Is the soul path the “harder” path?


lisa fabrega

soul path



In the last two weeks no less than five friends and clients have all shared the same thing with me. That they want to follow the path of their soul, but that they are afraid that that means they are “choosing the harder path”. They’re afraid of what they might find there, or that it will mean they will be less successful because less people will want the deeper work they have to offer.

Several of them told me a lot of their resistance to actually listening to the guidance of their soul and just doing what they know they need to do already is because of that belief. That it will be so much harder. People who aren’t connected to their souls have it “so much easier”, one friend said to me.

Is it really so much easier? Is choosing the path of the soul, really the harder path?

I noticed how so many times I have held this belief and let it hold me back from moving forward with what I know I have to do. And so I went deep into inquiry around this question this week and I caught it all on audio for you.

Come explore this question with me by clicking the image below to play this week’s audio.

What resonated with you most about this audio? Have you ever felt this way?
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