation behind this program. It’s not fluffy, empty promises of “easeful wealth” without actual strategies behind it that work. 

It’s designed for CEOs like you who want to:

  • Start thinking more about profit vs. only revenue
  • Hiring the A player team members you thought you “couldn’t afford”
  • Getting the visibility opportunities you thought were still five years away (they’re not!)
  • Simplifying, streamlining and tweaking your positioning, messaging, business model and offers to make sure your entire business becomes a vortex that allows you to show up consistently in your visibility and deliver excellent results to clients (without feeling like you’re always the bottleneck and the engine of the business.)

I want you to be able to take that month off if you want to…and still see money rolling in.

I want you to feel like you never have to micro-manage a team member that’s holding back the growth of your business ever again. 

To feel like you’ve built the most incredible relationships with colleagues, clients, and people who root for you, nourish you, and feed your mission, not envy or drain it.

To have the experience where you’re working with wonderful, aligned clients, getting paid really well to do your most aligned work ever, your visibility strategy feels energizing and fun, and you have time, space, and money to create the lifestyle you want. 

You don’t need to become a victim to more visibility and profitability in your business. You don’t need to feel stretched thin in every direction. You don’t need to feel like if you step away, everything will fall apart without you.  NONE of those things are required to move beyond the level of visibility at which you currently are.

And that’s why I put together this amazing brochure of Case Studies, where I tell you the incredible, inspiring stories of real CEOs who 2-5x’d their revenue, all while working half the time they did before and being able to spend more time IN their lives.

Let us help shape your business, its structures, offers, and team to unleash a vortex of energy, visibility, and profit.  

If you like what you read in the Case Studies document, simply reply to this email, and I will help you figure out if this is the right fit for you and send you the official full brochure to this new mentormind, where you can get all the details of the program, how it works, and even the entire outline of the program. 

Our current pre-sale pricing of up to $3200 off is expiring soon!