is this your story?


lisa fabrega



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When did you stop
waking up to the teasing
brambles of the sun?

When did you stop
enjoying the feeling of mud
between your toes?

When did you stop
playing with the elements,
ideas, yourself?

Who told you it was impractical
to spend hours daydreaming in
a clear blue stream?

Who told you it was to be this
way or that?

Who told you your voice is
weak, uninteresting
and undeserving?

Who told you your song
is not to their liking,
and therefore to none?

Who proclaimed leisure
useless and empty of
passion or purpose?

Who told you it’s wrong
to want that and not this?

Who made evil out of your Desire?

Who said you cannot build castles
in the ground and
the sky?

told you that all these obstacles
are real,

Look around you.

Everything is a dream.
It is a large collective dream made out of
all of the individual stories we are weaving
into it, as one large consciousness.

Our stories, what we give credence to,
what we give power to,
what we choose to believe as “real”
becomes a story that ultimately weaves
itself into that collective dream of All.

If you don’t like the stories of the collective dream,
if they make you suffer or feel
less than
not enough
too much
too loving
shut down

then change the story.

Choose to live the story of
love, enoughness, connection
oneness, unique truth,
celebration, inclusiveness,
aligned power,
devotion, purpose & impact.

All of the stories of the one, collective dream,
that humans have been creating and weaving into it
all of these years, the ones that are small,
that make you feel bad,
are just that.

someone’s story that they created and thus
lived and assumed as truth or fact
and then placed into the collective dream
that we are all creating and contributing to
second of the day.

All of the shoulds and the should nots…
are just that— a dream.

An illusion.
A piece of someone’s story.

Here is your choice:

What is the story you want to place into the collective dream of All?

What is the work of art you want to create from your life, lived?

The canvas is blank.

The dream is ready to be dreamed.

You are the artist and the creator.

What is the dream that you want to dream in the story of your life?

What is the story that you want to live
and then place into the collective?

One of fear, judgment, separation, repression,
self-hatred, and violence?


a dream that not only changes YOUR story,
but once placed into the collective dream of All,
begins to transform the dream of All to one of contraction
into one of Expansion?

Have you ever placed a drop of blue dye in water?

The droplet begins to merge with all of the molecules
and ribbons of blue begin to permeate the water until
the whole glass of water is now blue.

That is what it is like
when you change your story.

When you consciously choose to step out of
Nightmare and instead,
step into a dream of your own making,
where you feel good and expansive and IN love,
and connected to your

Let your heart fill your creation.
Let that creation be your dream.

Let that dream be the drop of blue
that permeates the entire collective dream of All

and CHANGE the collective nightmare of humanity…

into a Dream of Expansion.

Choose a different story.
Choose to

Choose life.
Choose love.

And you will see all of humanity
change around you.

If you say you want to change the world,
this is how we start.


For every thought, feeling & story that you
unconsciously take on and live out
influences your actions,
influences the collective dream of All
and each action can contribute or not contribute
to the nightmare.

Choose expansion.
Choose kindness, compassion & love.

That is how we change the world.

That is how we change the world.