“I’m worried I’m next” & what to do about it


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My dearest fellow leader,

I was blown away to see the response so many of you had to last week’s blog post.  

The post was about how to not just survive but also LEAD in the chaos, pain, & distress we are experiencing right now. (So that we actually help, instead of get overwhelmed and give up).  

If you missed it, don’t. Read it.  

(I put the link at the bottom of this short letter to make it easier for you.)

In that blog post I wrote about how our world as we have known it is dying. The foundations of racism, misogyny, and the abuse that our world has been built on is being revealed.  

As the outdated structures of our world are dying before our eyes & we are being forced to look in the mirror and face our layers of unconsciousness… we’re wondering, where do we, as leaders, go from here?

How do we navigate this discomfort, pain, & awakening without becoming overwhelmed, checking out, or shutting down? Because God/dess knows, we CANNOT shut down.  

We can’t look away anymore. (Those of us who continue to do so are going to be incinerated in the fires of a world that is detoxing centuries of sh&t and aligning with true unconditional love. Blissful ignorance is not possible anymore. Just try it and see how the Universe knocks you on your ass, as it has to so many of us in the last few years.)

The leaders we’ve looked up to are going the way of the dinosaur, and many of you agreed that you’re seeing that many of them are just not qualified to lead us into this new age.  

You’ve looked (and been looking!) for coaches and thought leaders to guide you in this new age we are moving into and have come up short. Their views and perspectives feel outdated. So many of my successful leader clients tell me often, before they hire me, “I just haven’t felt that I can find anyone qualified to help me lead anymore!”  

When you get to a certain level of your development as a legacy leader, unfortunately, this happens. Because less people are walking the talk and doing the internal work that is necessary to truly hold space for more light in the world.

As I mentioned in that post, there are lots of people giving themselves the title of lightworker, but not actually BEING lightworkers. Calling themselves leaders, but staying silent in the face of so much suffering. (That is NOT a true leader.)

There is so much spiritual bypassing and gaslighting going on by self proclaimed priestesses and “leaders of the light,” it can feel hard these days to know who you can trust to truly guide you with values that line up with your own.

As some of the giants in personal development, spirituality, & leadership fail to adapt, and instead, stay defensive in their egos and protective bubbles, many of you do not want to do what they have done. So many of you have told me you WANT to be the kind of leader that doesn’t react in the way some of them have. Whose voice is contributing to liberation vs. subtle violence.

You want to be the kind of leader that uses her presence, influence, and legacy to build a new foundation for the world. One not built on outdated power dynamics, abuse, & suppression. But rather, liberation, love, inclusion, wholeness, & high personal integrity.

You want to be the kind of leader that is actually helping to liberate and awaken those who are just starting to wake up. You want to be the one speaking up in a way that doesn’t harm the marginalized, and TRULY making a positive impact in the world around you. For everyone. Not just a select few.

So what do you do?
Who do you look to?
How can you begin to show up as a new age leader as the giants of our personal development industry are choosing not to grow and going extinct?
How do you stay ahead of the curve and become a leader in the new age that is being born from the chaos?

Last week’s post addressed part of the answer to this question.

Like I said, read it. (Link is below.)

Now, I’ve decided to start a series of blog posts over the next few weeks that will walk you through what it looks like to lead consciously, powerfully, & prosperously in the new world that is being birthed from this chaos.  

This is seriously crucial for your survival as a leader in the next couple of years.   

A LOT is going to shift in the world at large in the next few years (it has already started), including the world of entrepreneurship. (Every psychic worth their salt right now will tell you that is coming up FYI.)

You are going to see many behemoths fall. What has worked in marketing and advertising will no longer work (it is already showing signs of not working). Being unconscious due to our privileges is not going to get you a free pass anymore. People are expecting you to show up differently as a leader, more than ever before.  

I know you can FEEL this truth in your bones. And being the conscious legacy leader that you are, you want to make sure you don’t go the way of the dinosaur, or cause unconscious harm as the old structures crash down.  

You want to stay on the leading edge of this massive change happening in our world.

I’ve got A LOT to say about this. So much.  

Because the way we become THAT kind of leader is what I have been teaching my clients in masterminds and 1:1 for the last 8 years.  

In this new series about how to lead in the “new world” that lies on the horizon of this darkness we are going to address some of these questions:   

What is the work we must actually prioritize right now to leave a legacy of powerful positive change in the world?  

What are the new requirements of leaders of this new age?  

How do we contribute to changing the world positively, even when the chaos and pain of the darkness being revealed threatens to shut us down, or feels like too much?

How can we find our own blindnesses that contribute to the old outdated patriarchal models of doing life and business? And how can we remove the veils from our eyes?

What are ways to build success and wealth that don’t feel icky and like benefitting off the pain of others?

How do we navigate our privileges, racism, misogyny, and the “cult of brokenness” that can unconsciously be built into our ways of viewing the world and leading?

I want to be clear, this is not always pretty, easy work.  

If you’re here to just “gather info” instead of actually digging deep, rolling up your sleeves, and going on this internal journey, then this won’t be the place for you.

This is a space for true leaders dedicated to making change in the world — and that requires taking risks, stretching yourself, looking in the mirror even when it’s painful, and SHOWING THE EFF UP for yourself, and your fellow humans, regardless of how “busy” you are.

This series is for those who are WILLING to have their eyes opened.

Who are WILLING to do the work because you are DEAD SERIOUS about being the kind of leader that actually “gets it” and leaves a legacy of positive change long after she is gone.

If that’s you, come back here next week for the first installment in this series.  

(Last week was an intro.)

Stars are born from chaos and implosions, my fellow leader of the light.  

Let’s navigate this chaos together so that we can create an entire new Universe and era born from these dark times. (And yes, that also means that you get to find ways of increasing your revenue, influence, and legacy in an ALIGNED way that doesn’t harm others, too.)

Until then, read last week’s blog post right here to make sure you’ve got the introduction to this series in your bones. It’s the foundation to the series.

I’ll see you next week for Part 1 of this new series on Legacy Level leadership.

With love,






PS: Do you have difficult leadership questions popping up for you during these times that no one can seem to answer for you, and want to make sure I address them? Pop them in the comments below. My team and I will gather the most popular q’s and address them in this series. And while I may not always have the answer myself, I can help ask the right questions so that you find the aligned answer for you.

I also want to be clear — this is not free coaching. You’ll be learning about what needs to shift. And having your eyes opened to what we need to be focusing on right now as leaders. That’s where it starts.

But to do the actual work of shifting YOURSELF, you’ll need to sign up for 1:1/deeper coaching with me. No free emotional labor up in these parts!