In defense of you. In defense of wonder.


lisa fabrega

**Today’s newsletter is a tad bit longer than usual,
but you definitely want to read this one all the way!
It contains crucial info you will need to set you up just right for 2014.

I am sitting here in Florida, overlooking the beautiful
Tampa bay as I write to you this afternoon.

There is a wistful chill in the air as I am contemplating 2013,
on this, the first day of 2014.

And I am thinking of you and how grateful I am
that you are part of my tribe.

Whether you are new to this community or you have been
with me for years and years, I am feeling so much love
and gratitude for you.

Truth is, I think of you often.

Many of you work with me in my Mastermind, in IMPACT
or in a VIP Intensive Day, others write in, in response to my
weekly newsletters.

What you all have in common is a deep calling to make a
lasting impact on this earth with your unique gifts. 

Your desires and dreams are beautiful.
You inspire me, daily.

And to be totally honest, when I think of you,
when I hear from you, I often feel like your companion
on the journey to unleashing your revolution upon the world.
(whatever your “revolution” may look like to you).

I would truly fight dragons and hellfire by your side
to get you there, because I am that passionate about you
living the life you desire.

It’s the reason I wake up in the morning and jump up
to my computer and get to work, sometimes during vacation,
sometimes on a bad day…
Rain or shine.
And it’s often the last thing I am thinking of before I fall asleep.

So I write this to you today, on the day before 2014,
because I want to open your eyes to a very simple yet
very important way to keep the flame of your calling alive,
even in the darkest of times and roughest of circumstances.

The path of becoming a fearless leader,
the path for those who have a profound
calling, to impact the world,
is not always easy.

So many roadblocks come up along the way,
the Universe challenges us to grow.

As we are called into impacting the lives of
more and more people, 
we are also called
upon to expand our own selves to hold more
space for the people we will be impacting with
our message. So personal challenges come
up often. (trust me, I am always learning and
re-learning on deeper and deeper levels, the
very things I write to you about).

When these challenges come up, we can feel
so disappointed and they can feel
insurmountable, that it can leave us
feeling defeated.

The worst thing I see…
is when I speak to someone about their purpose, their dreams
and their goals and they have adopted the defeat into their person.

As if it was just something that they have to accept.
As if they will live as one with this defeat and allow it to settle
like a cloud over their entire lives.

Integrating defeat into our energetic fields takes many forms:

  • signing up for something that you know is going to change
    your life, then dropping out last minute for a myriad of
    “reasonable” and “rational” excuses (I need to save up
    for ____, it makes more “sense” to focus on ____ instead).
  • just “accepting” that living a life where you are living your
    purpose and serving the world & making impact with your gifts
    is “just not for your in this lifetime.” You don’t have “what it takes.”
  • living your life in the “ok” and “comfortable” zone. And
    actually convincing yourself that it’s okay, you can go another
    year like this. (Let’s be honest, can you truly go on living
    half-asleep for a second longer?)
  • saying “I’ll do that next year” or “when I have more ____
    (more money, more time, etc…) I’ll be able to finally start.”
  • burying the little voice that keeps telling you to do something,
    deep inside until you almost don’t notice it anymore.

If you’ve done or said any of these things (or a variation of them),
you have become one with defeat, my friend.

And to be lovingly honest with you, no New Year’s resolutions
you make will matter
, no amount of screwing up your courage
and promising things to yourself will matter, until you cast off the
cloak of defeat and choose to do something different.

It is not easy to fend off defeat.
It’s very easy to give up and sink into a pile of defeat
when we’re fighting to move past the wall of fear that comes
up when we set out to ignite our revolutions in the world.

That’s why you need support.
It’s why you need a companion who will fight beside you
when the scary things pop up along the path. When
the sirens appear convincing you to crumble and give up.

Because that’s the point where most people give up
and turn back around. Because they don’t have support,
they don’t have someone to show them that that is just
an illusion and that right around the corner is the breakthrough.

Don’t be like most people — the people in this world who
are successful, who leave amazing legacies in this world with
their unique gifts, are the people who kept on going and
had tons of support.

Ask Gandhi, Oprah or Martin Luther King how they got to
where they got, and all of them will mention several people
who helped them see past the shadows along the path to
their purpose.

Going it alone is not going to work anymore, my love.
Trying to cast off the easy slumber of defeat by yourself,
won’t work — it’s too cunning and can trick you into submission easily.

If your calling is to do big things in the world,
then you need big support.

This year, make your resolutions actually mean something.

Choose to cast off the shadow of defeat and get the high level support
you need to make your vision a reality. The world needs it.

Apply for my Fearless Feminine Leader™ Mastermind.

It is the only way to work with me 1:1, long term, in 2014.
And it will change your life.

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Before I close out my last newsletter of the year,
I wanted to leave you with a poem I wrote just for you.


Poem for the New Year

This morning the prevailing topic
at breakfast is: there is nothing new
And I notice how my very cells
resist that.

Try telling that to the sky, I think,
or the wild blue wind. Each morning
there is something new,
my eyes confess to it.

Every second of the day
two hundred thousand leaves
on a tree are changing
to a different shade of green
under the pompous sun, flagrantly
flaring in patterns unfathomable
and unknown until this very

Try telling that to the heart,
every day discovering new

Everything is new.
And nothing is.
It’s your choice.

Will you finally
choose wonder?

© Lisa Fabrega


Have a wonderful year, and here’s to making 2014 the year
where you move differently.

With profound devotion to your calling,

Lisa Fabrega