Let me see you


lisa fabrega



(Here we are in front of the jet that took us from Panama City to our secret location, with
Dyana Valentine, who I brought down to be our Oracle-In-Residence for the week!)

I’m just fresh off returning from my Fearless Feminine Leader™ Mastermind
in the beautiful mountains of Panama.

We stayed at a gorgeous (super secret) location in one of Panama’s most
beautiful spots. An area with five waterfalls, overlooking a jungle canyon at
the foothills of a beautiful dormant volcano.

It was such a mind-blowing experience, with intensive workshopping on
leadership in life & business.

It wasn’t just the women who were expanded after this experience,
I was too.

That’s the beauty of doing work that comes from your deepest calling–
what gets created in that space is beyond all of you, it breathes you
and expands you to hold more of your purpose.

We talked about the essential qualities that create a leader that impacts the
world in a big way, worked out 2014 vision statements and found the “why”
in the work each woman does.

We did all of this amongst hot tubbing in the afternoon while
overlooking the sun setting over the mountains, shopping at the local
market for artisan wares & having hours-long dinner conversations while
watching fireworks light up the night sky.


At the end of the retreat, every woman told me she felt deeply transformed. BIG shifts had happened. Deep bonds had been created.

When I finally returned home after the retreat was over and the last woman had gotten on the plane…

I immediately made a bee-line for my fabulous tub.


The tub is where I process, where I relax, where I surrender and think
of nothing. I knew it had been such an epic week and there was
much processing for me to do.

But I was shocked at what I found instead.

My heart felt broken.

Yup. You read that right.

“That makes no sense”, I said to myself…
“you just had an amazing time with these women and they all had
such an incredible experience, you are supposed to be feeling
elated right now!”

But my chest hurt as I sank deep into the warm waters of my tub.

I have loved all the groups of women I have led in this Mastermind.
Many of them are on their third year with me, renewing over
and over again.

But this year, there was something absolutely magical that happened
in that group of future world-changers and thought leaders.

I let the women on this retreat with me “see me” on a deeper level than
I have ever let any client see me before.

I was more vulnerable than I have ever been.
Utterly soul-naked, as a matter of fact.

And that terrified the inner kid inside of me who was taught from
a young age, that it’s not okay to be fully who you are, because
if you are, you will be rejected, ridiculed, made fun of and not loved.

Does that ring a bell?

Have you ever withheld part of who you are with the people
that you are here to influence and impact?

Ever held back from releasing that program, article or piece of art
you really wanted to give to the world, because you were afraid
about how you would be judged for it, and instead put something
“safer” out there instead?

My guess is that you have, because we’ve all done it.

Yet, the crazy thing is that being soul-naked in front of the people
you are here to impact, being vulnerable and authentic about who
you are and what you love, with your people…

…is one of the keys to making an impact in the world with your gifts.
(and it’s also what builds an uber-financially successful brand)

Don’t believe me?

Think about the leaders/entrepreneurs/artists/visionaries
who inspire you.

Their courage to be totally authentic, their vulnerability and how they
proudly flaunt their unique selves is probably on your top 10 list of
why they inspire you so much, isn’t it?

When you fully own who you are and what you’re about,
you stand out from the crowd.

You inspire others to step into their power and that’s
when you can make a massive impact in the world.

And so, because I always need to walk my talk…
I let these women see all of me, unfettered, to my soul’s core.

I didn’t let any part of me hide.
Ayayay, that felt REALLY vulnerable.

And guess what?
It ended up creating a space for the other women to do the same.
And as a result, we had one of the most transformational retreats
I have ever led.

And I’m talking a “we shifted the molecules in the air around us”
type of transformation. Even the staff commented how they felt so
great after spending the week there with us.

Isn’t that what you’re here to do, my love?

If you have a calling to change the world…
If you’ve always known it deep down inside…

Then it’s your responsibility to let me see you.

All of you.

Don’t hide the truths about you that make you who you are, please.

Tweet: The things we are most ashamed of, often turn out to be our greatest strengths. http://bit.ly/1dxGMff - @LisaFabrega
The things we are most ashamed of, often turn out
to be our greatest strengths.


It’s safe to be seen.


Tweet: Allowing ourselves to be seen to the core, without apology is one of the greatest ways we can serve the world. http://bit.ly/1dxGMff - @LisaFabrega

Allowing ourselves to be seen to the core,
to be all of who we are without apology
is one of the greatest ways we can serve the world.

So I want to hear from you in the comments below…

What baby step will you be taking in the next week to be truly seen?



ps: I wrote you a poem, in honor of being seen. You can view it here.