Is it your soul? Or your ego? How to tell the difference.


lisa fabrega

is it your soul

is it your soul

So…your clients always get these amazing results.. are you, like, giving them strategies for their business? What exactly are we doing to do when we work together?
, she asked, somewhat confused, over the phone.

Sometimes I do, I said, because I built a successful business, so I know what things work and what things are just BS, but the work we are doing is much, much deeper than that. There is no specific template to follow in our work. We’re diving deep into your soul to find YOUR life blueprint, the one that is totally unique to YOU and no one else…which includes the blueprint for your business too. And we’re working on your internal landscape, because when you work on clearing out everything that is not you and work on the internal atmosphere in your body & soul, the results you want begin to manifest much faster in the outer world. And that is when you really step into leadership in the world.

There was a moment of silence as she took this all of this in.

Uh, okay…well I’m looking more for someone who is going to give me a step by step plan to follow that works, she said, a bit dismissively.

I took a deep breath, because this was not the first time I had heard this…

Ah, I see, I continued.
Well, the work we’re going to be doing here is much deeper than a one-size-fits-all template and is designed more to help you build a life and an expression of your great work (sometimes that’s in your own business) that makes a real impact in the world. One that will sustain you financially, emotionally & spiritually for years and years to come. Really doing and living your life’s work and being prosperous while doing what you love. Being paid to be your unique self.

She did not sign up to work with me that day.

She went on to find someone who would give her the blueprint she wanted. And two years later she came back to me to tell me she was burned out and had managed to make a little bit of money with that “proven blueprint” she was given but that she was unfulfilled, unhappy and felt like she wanted to do her great work in the world and wasn’t doing it. She couldn’t figure out why she wasn’t making the money she thought she would make with that blueprint.

We worked together for 10 months and by the end of it, she had met the love of her life, was pregnant expecting her first child, had a thriving business that was a true expression of her soul and she told me, I cannot believe I waited two years to do this work. That’s two years where I could have already been feeling the way I feel now.

Before you think this whole blog post is about me pitching myself, keep reading. Because there’s a distinction being made here that is crucial to your success, which I find a lot of people ignore, very much like the woman I am describing here (who gave me permission to share her story).

People ask me all the time, Lisa, how is it that your clients create such amazing results in their lives and businesses when you aren’t obsessing over strategy with them and instead you’re doing what seems to be this spiritual, internal alignment work with them?

It’s true. Just in the last few weeks in my Soul Alchemy 1:1 coaching program, I had one client book 45 strategy sessions after just one session together and another told me she needs help because she’s going to make so much money this year she doesn’t even know what to do with it all. And on non-tangible levels, I have clients who are creating the work they have always longed to create after years of being too afraid to do that, fearing it wouldn’t be received well. And I have women who have made a lot of money and worked very, very hard, finally be able to create the same amount of money working half the time they used to have to work to generate that amount of income. Having time now for creative pursuits and with their families, where there was none before.

These results don’t happen through the traditional methods that most use out there.
There is no specific blueprint or template to follow. I am a very different type of leadership coach.
I work on the level of the soul. The internal level.
Because your internal atmosphere, the level of depth of connection you have to your own soul’s guidance is directly related to the amount of success you create.

We live in a very old paradigm, overly masculine-driven business world where everything is results driven and very strategic. In that paradigm, which most visionaries will tell you is in the process of dying out, if someone can’t promise you $10,000 by the end of the week, or 5 clients in 2 weeks, then what is being offered is considered somehow not valuable or worth investing in.

Sure, you can make $10,000 in a week if you want with a system.
But how will you feel at the end of that week?

Do you possess the internal strength and alignment to keep generating that $10,000 in a way that feels deeply nourishing and good to your soul?

As bigger and bigger opportunities arise and that number triples, as your tribe grows to hundreds of thousands. will you have the emotional and spiritual wherewithal to stay grounded in your soul and handle it all? Will you be able to feel the projections, the haters, the lovers, the pedestal-creators and alchemize those projections into lessons to grow yourself spiritually without all of those projections affecting you emotionally? In a way that helps you build the epic, beautiful life you dream of?

Do you just want to make money?
Or are you called to infuse your soul into what you do and do the great work you came to this earth to do?

Most of the strategies I see creative, ambitious, changemakers apply to create success for themselves are ego-driven strategies and there is very little talk of “how does your soul want to do it? what does your gut tell you? what do you actually desire? what is in true alignment for you?”

There is very little guidance on that level.

And so, like my client I mentioned earlier, I find soul centered business owners tend to burn themselves out, create something successful that ends up not being totally fulfilling or they don’t get the results they want even after spending a lot of money on ego-driven strategies that were guaranteed to work.

My theory is this: your soul has a strategy.

And in my opinion that is the most important strategy. And it is a completely unique strategy that needs to be excavated, connected to and then suddenly…clarity comes and it rolls out before you effortlessly showing you your true, most successful path.

I see it happen time and time again. Once in a session with a very successful million dollar business owner client,, she broke down crying just 15 minutes in. Because, she told me, this was the first time she had actually had a moment to connect to what her soul had been truly calling her to do. So she felt foggy and confused for years, trying to find the words for it and how to speak about it to the world, and within 15 minutes of doing the soul alchemy work we were doing, all of the languaging and words to speak her soul’s work came out fast and easy. She was so relieved after so many years of searching that she cried with happiness.

Success is not just about making money.
It is about your ability to feel really good about EVERYTHING in your life, your business, the way you express yourself in the world, your relationships. Success is about being fully aligned with your soul, no matter the external storms that happen.

As we step into our soul’s calling, new ego challenges arise.
New fears.
The higher we are asked to rise, the more your ego will resist and kick up crazy shiz that has been laying dormant in the depths of you.
It’s important to not only be connected to your soul for the strategy that is unique to YOUR calling but it is also important to possess tools to work through the fears that will ALWAYS come up (seriously, fear will never stop being there) without allowing those fears to STOP you or make you lose momentum.

And it’s important to be connected to your soul, which is where divine intelligence speaks to you, so that when big decisions come up in your great work, big opportunities etc… you can make decisions that will support your truth and will expand you into an even brighter light.

So. that is the answer to the question that so many people ask me: how is it that your clients always have such incredible results when you seem to be doing this magical, spiritual work with them? Does that actually work?

Well, the proof is in the results I listed above, yes?

Making lots of money, having lots of clients, possessing a beautifully branded website or the perfect celebrity connections.. none of that means a damn thing if you’re falling apart inside, you’re burned out from how busy you are, you’re not feeling aligned with your soul, your creativity is flailing and you’re feeling stuck & foggy about what your gift is to this world.

It’s exactly why I call the process of working with my clients one on one, Soul Alchemy.

Alchemy, in ancient times, was the ability to literally change the form and identity of something.
It is deep, internal, soul transformation that unleashes the prosperity and joy that was always there waiting for you to claim it.

You know it’s soul alchemy when you aren’t busting your butt to figure it out and all the solutions, ideas & steps to the success you want seem to effortlessly flow to you.
You know it’s ego driven when it feels like you’re trying to get blood from a stone.

That doesn’t mean you won’t have to work hard.
Doing soul work is hard work. I would venture to say harder than ego-driven strategy work. Because it requires you to dive into the deep depths of your soul and face a lot of stuff that most people don’t want to face…but that is because most people are happy to live mediocre lives of comfort, instead of stepping outside of their comfort zone and into the true glory of a soul aligned life and business.

And I know that if you’re reading this, you aren’t most people.

After you do that work of clearing out what is not you, alignment happens.
And when alignment happens, there is no effort.

Things just magically begin to show up and clarity comes easily.

That’s how you know if you’re connected to your soul or your ego.

That’s how you know if you’re aligned with your soul.

I’d love to know in the comments below, how you differentiate between the two?

How do you know when it’s your ego vs. your soul?
ps: a client asked me this very same question a few years ago because she couldn’t tell if her impulse to not do something was her ego in resistance or if it was actually her soul speaking to her through her intuition. I coached her and the rest of my clients on it on a group call and they found it so helpful, I wanted to make that recording available to you too. Click here to listen to it.