Keeping the faith when honoring your calling: a poem for believing


lisa fabrega




Faith is knowing that when you release that nightmare client,
the gates of abundance will open and more prosperity will flow.

Faith is trusting in the whisperings of your soul, even when you’re scared.

Faith is letting them walk out the door even when your head is screaming
you’ll forever be alone.

Faith is waking up every morning and giving it your all,
even when not a single person has signed up for your offering.

Faith is believing in your soul’s impulse and still seeing the beauty of your vision
even when you’re a million dollars in debt.

Faith is walking away from whatever doesn’t serve you,
no matter how lucrative it was. Even when you can’t see what’s next.

Faith is getting a second job, putting it on a credit card,
because your soul told you it was time.

Faith is booking that solo trip to the Faroe Islands, because your heart
leaped when it saw that picture in the magazine and a voice said yes.

Faith is not settling in love and knowing your king or queen will arrive.

Faith is going silent to hear your soul,
even when your ego has no idea how you’re supposed to make money doing that.

Faith is going to live in a cabin in the jungle for a month with no electricity,
because your soul instructed you to do so.

Faith is taking two steps forward into the darkness of the unknown,
guided only by the whispering of your fluttering heart.

Faith is turning down the easy payday,
because you know in the long run it will drain you
and turn you away from your true mission.

Faith is remembering there are a thousand angels ready to help you,
if you would only just surrender and ask.

Faith is doing it anyway,
even when 99% of the people around you think it will never work.

Faith is trusting that that person knew exactly what they were doing
when they chose what they chose. Everyone is on their own journey,
even when it doesn’t make sense to you.

Faith is knowing everything is going to be ok,
no matter what.

Faith is wishing for the thing you’re afraid to wish for.

Faith is flying through the air at 30,000 feet in a metal box
called an airplane. Think about it.

Faith is knowing that you will float.

Faith is understanding you’re not here to save everyone
and that it’s not your job to wake everybody up,
some people don’t want to be woken.

Faith is not needing evidence, immediate results or proof.

Faith is the absence of thought needed to breathe,
your heart, beating.

Faith is knowing you will never run out of love.

Faith is trusting that your body will guide you.

Faith is the planets orbiting the sun.

Asking for help even when you’re afraid no one will give it.
Believing you were never broken to begin with,
knowing you are whole.
And that with faith,
you will one day look back on your life and see
you created everything you ever desired.