Leaders, it’s time to step the eff up

In the last month and a half, I’ve had a peculiar little nudge from my intuition. I’ve been noticing something odd in myself, my clients, and other leaders I speak with. So, I sat down and tuned in.

There is an invitation happening right now in the field. It’s for leaders who are here to lead big. But it’s up to you all to take it, said my soul.

So I asked “being invited to what? What is the exact nature of this invitation?”

Silence. So I went on with life. But then the clues to the answer started to pop up everywhere.  

It became very clear what the invitation was.  

(Heads up — you might feel a little pissy reading what I have to say to you next, because I’m going to challenge you just like I’ve been doing with myself and my clients since I heard the invitation. But I believe in you, so I’m going to challenge you, even if you get a little activated.)

Here’s what I was hearing:

“I know this is really right for me, but I just finished paying off another program I invested in. I just don’t feel like having another payment right now. Maybe in a few months.”

“I’m tired, I have so much on my plate, and I just don’t have time right now to create what I want.  Maybe I’ll do this later.”

“I need to feel into this and see if it’s right for me.” (before even knowing what the offer even was)

“Yes, I’ve reached out to a few women about my new high-end offer, but I haven’t sold them anything yet. I’m just having some conversations with them right now so they won’t feel I’m being salesy. I DON’T want to market the way I used to. So I haven’t made an actual offer yet.”

Do you see the common thread?

Everyone was thinking so “practically.” Where was the passion? Where was the aspiration for more from women who told me they wanted more?

When someone is being so “practical,” that tells me ego is involved. Ego: the part of you that is literally made up of your will to survive and therefore contains all of your deepest fears like “fire = burn = death.”  

Decisions driven by your ego are never decisions that are aligned with your magic. Ever.

They are decisions focused only on preserving what is comfortable.

Comfort is the death of your legacy.

Hearing all of the above made it clear to me that everyone I was talking to was thinking so small.  And in some cases I was stunned because these were women who I knew to be here with big goals and not a moment to waste, who talked about all the impact they wanted to make.

But they weren’t wanting to do the work to get there.

I wanted to reply:

“You’re going to let ‘starting another payment plan’ stop you from achieving the exposure and visibility you have been wanting all this time? You’re going to let your ego not wanting a payment plan stop you from accepting an invitation that can help you spread your message to millions?”  

“You are here to change the world but you have ‘too much on your plate’ to do the work you know you need to do to get there? You’re going to let a little tiredness and busy-ness stop you?  Don’t you think the invitation here is to figure out how to hold space for people in way that doesn’t make you tired? Or get better at your time management?”

“You are going to spiritually bypass yourself into believing your ego feeling fearful of an investment is actually the voice of your soul telling you you need to ‘feel into it more?”

Small thinking. Short term thinking. Not the thinking of a high level leader.

And I was frustrated for these women because I knew this was not how they really felt deep down inside.  

Interestingly enough, a HUGE invitation from the Universe came through for me a few days later. And I got to experience the same internal battle I had experienced in the women I spoke with earlier that week.

I can’t talk about it for a few more months until I am allowed to reveal it. But I noticed my ego doing the same thing as the women I was speaking to above.  

In the first week, when my soul spoke loud and clear that THIS was my next move, I was elated.  I made ALL the hard decisions without a speck of fear. Made the huge financial commitments and trusted it would work out just fine because I was following my soul (that’s what I teach right?).

And then a week later it was 4am and I was awake with a racing mind. “What have I done? What if I’m just a total idiot who deluded herself into thinking this would work? What if the same thing that happened to you in 2015 happens again?”  

I dug deeper just like I ask of my clients. What was underneath this fresh batch of anxiety sprouting up in my 4am consciousness?

I heard the voice of a 7 year old Lisa who got slapped down every time she stated a big audacious goal. “Can I really, truly be on the brink of having ALL of this? The really big stuff? The stuff I thought only other women got except me? Am I allowed to have this? Really really?”

Then my ego drowned her out.  

“Ugh. This invitation sounded really exciting and aligned at first. But it’s going to make me learn a totally new skill I know nothing about and it will involve a lot of research. I have so much on my plate already as the biz is accelerating.”   

“I don’t want to have to work so hard to make this thing happen. I just finished learning how to sit back and let things unfold without pushing, and now I have to do a new infusion of hard work?  I’m already so busy, how am I supposed to add more to my plate?”

My ego kept going on and on. It was doing EXACTLY what the egos of the women I mentioned above were doing.  

A few days later one of the clients who was thinking small, and I really challenged on our last call (and basically lovingly told her, she needs to shit or get off the pot, because she’s been talking about inviting clients into her new venture for 2 calls and she hadn’t actually done it) sent me a text.

“Wait til we talk. I had a huge shift I can’t wait to tell you about”.

Then on the call she tells me “I woke up on my 50th birthday, and I swear it was like I had been born a new person, and all my old fears and resistances were gone. It was like I was starting my new life all over again, and I was excited about reaching out to the women I want to invite into my new offering. I was excited about all I get to create in this new chapter of my work.”

She took the damn invitation I had issued her on our last call.
I was elated for her.

So what is this invitation I keep talking about?
I’m going to give it to you straight and simple.

We are being invited to RSVP to a NEW LIFE.
MORE is being asked of us.
Yes, more.

Let me be clear. This invitation is not being handed out to everyone right now.
Not because it’s an exclusive, snooty party.
Not, this invitation is being handed out to people who are here to lead and leave LEGACIES.
Those of us who are here for the BIG STUFF.
We are being issued a challenge course to see if we’re actually serious about legacy-making.

The darkness is starting to wane, and the new era of light is coming in, and us, the badass lightworkers who are here to:

• lead from the soul
• redefine what aligned, new-paradigm, soulful wealth looks like
• showcase diversity in representation across all industries
• take over the old, outdated paradigms of success with out own successes…

We are being called to usher in the era of light.

We’ve done our dance with the darkness already.
If you’re a legacy leader, the chances you’ve had traumatic experiences growing up that shaped you into the passionate, high performer you are today are high.
You learned from the darkness so that you could hold the light.

You got your masters degree in darkness.
Now it’s time to get your masters degree in the light.

And that is requiring us to dare to dream bigger than we have before.
And to expand our capacity for what we can do and hold way beyond our comfort zone.
As any serious and true call to leadership is all about.

Please don’t say you’re here to change the world if you’re not willing to get uncomfortable AF and really be pushed to your edge. The path of leadership is not for the faint of heart and it is not about lying on beaches in Tulum holding hands and singing mantras while working from your laptop in a blissful state all the time.  

The path of leadership will sometimes fry your ass and challenge you in the deepest ways you’ve ever known. Because to be the powerful leader you came here to be, you must be honed.

How can you expect to hold space for millions of people if you can’t get a little uncomfortable in your growth, your investments and your development? How can you handle disagreements and resistances to you among the masses when you’re that well known, if you aren’t willing to build up your strength NOW to deal with such things in the future?

As a result of this BIG invitation leaders are receiving right now, I’ve been challenging my clients and colleagues more than ever. I’ve pushed them a little harder than I normally do. Called them out more than usual.

Some of the conversations have been uncomfortable. But they’ve been grateful.

So here is what you need to know about this invitation leaders are receiving right now:

1) We are being asked to expand our internal capacity for “work.”

If I say I’m here to do Oprah-level stuff, then I have to take a queue from Oprah herself. I have always looked at Oprah and said, I want something similar to her, but I don’t want to have to do as much as she does. I used to look at Oprah’s constant getting on private planes, flying here and there, giving talks at the Oscars, then photo-shooting for a mag cover, giving an interview, approving checks etc.. and I felt SO exhausted seeing it all.   

“How does she DO all that? I would be so tired,” I would think.

But that’s because that version of me that thought that 3 years ago, didn’t have the internal capacity that I have now as a leader.  

When I was heavy into CrossFit for a few years the biggest lesson I learned was that my mind always stopped me way before my body was ready to stop. Every time I would say to the trainer “I CAN’T do one more rep,” she’d say to me, “Nonsense. You’ve got at least 8 more in you. It’s your mind that’s making you stop.”  

I wanted to throw out all my personal development quips and manipulations at her (our egos get REALLY dangerous when we learn all the spiritual personal development terms).  

I wanted to say things to her like “this is the problem, you’re pushing me with too much masculine energy. I don’t always have to push, I can rest a little you know! This is the problem with how women are taught to treat their bodies.” Except that’s not what she was implying at all. And that wasn’t her intent, to get me to mistreat my body. She was just calling me on my ego’s BS. And she was right. I was just twisting it that way to justify giving up when my ego said I was done.

Luckily, I did as she said and I was always shocked to find out that I had 8 more reps in me and my body was JUST FINE.  

Many of us who are here to be legacy leaders are being asked to redefine what our minds think of as “busy.” No that doesn’t mean burn yourself out. That’s old paradigm stuff. But be careful that that “I don’t want to burn myself out” or “I need to be more in my feminine” is not just your brain trying to stop you from making the last 8 reps that you can totally handle.

There’s a point where you go too far into your feminine and you go into the shadow of that energy. The goal is feminine and masculine energies working together. Not shutting one out entirely because “we need the break.”

And those last 8 reps your ego is trying to bypass you into not doing with all those beautifully put together personal development phrases… well, they are the difference between where you are and where people who operate at Oprah level are.

If you’re not willing to do those last 8 reps and instead let your brain justify you stopping with all your smart, personal development tools you’ve learned over the years, you’re fooling yourself, my love.

Getting to where your soul is called means doing the last 8 reps and surprising yourself.

2) We’re being asked to release old trauma from old life lessons

In 2015, I had the worst year of my business since I started it in 2010. I spent the last 3 years releasing the trauma of that experience. Because, surprise, 2015 was an invitation to release old trauma from my childhood about being “punished” for daring to go “too big.”

But in this invitation into a new life, we are being asked to be DONE WITH IT, once and for all.  To stop rehashing why this happened and holding on to, “this happened to me before, so now I have to be ultra careful about every decision.” Or, “I invested badly in a program before, so now I’m going to project that onto every future investment I have.” Or, “I had a nightmare client and I’m going to not put myself out there as much because I might attract another client like that.”

You get the picture.

Listen, my love, I am the QUEEN of doing deep work with my clients. We release all sorts of stuff that prevent them from going to the next level of their work. And yes I do this work with women who are making hundreds of thousands and millions of dollars in their businesses.  

The path of being a legacy making leader is all about releasing the layers of indoctrinated trauma we took on when we learned that being yourself and being big was about the most dangerous thing you could do in this world.  

But, as I’ve told clients before (and myself) — after a while, there’s only so many shamanic journeys, past life regressions, and crystal baths you can do. And then at a certain point you have to decide to let that shit go. Period. There is no Ayahuasca/San Pedro/Spiritual Orgasm you can have that will release that stuff until you decide to let it go.

You have to get fed up enough with it that you literally will not allow your brain to go there anymore anytime something that “looks like” a past bad experience comes into your view.

Because those are often invitations to rise higher and be bigger that you are totally missing by thinking they are related to past experiences. You spread your pain goggles all over them, and fail to see it is not what it appears.

We are being invited to be reborn. To decide what we will allow to define us from here on out.
To make our own rules. Regardless of what this world is trying to tell us.

Fuck what the world told you about money, power, and what you’re allowed to have.
YOU decide now what you want to create. And there is support now for that, more than ever.

In my case, when I felt my brain in anxiety over my own big step, I could feel it wanting to go back to “what if this is just like 2015 and you’re falling into a trap.”

My inner Empress was not having it.

She shut that shit down as soon as it started. I didn’t spend days in bed processing it. I was simply not available for it anymore.  

At a certain point, you decide, like my client did, that you are not going back to your old excuses and your old wounds and that you are starting a new life. You decide to be reborn and let it go.  

3) You’re being asked to be stronger & exemplify a higher standard of excellence than what you are currently seeing in your industry.

That means holding more light. Holding bigger containers for people. Getting bigger deal clients who need you to bring your A game to. Getting opportunities that intimidate you and ask you to step up your game. Learning some new skills. Being in front of bigger audiences.  

And any part of you that is wobbling, not in true integrity, trying to convince someone to like/hire you or playing games will be incinerated as you pass through the new portal of light.

Now, more than ever, the internal work to become a stronger leader who can hold BIG space for BIG transformations in others is IMPORTANT. You can’t cover this up with “one more blueprint” or “one more strategy” anymore. The internal work cannot be bypassed, left for later. You can’t just buy “one session” with a healer or coach as if it’s a small unimportant thing. The time of doing that is over. It’s time to do “the work.”

Your internal strength and capacity now need to be expanded. You can’t keep getting triggered by the same thing in your business. You’ve got to develop the emotional and spiritual tools that let that shit slide off your back like an old weight you’re letting go.  

If you keep letting little things trigger you and knock you off your game emotionally for a few days, how do you expect to deal with that when you’re standing in front of millions of people?

You must prioritize the internal work once and for all or you’re just not going to get through that invitation portal without burning up in its intensity.

4) You’re being asked to accept that your life is not going to look like most people’s. And to get over it.

Most of the people you and I admire are busier than anyone we know. Most of them are working at a level that leaves us in awe. This does NOT mean they are exhausted, burning themselves out, not spending time with their family or not happy. (Though of course, some of them are because they’re not operating in a way that is aligned and joyous).

No, they’ve just learned to accept that their lives, when compared to the lives of most people, will always look “busier.” A lot of successful people I work with think that means there is something wrong with their life. Even if they enjoy their work and the pace they keep, they still feel it needs to be fixed, because their neighbor seems to do much less than them.

Except their neighbor doesn’t have the call to leave a legacy in the world. Their path is different.

If you constantly compare your life, the capacity you have to get things done and your schedule to that of someone who is not called to the level of leadership you are, you will feel like something is wrong.

There’s nothing wrong. You have a different path. Accept it. Embrace it. Enjoy it.
Your life will always feel a little like your hair is whooshing back behind your head.
Let go and cherish the ride while it lasts.

What a privilege it is to have the calling to show up and change the world for millions of people.
What an honor to have a job that challenges you spiritually and helps you grow into your full potential as a human being.

Olympians train at levels that most people would scoff at.
I’d never want to put in 12 hours at a gym every day.
But that’s because I’m not called to be an Olympian.

I AM called to make big impact and leave a legacy way after I’m gone. And that means I need to accept that I’m always going to have to build an Olympic-level capacity for excellence in my own field. Same for you.  

Complaining about how much work there is to do, always focusing on that or shutting down with overwhelm only slows down your mission. Learn better time management, stop saying yes to everything. Be grateful for the work you do have. There is an endless field of possibilities for how much you can handle.

High performers know there’s always a way to figure it out. They don’t disguise self-sabotage as a self care break.

This is the invitation we are in right now.

I have seen many people get scared and turn down the invitation in the last few weeks.

But the truth is, my love — if you say you’re here to change the world, leave a legacy and be a leader that impacts many….

Then it’s time to expand wide
And it’s time to stop letting your ego whine excuses for why you can’t.

Why you can’t take the time.
Why you can’t charge more for your life changing work.
Why you can’t do another payment plan.
Why you can’t invest in yourself.

Time to start figuring it out and to step the eff up.

Because, you know this already — this calling is not about you. It’s about changing the world.
And the entire world is waiting for you.
This is your moment.

Step up and be the Empress you’re being invited to be.

With love,








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