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It doesn’t matter what level of financial success you have, I guarantee you, if we look deeper, you’ll find a money capacity issue.

Money Capacity is your ability to earn, save & invest larger and larger amounts of money every year. If you’ve not been doing that consistently in the way you’d like, then you have a Money Capacity issue.

How do you know you’re having a Money Capacity issue?

Here are a few tell-tale signs:

  • You noticed in the last few years you’ve hit a soft revenue/income ceiling. You keep trying different things to break past that money plateau but you keep hitting the same ceiling.
  • You’re making great revenue but little to no profit.
  • You get anxious when you see a large sum of money in your bank account and want to “get rid of it” quickly.
  • You’re constantly in feast or famine mode, one month you’ve made a lot of money, the next you’re struggling to pay bills.
  • You had an experience where you made a lot of money and then your relationship, life, physical or emotional health broke down.
  • You’re constantly worried about money, no matter how much you earn.
  • You’re not growing at the rate you feel you should be growing (revenue wise).
  • You’re undercharging and feel terrified of raising your prices.

Your money capacity dictates EVERYTHING:

  • whether or not you are able to continue to build upon your financial successes,
  • if you can continue to increase your earning or your company’s revenues and impact
  • whether or not your investments grow in an expansive manner year upon year
  • whether or not you’re growing at the rate you want to

“I had a big breakthrough in awareness of how my relationship to money, my creativity and my childhood. Just that one thing was worth the entire investment in the retreat. I needed to see all the ways these outdated beliefs and feelings about money were sabotaging me fully committing to making more money doing
what I love.

I would highly recommend this retreat! Lisa takes you out of your head, into your heart & soul. She really sees you and can pinpoint exactly what money capacity issues come up for you. You are held accountable from a place of non-judgment and love. It was great, and I got a lot of value, awareness and definitely felt different afterwards. I am so glad I did this for myself!”



What happens when you expand your Money Capacity?


  • Knowing the EXACT prices that are not only aligned for you -- but prices which will also draw in match-made-in-heaven clients.
  • Setting your salary based on the actual AND perceived value you bring to the table. Perceived value is a bonafide capacity shifter.
  • Being mindful about money without being scarcity-minded about money. Not being led by industry-standard compensation, but instead being clear and confident about what your business’ own remuneration structure is.
  • Making quantum leaps in your earning and knowing exactly where you’re going to put that additional money.
  • Not allowing other people’s money stories to dictate your feelings about your money.
  • Not allowing your investments to take you on an emotional roller coaster ride.
  • Weathering normal “leaner” income months with total trust and calm.

Today, I’m giving you permission to abandon strategy-seeking and inviting you to expand your Money Capacity so you can finally step into a new way of being in the world.



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That’s exactly why I created the virtual Money Capacity retreat. To help you get to the
ROOT CAUSE of your money limits and expand your capacity so that your financial
strategies ACTUALLY WORK.

Everything you need to know about the Virtual Money Capacity Retreat


Here’s what you get:

  • This is a VIRTUAL retreat, which means you don’t have to leave your home to attend. Just join us via Zoom (video teleconference). Once you sign up, you’ll receive the details to join us via email.
  • We’ll spend 4 hours together (don’t worry, there’s a lunch break), with you and an intimate group of no more than 10 womxn, diving deep into YOUR specific money capacity issue and expanding it for your next level.
  • You’ll get a hot seat session with me during the retreat, where all the focus is on you, so bring your most complicated, puzzling, money issue to the table so we can work it out.
  • You will be coached by me throughout the retreat as well as witness other womxn be coached (you’ll often find that watching others be coached helps you resolve things you didn’t even know you had going on). I don’t do talking-head style teaching – my retreats are interactive and co-creative.

Here’s just some of what we will cover in the

MONEy Capacity Virtual Retreat:

  • Exactly how YOU particularly are holding your abundance and money capacity hostage. Learn where YOU particularly need to expand your money capacity and what’s REALLY getting in your way of earning more, saving more and investing more (including the fees you charge or your salary).
  • Walk away feeling confident that your finances could exponentially increase tomorrow and you’d have NO PROBLEM handling not just making great revenue but also great profit.
  • Why your financial “strategies” haven’t worked, and a technique that will dissolve your revenue ceiling, end your serial undercharging and release the fear of raising your prices.
  • How to stop throwing money at a bunch of different experts to come “fix” your business or life and instead learn to know what’s best for YOU.
  • Learn why you had quick success early on but things are leveling out now and you can’t quite seem to repeat or increase that level of earning.
  • OR, learn why you’re not growing at the rate you feel you should be growing (revenue-wise).
  • How to be a stronger financial steward, stop mindlessly overspending, lending friends money you won’t get back or overpaying employees because you’re afraid to question their invoices.
  • Why you’re attracting and allowing clients who drag their feet paying you on time.

Due to wanting to make this a powerful and intimate experience and to have ample coaching time for all attendees, we only have 10 spots available for each retreat.

The last 3 virtual retreats we offered sold out and many were disappointed they couldn’t get in, so we really mean it when we say reserve your spot now, because they WILL sell out fast.


Thursday, January 23

11am – 3pm PT (2pm ET – 6pm ET)

Saturday, February 1

10am – 2pm PT (1pm ET – 5pm ET)

Friday, February 7

11am – 3pm PT (2pm ET – 6pm ET)

Is this right for you? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below:

Is this only for women, online business owners, coaches and entrepreneurs?

This retreat is for anyone who wants to work on their capacity for more visibility. Men and women have both attended this virtual retreat and had big breakthroughs. People of all different careers and incomes. We have had: auto-body shop owners, dancers, artists, coaches, executives, corporate employees, highly successful entrepreneurs, literature translators and more attend and get a lot out of this retreat. It doesn’t matter what your career or earning level is--we all have Money Capacity issues.

I’m a corporate person, with a successful 9-5 job, but I’m thinking of starting my own business. I’m still figuring that part out, is this retreat for me?

Absolutely, this retreat is for ANYONE who wants to expand their Money Capacity.

I would rather just have a “study on my own” course, I don’t feel comfortable being on camera and talking about money with people I haven’t met. Is there an option to attend just via voice or to do a “self study” course instead?

First, let me say that you can’t say you want to increase your money capacity and do it in a vacuum with no support. Money is one of the most “shame filled” topics for most humans and it doesn’t need to be. That’s why talking about your money stuff in a small, supportive and amazing group of people who are rooting for you will help you eliminate that shame you carry about money. Eliminating that shame around discussing money matters is part if what will allow you to earn more!

Second, the top piece of feedback I get from people who’ve attended is that they felt INSTANTLY comfortable, safe with and connected to the other participants. By the time the retreat was over, many had made friends for life. I’m a fierce guardian of my spaces and have been leading retreats in person and virtually for 10 years. That means I know how to curate my spaces so that both the environment AND everyone at the retreat is a perfect match for you.

Third, Capacity Work is not something you “read about” and suddenly your capacity has expanded. You need to EXPERIENCE it and actually DO it with the live exercises we do during the retreat. So there will never be a self study course for this work--because this work doesn’t work with self study. Too easy to self sabotage when we have no support, no accountability and no one coaching us past our capacity blind spots.

What I can tell you is that this work is unlike anything you’ve ever done. I know that because that’s what most people who attend tell me. You’ve never done work like this and that’s exactly why it works.

I’ve already done a lot of work around trying to expand my Money Capacity and nothing has worked--how do I know this will actually work?

Most likely nothing else has worked because nothing has been addressing the root cause of your money issues. Working on your money without addressing your actual capacity is like putting a flimsy bandaid on a wound that needs stitches. It doesn’t work.

Do you have payment plans?

We do, there’s a 2 payment plan right here. The first payment confirms your seat at the retreat (we keep these at only 10 people per retreat). Your second payment comes out before the day of your chosen date for the retreat.

Mandy Barbee