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I had an existing business, a loyal following, and had spent thousands on coaches & programs, but I still couldn’t seem to elevate my business to where I wanted to be. Just the first week alone in IMPACT shifted everything for me & my business. The first month in IMPACT, I made back three times what I had invested. I am now doing the work that was once only a part of my wildest dreams and being paid more than I have in the entire five years I have owned my business.

- Stacy De La Rosa,

IMPACT created the right attitude, which got me to a place of inspired action. Before this program I spent my days avoiding making decisions and putting things off. Since IMPACT, I'm actually taking action to create my biz. I have more clarity and structure. I've defined my priorities and envisioned the end goals. With a more agile and creative mindset, I can figure out how to get things done. Bad days still happen, but now I bounce back quickly and keep things flowing.

- Chantal Saba, Entrepreneur

When IMPACT launched, I knew I needed to be part of this program! Lisa has created a stellar program that guides you and challenges you delve deep to IMPACT true transformation. I've already made significant changes in myself and my business to catapult me to where I want to be. Best of all it's a win:win, as I have access to everything offered, and I'm going through the remaining modules at my own pace.

- Amy Levine, sex coach and founder of

Lisa Fabrega's Impact program will rock your world! Impact will lovingly push you out of your comfort zone and help you create a business you actually love. Inside Impact there are no gimmicks, just solid strategies that you can use over and over again. Other programs cost twice as much and don't have the level of community and support that Lisa provides. Finally, I made more than 6 times my investment (yes you read that right 6 times) within a matter of weeks of joining the program, so the program paid for itself and then some!

- Therese Cator, Entrepreneur,

The Impact Program was just what I needed. Short, direct and full of practical tips that you can implement immediately. The third module was mind-blowing and worth what I paid for the entire program. I am an entrepreneur-consultant opening my own firm and leaving a full time job. IMPACT gave me the strength to not panic the first months and enjoy the transition. Now, I celebrate all that is as a period when I sowed the intentions, network and goals to finally harvest clients and projects totally aligned with what I want to do. Thank you!!

- Iviett Serrano. Founder Projects with Purpose,

What a blessing to go through the IMPACT experience. The community support provided within the 8 weeks of this program was huge for me. I realized that I thrive MOST and stay on track with my goals when I have a community to turn to and wow, was this community engaging. Also, the tools Lisa provided us with for busting through fear-based beliefs was incredible. I am launching my first official online group program and no longer procrastinating with getting my video blog up and running. I am very excited about what's going to unfold in 2014 because of the tools I've received from IMPACT.

- Simone Turner, Entrepreneur,

About Lisa Fabrega,

Founder Of IMPACT

Lisa Fabrega has a simple philosophy—every time you hold back, self-sabotage, and keep yourself from stepping into the leadership you know you were born to embody, you are affecting the fate of the world, because you are removing a key player that assists in its evolution—YOU! Lisa has worked with almost 5,000 entrepreneurs helping them break through the obstacles that are holding them back. As a truth-telling coach, writer and an innovator in the realm of leadership, she has devoted her life to helping people get rid of fear, anxiety and self doubt so that they can make more money and make a powerful impact in the world. Enter your email address to receive Lisa's popular emails to get you into action unleashing your gifts in the world.