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What’s really holding you back from becoming
an impactful, aligned leader?

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You already have a business.
You’ve been working on it.
Things aren’t going so badly.

But deep down inside you know that you could be making a bigger impact,
have more clients and make more income.

Or perhaps you’re happy with what you’ve built, but you feel like it’s time for a change in direction in your business, but it feels scary to depart from what’s already worked and venture forth on this new path that you’re being called to walk.

Either way...

You know that you are meant for leadership on a larger scale…

You know that it’s time to take it to the next level...

I began working with Lisa nearly two years ago and in my wildest dreams I never imagined the transformation that would unfold from that simple beginning. After working with Lisa one-on-one for a while, I practically begged her to let me into her Mastermind! That’s when the real magic began to happen!

I left a job that I had spent nearly 20 years struggling to enjoy to move into my own dream private practice as a Child Psychologist and have now launched a business as a Parent Coach! Being an entrepreneur can be hard - I’m also a wife and mother to 4 teenagers - that can be SUPER hard! But through participating in the Mastermind, I now have a network of soul sisters that have my back and hold space for me in this universe every single day.

As a result of working with Lisa I recently found out from my accountant that I made $100,000 in my first year of business!"

Amy Fortney Parks, Attendee of 2013 & 2014 Mastermind Retreats
Parent Coach.

You feel the calling in your Soul to:

But you feel blocked sometimes.

In fact, you know that deep inside there are unconscious fears that block you from stepping into the next level of your leadership and making the level of impact you know you were meant to make. (Which is beyond what you’re doing now).

These unconscious limiting beliefs and blockages cause you to feel resistance to stepping into more leadership, and as a result, you self-sabotage because:

If you’ve ever felt this way, I can totally relate.

Lisa is brilliant. Since working with her, I have had several 5 figure months. I launched my first ever program and enrolled nearly 40 people! I feel so much more empowered with my own talents and gifts. Through the powerful work with Lisa it has been ingrained in me that I am here to be a leader and to serve. I’m finally able to build success upon this principle to step into the woman I am meant to be for this world.

Genavieve Shingle, Attendee of 2014 Lead Retreat,
The Lawyer For Entrepreneurs

Just two years ago, already two years into my business, I found myself burned out, overwhelmed and exhausted, deeply desiring to make a change.

I knew it was time to change my business model from 1:1 to serving larger groups of people.
I knew it was time for me to really step into my role as a thought leader in my field.

I knew that stepping into my power this way would bring in the income I truly desired, get me the dream clients I really wanted and allow me to make that impact I always knew I was put here to make.

I knew that once I owned it, the abundance would come pouring in.

I knew that I was here to be an agent of change in the world.

But I was afraid.

So I held my voice back.
I didn’t fully step into my power.
I stayed in a foggy state of confusion and stuck-ness.

And as a result, I wasn’t getting the results I wanted in my business.
And my life wasn’t looking like I wanted it to look like, either.

Isn’t that the whole reason I had started my own business?
To have the freedom to create my life anyway I chose to?

Well it wasn’t happening.

Can you relate?

One day, after getting really sick (you think my body was trying to tell me something, huh?), I got fed up and I began to apply to myself the same tools I was using to help clients do things like:

In just a few months I had become a sought-after thought leader in my industry.

I was being bombarded with so many invites to telesummits and interviews that my assistant had to start turning some of them down for me.

I was able to transition into a business model that felt really good to me.

I hit income goals that had only been pipe dreams just a few years ago.

And I no longer felt overwhelmed, afraid to speak and live my truth or held back by limiting beliefs.

All because I learned how to master the inner game that every entrepreneur needs to take their business to the next level.

This “inner game” is THE key to making high level impact and becoming a powerful leader in your industry.

If you don’t master this inner game…
If you don’t learn how to unblock yourself, remove limiting beliefs & conquer fogginess
so that you can align yourself with your calling, make more impact and LEAD…

then you won’t be able to step into the next level of your leadership.

So I created a retreat, just for you, where you can release the things that are blocking you from the next level in your biz, finally step fully into your power, and rise as the powerful leader you were born to be.

With the income, clients and brand that match your Soul
(and not some template someone else gave you).

Right before joining the LEAD retreat, I had just sold one of my businesses and was moving into creating a new business in the publishing arena. I knew that I needed more structure for how I wanted to move forward. I had worked with Lisa in a VIP Day already and knew I wanted to go further working with her. The LEAD Retreat was the logical next step for me.

Not only was the content great, but to be in the same arena with other women who are dedicated to creating their own businesses aligned with their desires was great. It's that cross pollination that I was looking for in addition to the sacred container that Lisa holds so well for all of us to really step into our power.

This retreat gave me an action plan. It also gave me an audience. I left the retreat feeling empowered to be able to step into this new business, to write to impact a younger generation, I know the kind of leader I want to be and what I want to shine a light on in the world. The friendships I made on this retreat are long lasting. For Lisa to bring all of us together in such a loving container is amazing and we’ve all gone off to create amazing things because of this.

Andrea Bell,



An adventure retreat for entrepreneurs ready to step up
into their next level of leadership and impact.

October 13 - October 19, 2015

For 7 days you will mastermind in paradise with an intimate group of change-making entrepreneurs just like yourself, who are ready to take their lives and businesses to the next level.

With me as your guide and mentor, you will adventure, play, workshop intensively and leave with an action plan in hand to step into greater visibility and leadership.

When else do you get a chance to escape to paradise, eliminate distractions and come together with brilliant entrepreneurs like you to create your best, most soul-aligned work yet?

Here’s what you get:

*all food, adventures, coaching and accommodations included, transportation not included.

You’ll arrive in Panama on October 13 and stay in the most luxurious hotel in Panama, the Trump Ocean Club.

  • One night at the most luxurious hotel in Panama City, the Trump Ocean Club.

  • 5 nights in one of the most beautiful places in the world, Boquete, Panama.

  • The days will consist of adventures, workshopping & self-care time (quiet time).

    I’m not a fan of retreats/events where there’s a whole lot of inspiration and no action, so we’ll actually sit together as a group and have times for inspired action, with me guiding you along the way.

    Imagine brainstorming by a waterfall…

    Coming up with your latest program in a hot tub overlooking a volcano…

    Sitting by a fire with some tea & a close-knit tribe of entrepreneurs who have your back.

    Laser focused coaching from a high level coach to bust through blocks in minutes not months or years...

    You’ll leave not only feeling stepped into your power and leadership,
    but you’ll also leave feeling confident in what you have to offer the world
    with an action plan in your hand and with steps already taken to move forward.

    I joined Lead because I needed to step into my leadership and truly own the business that I've started, which is totally different than anything I've ever done. I needed to be able to stand in my power and stand firm and tall and let it roar.

    The whole retreat blew me away. I came to the retreat somewhat sick and run down, yet I'm leaving here healthy and vibrant and full of passion, juice and life. I'm leaving with some amazing sister-connections and I am now really okay with being fully myself in my business and letting the world see it. I’m walking away grounded in my own power, with incredible tools for growing my business and life.

    The experience is magic. If I try to tell you with just words about this retreat, words will never do it justice. It's a completely magical experience, in an amazing location that has waterfalls flowing and rivers that are refreshing. The energy of the place and the people is so loving and accepting and kind and beautiful. I can’t wait to come back!

    Cristina Laskar,
    Entrepreneur and Founder of Connectavid.com

  • Pre-Retreat Assessment

  • Prior to the retreat you will receive a detailed assessment so that we can custom build the content to your needs.

    This is a high-end, mastermind level retreat and you will get the attention to match that.

    No formulas or templates here! Everything will be customized to your needs.

  • Two post-retreat Integration calls

  • Following the retreat, we will have two group calls to check-in and see how you’re doing with your goals.

    You can use these calls as accountability and in case any other questions come up after the retreat.

  • BONUS: My IMPACT™ program, for free ($997.00 value)

  • As a bonus, you will get my game-changing, 8 week IMPACT™ program for free.
    Normally a $997.00 program, you will get it at no-cost as part of a retreat bonus.

  • BONUS: 90 minute private intensive with me

  • Entrepreneurs pay me $1,500.00 per hour to talk with me.
    You’ll get a private call with me if you are one of the first 5 to sign up for the retreat.

    This retreat is by application only.

    I am only opening up 10 spots for this intimate mastermind retreat, because I believe in powerful, focused 1:1 attention with an intimate tribe of entrepreneurs.

    That’s where you’ll get your best work done--
    not at a huge conference with hundreds of people,
    where you’ll get lost in the shuffle and will get
    virtually no 1:1 attention.

    In addition, each person in this retreat will be hand-picked to compliment you and raise you up to your highest level.

    This is a high level experience, hand-curated by me.

    If you want a high level mastermind retreat experience…

    If you’re ready to step up into your next level of leadership and impact…

    And you’re ready to send the Universe a big sign that you’re ready to receive abundance and step into your power…

    Click here to apply now.

    Application deadline is January 8th, 2015.

    What is Included in the LEAD retreat?

    Value = $15,000

    Actual Investment is significantly less

    Apply for the Adventure.

    Once we receive your application, we will contact you to set up a time to chat personally with Lisa, so that you can discuss all the details and see if this is the right fit for you.

    Please note:
    This retreat is only for people who are ready to make a investment in their growth as leaders and business owners and are ready to reap a massive return in value due to the work done on this retreat.

    All accommodations, food, adventures are included in the price of the retreat.
    Transportation is not included.

    I joined LEAD because I had come to a retreat with Lisa in Panama already and I loved it so much and got so much out of it that, when she offered it again, I had to come back. Leading up to this, I felt like I was getting a little off track and like I was struggling with a lack of clarity and feeling a little stuck as far as what I wanted to do in my business.

    My favorite things about the retreat are, of course, Lisa and her availability. With all of us here, I appreciate that one-on-one support that she gives us. She's super, 100% present. I don't get that out of other programs or masterminds that I've been in. I love that. I feel like I'm leaving with a solid action plan. I have a lot of tools to take back home with me and I feel like that's really going to set me up with a solid foundation to build on.

    I feel like the tools that I've learned here and that I'm taking back with me to implement will help me to walk my talk and take better care of myself. That way, I have more to give to the people around me.

    Marla Trevino
    Creative Director at Marlatrevino.com