It’s not enlightenment, it’s spiritual bypassing


lisa fabrega




In the last few years, we’ve become more spiritual. We’re less afraid of calling ourselves intuitive, priestesses or standing fully in our soul gifts. Personal development has boomed as we seek more ways to honor our soul & create more joy & peace internally and in the world around us. But the downside to all of these tools that we learn for internal harmony is that it can result in “spiritual bypassing”. Where we use spiritual tools and mindsets to deny or avoid our true feelings.

This is like putting a bandaid over a gaping wound that needs stitches. It slows down healing and keeps us in denial, which in turn can slow down our growth.

In today’s audio blog, I share deeply personal stories from my life where I show you how I spiritually bypassed in my relationships and in my work and what I have learned from it. I also talk about the importance of feeling all of our feelings and accepting that no matter how enlightened we become, we’re all going to be less than perfect sometimes…and that’s okay. Want to find out if you’re spiritually bypassing?

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